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Mistletoe Fun

Title: Mistletoe Fun
Author: Shattered Tenshi
Rating: PG-13
Genre: ...Attempted humour?
Fandom: JE
Pairing: Yokoo Wataru x Fujigaya Taisuke x Kitayama Hiromitsu
Warnings: Attempted humour. Cheesy maybe.

Mistletoe fun
By Shattered Tenshi

When Taisuke, Yokoo and Kitayama managed to walk through the doorway together at the same time, it caused a slight problem. Kawai snickered and pointed above them, so the three of them all tilted their heads up and looked.

There above them was a familiar looking little plant that people call mistletoe.

Yokoo was the first to grin. "Oh, does that mean I get to kiss both of you?"

Kitayama scowled in response. "You're not kissing me in front of them," he growled, waving his hand at their growing audience.

Taisuke turned red and started to scurry away, only for Yokoo to grab his wrist and pulled him back towards them. "Don't run away now, Tai-chan~" He turned back to look at Kitayama and smirked. "No? But I've always kissed you in the changing room~"

"Does this look like the changing room to you?" Kitayama hissed. He pulled Taisuke towards him. "Don't drag Taisuke into this."

"Oi, it's not like I wanted to! We walked under this together." Yokoo folded his arms across his chest, letting go of Taisuke. He paused and thought about what Kitayama said before grinning slowly. "Does that mean the next time I kiss you in the changing room, you won't complain then?"

Trying to squirm away from Kitayama's grip, Taisuke said, "Wataru, Hiro, stop arguing..." He glanced at their audience and blushed darker when he noticed all the grins on their faces.

"He's the one being an idiot," Kitayama hissed.

"Oh yea?" Yokoo snickered. "I'm sure you wouldn't mind kissing Taisuke in front of the crowd at all." Then without warning, he pulled the youngest one towards him and quickly kissed Taisuke on the lips.

"Oi!" Kitayama growled and pried Taisuke away from Yokoo. Staring at Taisuke's flushed cheeks, he narrowed his eyes slightly before kissing Taisuke as well, nibbling on the other's lips.

Yokoo chuckled in amusement. "Ah, I told you so."

By the time their kiss was broken, Taisuke was blushing a darker shade of red and his lips were looking quite swollen. "H-Hiro...Wataru..." he nearly squeaked.

"Yes, Tai-chan?" Yokoo asked with an amused smile.

"...Are you guys finished arguing yet?"

Yokoo tilted his head and thought about it. "Well, we both kissed you, but we didn't kiss each other yet, so we haven't really fulfilled what we need to do under the mistletoe yet." He glanced at Kitayama. "Maybe we'll still argue."

"Ehhh?" Taisuke furrowed his eyebrows together.

"Oh, don't worry, Tai-chan." Yokoo wrapped an arm around Taisuke's shoulders. "Why don't you help me change Hiro's mind?" He started to lead the other away from the rehearsal room, back out towards the hallway.

"Oi!" Kitayama called out. "Where are you bringing Taisuke?!" With that, he ran after the two.

A silence filled the rehearsal room.

"So...who's idea was it to put the mistletoe up?" Nikaido finally said.

"At this rate, our rehearsal won't end until much later..." Totsuka groaned.

"Oi, someone go stop those three!"

Author's Note: ajshfajsfalsf I was something to be scanning something wth. But but...after posting HiroSuke and writing YoSuke, I realized I needed some OT3 as well. I mean, I mean, it's OT3! I cannot survive Christmas without some OT3. Lies. Anyways, I didn't know what to write and this is what came to mind. It's a really bad attempt at humour because I'm not a humourous person at all. >.>''

But but hey, I can write something that's not NC-17 and not angst! =D And and like, even though they're ficlets, it's two fics in like um...less than a few hours! Yay~

...and after all this fluff, I can't wait to start RP-ing host!Taisuke and begin this most awesomely screwed up OT3 plot and like ahlfashflasassfa Kiraaaaaaaaaaa, we'll start plotting the moment I get back! //whacked//

Wth, I can't stay in fluffy mood for long after all or something. >.>'' Rawr. Maybe I'll write fics on napkins or something during my trip for the next two days. X) Let's see if I'll actually get anything else done. I have a lot of stuff to write. Wth.

I'm getting off topic...

Anyways, third time! Minna, MeriKuri~ ♥♥♥

Comments are love~
Tags: group: kis-my-ft2, pairing: kitayokofuji, topic: je, ~fan-fic

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