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A Kiss

Title: A Kiss
Author: Shattered Tenshi
Rating: PG-15
Fandom: JE
Genre: Romance
Pairing: Kitayama Hiromitsu x Fujigaya Taisuke
Warnings: BL/Shounen-ai.

A Kiss
By Shattered Tenshi

Hiro wasn't sure what just happened.

Just minutes ago, Taisuke and he had been doing some extra practice on their own. Then as Taisuke chose to collapse on the ground and just lie there and he chose to sit on a chair to take a rest, he found the weirdest thought popping into his mind.

Taisuke was lying there on the ground, eyes shut as he tried to regain some strength. His cheeks were red, his breathing was ragged and his lips were certainly parted. Hiro started staring as he suddenly found himself wanting to straddle Taisuke right there.

Then, he couldn't help but wonder if Taisuke looked exactly like that after sex.

He blinked. That had never happened to him before. No, to be more specific, he had never had these kinds of thoughts about people in his group. Especially when Taisuke was supposedly his younger brother, as the other had self-proclaimed to be.

Hiro shook his head and bit back a gasp when he felt the blood rushing downwards as Taisuke turned his head and looked at him with half-lidded eyes.

Okay, something is just not right.

Quickly getting up and grabbing his things, he mumbled something about needing to go home and nearly ran out of the rehearsal room.

Patting his chest, he tried to convince himself that he was just too tired from practice. He couldn't control his heartbeat though when the image of Taisuke appeared in his mind again.

Taisuke was friendly with everyone. That he knew from a long time ago, so Hiro wondered why he felt jealous at the moment. He watched as Kawai wrapped an arm around Taisuke's shoulders and they talked about something animatedly.

He tried to concentrate on what Totsuka was telling him, but found it nearly impossible. Why? One day, Taisuke was just his group member and a brother to him, then the next day, he had feelings for him. He didn't understand.

Hiro watched as Yokoo joined the other two and after a while, started to tickle Taisuke, the two getting a bit too close to Hiro's comfort. His eyes narrowed.

"You know...you can't kill someone like that, Hiro."

If Totsuka's previous words didn't reach him, that sentence did.

He snapped his head around. "What?"

Totsuka snickered. "I mean, it'd be better if you just go over, grab Fujigaya and confess to him. It's more efficient."

Hiro blinked, then stuttered, "I...I d-don't know what you’re talking about."

Chuckling, Totsuka said, "Sure you don't."

"I don't!" Hiro said firmly this time.

Totsuka raised an eyebrow. "Well, don't regret it when it's too late then."

About to retort with something that probably wasn't too intelligent, Hiro was glad when someone knocked on the changing room's door and told them rehearsal was starting.

The feelings were getting harder to ignore as his mind would come up with all sorts of comments each time he sees Taisuke. If it wasn't about how cute Taisuke was, it was about how hot he looked. Not to mention with their routines, he was often close to Taisuke.

When he watched a drop of sweat roll down Taisuke's neck and disappeared under his shirt, Hiro decided it was getting a bit too crazy because he was almost certain he was getting a hard-on.

Maybe it was time to do about those feelings of his.

Spotting Taisuke down the hallway alone, Hiro thought it might be a good time. He swallowed and started to jog up to the other.


Taisuke turned around and smiled when he noticed Hiro coming up to him. "Hiro~"

"Uh..." Hiro slapped himself inwardly. He sounded like an idiot.

Blinking his eyes, Taisuke tilted his head. "What is it?"

His eyes darting around, Hiro made sure no one was around before grabbing Taisuke's shirt by the neckline and pulled him closer to him. "Taisuke..." he mumbled before pressing his lips on to the other's.

Kissing those soft lips, Hiro realized it wasn't enough. He took a step forward which made Taisuke stumble backwards slightly, causing him to hit the wall behind him. Hiro wrapped an arm around Taisuke's waist and deepened the kiss as he pushed his tongue pass Taisuke's lips.

When he heard Taisuke gave a whimper though, feeling the other's hands pressing against his chest, Hiro let go of Taisuke reluctantly. He looked up at Taisuke and felt his heart clench when he noticed the confused look in Taisuke's eyes.

He felt like he did something wrong.

Slipping his arm down from Taisuke's waist, he lowered his eyes, not wanting to watch as Taisuke ran away from him.

After that day, Taisuke started to hide from him. It wasn't really obvious, since they often hung out with different people, but Hiro could still feel his group members sending both him and Taisuke questioning looks.

An arm around his shoulders suddenly made him jump. He turned his head around to find Totsuka giving him a look.

"What did you do?" Totsuka asked. "Or, what didn't you do?"

Hiro lowered his eyes, trying not to glower and mumbled, "None of your business."

Totsuka patted his shoulder. "You should talk to Fujigaya. It might not be as bad as you think."

Before Hiro could ask the other what he meant, Totsuka had already walked away.

Standing in the hallway, Hiro wondered what to do for a second. He should confront Taisuke, shouldn't he? A decision formed in his mind, he started to walk towards the changing room.

When he walked in, he had to blink at the sight of Taisuke sleeping, his head resting on top of Yokoo's shoulder. He swallowed the feelings of jealousy and made a move to leave again when Yokoo shifted his body slightly and Taisuke opened his eyes. So Taisuke wasn't sleeping after all?

Patting Taisuke on the head, Yokoo said, "Talk to him." He gave Hiro a look, then walked out of the door.

Hiro looked at Taisuke, who quickly turned his head to the side, refusing to meet his eyes. Sighing inwardly, he walked up to the couch in the room and stopped a few feet away from it. "Taisuke..."

The other still wouldn't look at him.

"Taisuke...gomen. I..." He tried to put his thoughts into words properly. "I'm sorry for kissing you the last time. I...I know I must have scared you, but I couldn't help myself. I don't know when, but I started looking at you differently, and I couldn't just do nothing..." This wasn't like him at all. He was actually confessing to Taisuke.

He felt his heart clench when Taisuke still remained silent and refused to look at him. "Gomen, I won't do that again. You're...you're still my kawaii, kawaii otouto..." he said, quoting the other's words from that letter exchange a few years ago. He turned to leave.


"Eh?" Hiro looked at Taisuke in surprise and stopped in his steps.

Hiro almost felt his heart jump out of his throat as Taisuke looked up at him, his cheeks slightly red. "Iyada..." he repeated.

Blinking, Hiro tried to process the meaning of Taisuke's words. Was that a chance he heard? "Taisuke...?" He took a step closer to the couch and leaned closer to Taisuke. "Does that mean...?"

"You didn't say it yet..." Taisuke's voice was so soft that he nearly missed the words.

Hiro started to grin slowly. "Taisuke, I like you." His grin turned into a smirk as he watched Taisuke's cheeks turn even darker in shade.

"I...I like you too, Hiro..."

His heart leaping in joy, Hiro quickly straddled Taisuke and captured the other's lips in a kiss. This time, Taisuke responded properly and wrapped his arms around Hiro's neck.

When they parted, Taisuke staring at him with half-lidded eyes and parted kiss-bruised lips, Hiro decided that he'll never let anyone see this expression on Taisuke's face ever.

Now, to claim Taisuke for himself properly...

Author's Note: My first HiroSuke! Oh my gosh! //gets bricked// It's such a cheesy, sappy romance story! The title is cheesy as well! I bet everyone was expecting some sort of smut due to Hiro's thoughts. I'm so misleading. //gets bricked again//

I really don't have anything intelligent to say. Other than I started writing this today and finished it, therefore I rushed. It was just a little idea that refused to leave my mind because I wanted to write the first scene. That's it. //whacked// Yea...all for that one scene where Taisuke looks tempting and Hiro feels confused.

I'll uh...go write something better now.

Comments are still love~

Tags: group: kis-my-ft2, pairing: kitafuji, topic: je, ~fan-fic

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