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In Another World - Part Six

Title: In Another World
Author: shatteredtenshi and kira_shadow
Rating: PG-13
Genre: AU, Romance
Fandom: JE
Pairing: Kitayama Hiromitsu x Fujigaya Taisuke
Warnings: Unbeta-ed...RP-style collab...hopefully it's not really chessy?
Notes: Yet another collaboration!!! AU this time...so it might be interesting? Multi-chaptered!
Summary: In a world where Fujigaya Taisuke and Kitayama Hiromitsu didn't meet through being in Johnny's Jimusho together...

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In Another World
By Shattered Tenshi and Kira Shadow

Part Six

Filming was as usual, his role not being big Hiro was finished pretty fast. There usually weren't big things to mess up in his scenes luckily. When he was done, he looked at the clock and smiled. He had enough time to get to Harajuku on time.

Once he got there, he leant against the lamppost not too far away from the crêpe stall and waited, wearing dark sunglasses and a baseball cap. Especially in Harajuku, you never knew who you'd run into...fans...paparazzi...weird foreigners who tried to hit on you or something...

Getting up in the morning had never been too big of a problem for him, but this morning was even easier. Taisuke almost bounced out of bed, preparing for his day. As he was packing his bag, he was already hoping lectures would be over quickly. He finished his breakfast in quite a speedy manner as well, which meant he was actually going to leave the house early for once.

Slipping on his shoes, he started to hum softly to himself.

"Niichan, you're sure in a good mood today."

Taisuke looked up. "Mh? Ah, Yuusuke, what is it?"

Yuusuke chuckled and said, "Nothing. Just..." He leaned in closer and whispered in Taisuke's ear. "You found yourself a boyfriend, didn't you?"

Taisuke's eyes widened and he pulled back with a small yelp. "E-eh?!"

"Don't deny it~ I saw you kiss him at in front of our house last night~" A blush rose on Taisuke's cheeks. "You better tell me all about him when you come back tonight...you're going out with him again, aren't you?" Yuusuke grinned. "Since you told Okaasan you might not be back for dinner again."

"U-urusee yo! Don't be so nosy. I never knew you like gossiping, Yuusuke." Once his shoes were on and he made sure he had everything, Taisuke opened the door and ran off, calling out, "Ittekimasu~"

"Itterasshai!" Yuusuke called back out, sticking his head out the door. "I just want to know who can capture our Taisuke-nii's heart~"

Taisuke stuck his tongue out at Yuusuke in response as he ran to the station.

Once lectures were over, Taisuke tried to get to Harajuku as fast as possible. Looking down at his watch as he ran down Takeshitadoori, slipping between crowds of people, he let out a small sigh, knowing that he was going to be on time. When he arrived at the crêpe stall, he started looking around, trying to see if Kitayama had arrived yet.

That's when he found a familiar figure standing by a lamppost. A bright grin appeared on Taisuke's face. He wondered if he could sneak up on the other...

Hiro was too busy staring off into space to notice really. Or rather, he was too busy looking around for possible other assaults. He often wondered how the shops selling the paparazzi photos could operate so openly, really...it wasn't like the Jimusho didn't know - heck, the Jimusho paid some of those people and well, in a way it ensured those people's incomes - and all of the boys knew, too but still...it made him a little queasy. After getting their crêpes he wanted to walk over to the Omotesando as fast as possible, really.

A sneaky grin appeared on Taisuke's face when he noticed Kitayama wasn't paying attention to his direction at all. If this wasn't in public, he would have glomped the other without hesitation, but unfortunately, this was public, and it was crowded with people. He'll have to opt for something else. Creeping up to the other, he poked Kitayama on the cheek and breathed into his ear, "Hiro~"

Barely keeping himself from yelping in surprise, Hiro jumped and turned around, ready to face whatever but relaxed again when he saw who it was. "Taisuke...! You scared me for a second there!!"

Taisuke giggled. "I succeeded then~" He stuck out his tongue playfully. "Did you wait for long?" he asked, tilting his head.

"...you did..." Hiro stuck out his tongue and then shook his head. "Iie. I just got here about five minutes ago myself...now...pick your poison, I'll pay~"

"Poison?" Taisuke giggled in amusement. "Mh...strawberries with whipped cream and chocolate sauce~" He almost bubbled with happiness at the thought of getting the treat. It's been a while since he had a crêpe after all.

Smiling, Hiro ordered two of those but instead of chocolate sauce he ordered it with chocolate ice-cream for himself. Once he got their sweet treats he handed one to Taisuke. "There you go Taipi~" he smiled. So this was officially their first date...

Smiling back just as sweetly, Taisuke took the treat from Kitayama. "Thank you, Hiro~" He took a bite from the crêpe and couldn't resist making a sound of pleasure. "Mh...umai~"

"Sweet...but nice~" somehow it was a lot more fun to eat a crêpe with someone else than by yourself...or...maybe it was just who he was eating it with in particular? "Come on...let's go to Omotesando and shop...less crowded than Takeshitadoori...?"

Bouncing up to Kitayama's side, Taisuke nodded his head. "Un, alright~ I don't mind~" His main goal for the day wasn't shopping anyways. It was just spending time with his boyfriend - he blushed lightly at the thought - so where they go shopping doesn't really matter to him.

"Are you looking for anything?" Hiro smiled and then thought of something. "Ne~ We should try out some clothes on you...so the staff-san will have some references...as well as...well, your CV for the application, ne?"

Shaking his head, Taisuke took another bite of his treat before saying, "I'm not really looking for anything at all..." He tilted his head at Kitayama's idea. "Un, that sounds good~ Let's do that~"

"We're usually given something to wear but there are times when they take pictures of us in our regular clothes, too...plus...paparazzi pics, ne? We're told to 'dress accordingly' meaning we should keep that image we show to the media..." Hiro explained while he licked up the chocolate ice-cream. "Your clothing style is already pretty good...so there's nothing to worry...but I'd really like to find out how other things suit you~"

Taisuke nodded his head. "Sou ka..." He blushed lightly at Kitayama's compliment. "T-thank you...un, okay~" He took another bite, taking a strawberry piece into his mouth. He should finish it before they walk into a store then.

Hiro stopped in front of one of the more expensive stores. "Don't worry...this is just for reference...do you think you'd feel...well, not really comfortable in those? Or well...more like...would you be able to bear with wearing stuff like that?" There were suits in the display windows as well as casual clothes according to the latest 'fashion trends'. While they were standing there, Hiro took the opportunity to finish most of his crêpe.

Taisuke blinked up at the displays in the windows. He then tilted his head and pondered thoughtfully about it. "Mh...I can't say I'll be the most comfortable in those suits, but I'm not against them either...? I can't say for sure since I obviously don't wear them often enough ne~"

"Mh...sou ne...?" Hiro smiled and finished his crêpe. "We'll see about that soon enough, ne? I'll help you pick things...and I can take pictures with my cellphone?"

"Un, alright~" Taisuke finished his crêpe as well, scrunching his nose slightly when he found chocolate sauce on his finger. Licking his finger clean, he then said, "Yosh, let's go~"

"Okay. Just pick a store? We don't have to buy anything...we'll just have a look around and try on some clothes~" Hiro smiled. "Most of the shop people know their idol customers anyway...so they won't say anything. They get enough advertisement money from us as it is?"

Grabbing Kitayama's wrist, Taisuke dragged the other towards the closest store. "This one then~" When he was inside the store, he looked around, blinking at all the clothes on display. Definitely wasn't something he'd see often.

"Ah isn't that Kitayama-kun?" one of the shop assistants padded over to them and bowed. "Ohisashiburi~"

Hiro smiled and bowed back before introducing her, "Taisuke, this is Kuriyama Misaki-chan. She works here and also at the clothing department of one of the photostudios. Misaki, this is Fujigaya Taisuke. I think you know what him coming here means?"

"Nice!!! He looks like he's different from the rest of you...I mean the other seven of you...oh this will be fun! Are you looking for anything in particular or can I just dress him up~?" she grinned, which made her look a lot younger than she was.

Chuckling, Hiro replied, "Douzo. I think you might be more of a specialist than I am...I didn't expect to run into you..."

Misaki whipped out a measuring tape. "Alright, Fujigaya-kun! Let's take your measurements first~"

Taisuke bowed back at the lady and could only blink when she suddenly pulled out a measuring tape, starting to measure various parts of his body. He could hear her mutter to herself about different clothing that might suit him and could only continue to blink, letting her do whatever she wanted.

Misaki soon finished with all the measurements and straightened. "Alright, why don't we start off with some more casual clothing first then? I'll go grab some pieces and you can start trying them on..."

"We'll be upstairs then?" Hiro asked.

Misaki nodded already disappearing towards the racks, "You boys just get comfortable. Ah, Hiro we have the clothes for the next shoot...it's good you're dropping by so we can already sort out some of them or change them if they're too big or anything...I'll be right up!"

Hiro led the other upstairs, "Many of the shops around here have a room where they serve special customers. It's not just JE who was long-term contracts with most of the fashion boutiques..." He explained on the way and then opened the door and put his bag next to a sofa. Here he could finally take off his 'disguise'. "If we find anything good, you can ask Misaki to take the pictures for your application?"

"Eh? She can take pictures for me too?" Taisuke dropped down his bag as well and flopped on to the sofa. "Mh...I wonder what kind of clothes she'll bring up..." He stretched his arms out and rolled his shoulders. Then he remembered what Misaki had said. "Ah, I'll get to see Hiro trying on clothes too~"

Looking over at the other, Hiro nodded. "Sou...that will happen more often once we work together, too?" he cocked his head to the side a little.

A bright smile appeared on Taisuke's face once more at the mention of them working together soon. It was such a happy thing to look forward to. "I can't wait..." he mumbled shyly.

"Alright, I got some clothes!" Misaki called out as she entered the room. Some might have been an understatement though, considering the pile of clothes that Taisuke saw in her arms.

Sorting the clothes, she put them up on different rags. "Alright...the cabins are over there, Fujigaya-kun. Pick something you like from those and try them on~! In the meantime...Kitayama-kun, we can group your clothes together according to which magazine you will wear them in?"

Hiro nodded and got up. "Hai. Ah, if you need help Taisuke, just call?"

"Okay~" Taisuke furrowed his eyebrows together, trying to decide which clothes should he choose first, considering the various styles available. Finally, he decided on a pair of black pants as well as a fashionable shirt along with a leather jacket to go on top.

Slipping into one of the smaller rooms, Taisuke changed into the set of clothes he chose for himself. He blinked at the mirror that was hanging in the room. He definitely looked kind of different, but not bad at all. He grinned slightly at his reflection. Stepping out of the room, he called out, "Ne, what do you think?~"

Hiro turned and looked at Taisuke.


"Ooh that's not bad, not bad at all...come on, let's take a picture so you can see it better for yourself. Kitayama-kun already told me we'll need some for your application, yes?" Misaki walked over and ushered Taisuke to a small photographing space.

In the meantime, Hiro went to change into his first outfit.

Taisuke turned a light pink at the look Kitayama gave him. Trying to distract himself, he nodded at Misaki's question. "Un..." He followed the other to the photographing space and followed her instructions, letting her take photos of him.

"Mh...looking pretty good," Misaki said with a grin and showed Taisuke a few of the photos she took on the camera. "Want to go choose a different outfit now?"

Hiro was definitely asking for copies of those pictures later.

"Try a suit next? He said he hasn't worn those very often before..." Hiro was leaning against the doorframe of the changing room, wearing a pair of fashionably torn blue jeans a grey tank top and a black vest with silver buttons, which was left open, over it. Looking at Misaki he asked, "Can I do something about the bare arms or do you think this is okay? And what does Taisuke think~?"

"A suit?" Taisuke turned his head at Kitayama's voice and almost immediately, a blush rose on his cheeks once again, seeing how the other had changed his clothes. He opened his mouth a few times before saying softly, shyly, "You...you look good, Hiro..."

Before he started acting too flustered, Taisuke slipped out of the photographing space, mumbling about how he'll try on a suit next. He grabbed what he needed and went to change.

Smiling Hiro went to his rack of clothes and raised his eyebrow, "Wait...this isn't-" He looked over to Misaki. "You!" The woman just grinned at him. Chuckling, he took the clothes and went to change. Women sure had their ways...

Taisuke frowned slightly in the mirror as he tried to fix the way his tie looked around his neck. It's been a while, so he felt a little awkward wearing the suit. Finally, he gave up on fixing it after a bit, since it looked a bit less worse than before. He stepped out of the room, still kind of frowning.

Lifting his head, Taisuke blushed lightly at the grin Misaki gave him. "Looking good there, Fujigaya-kun~ Come on, let's take a few more photos of you."

Hiro waited and then stepped out, walking over to where Taisuke and Misaki were. "Where do you want me?" he asked the woman.

She grinned. "You'd look cute standing next to him...he's so tall~"


Walking over to Taisuke, he came to a halt in front of him. He was now wearing a sort of matching suit to Taisuke's.

Taisuke blinked at Kitayama in surprise, certainly not expecting the other to be wearing a suit as well. "Hiro...?" He then looked over Kitayama's shoulder at Misaki, who was still grinning, holding on to the camera.

"Come on, you guys, get into position~"

Taisuke looked at Kitayama and blushed lightly, taking in how the other looked wearing a suit. Definitely good-looking. Very good-looking. If he was a girl, he would have most likely squealed or something by now. Thank goodness, he wasn't a girl.

Closing his eyes and taking a deep breath, Hiro started to pose, urging Taisuke to follow along a little bit. It came easy to him now. His mind just clicked into 'work-mode'. Then, with a small smirk on his lips, he got rid of Taisuke's necktie and pulled the dress shirt out. His hands worked quickly, mussing up the other's hair - not too much - giving him a wilder look. He did the same for himself and then gave the camera a sultry look.

This wasn't something he was used to, Taisuke decided, but maybe it was just not yet. He'll have to get use to the camera eventually. He tried his best to follow Kitayama, posing as well. Then he gave a small yelp when the other started to mess up his clothes and hair. His face flushed in response, especially after noticing the look on Kitayama's face. Swallowing slightly, he willed himself to not blush before attempting to do the same thing as the other, tilting his head slightly as he seduced the camera.

"You're almost a natural at this, Fujigaya-kun...oh man, if I could sell these...I think I'd have enough retirement money~" Misaki grinned from behind the camera.

The little session was over after about half an hour and Misaki handed a CD with the pictures to Taisuke. "Print the ones you like out for your CV. I'll be looking forward to seeing you again in the studio then~"

"Arigatou gozaimashita!" Taisuke took the disc from Misaki and bowed down in appreciation. Standing back up, he stared down at the disc in his hand. He had seen a few of the photos that the other had taken, and honestly speaking, he didn't expect himself to look like that in the photos. It was quite...different from the usual him.

Leaning over, Hiro whispered, "I want copies of those~ You looked really good..."

Taisuke blushed. "O-okay..." he mumbled in response. Quickly, he grabbed his bag and placed the disc inside somewhere safe.

Waving a good-bye at Misaki who had started to pile the clothes back downstairs, Taisuke tilted his head. "Where should we go now, Hiro?"

"Don't know...feel like looking at any more clothes or do you want to do something else?" they walked out of the store again and he put his sunglasses back on once they were outside.

“Mh...something else! We already looked at plenty of clothes just now..." Taisuke said, pursing his lips in thought. "Eto...eto..." He scrunched up his nose, trying to come up with something.

“We could just go into a game center or whatever...?" Hiro suggested.

"Game center?" Taisuke thought about it for a second before nodding his head quickly. "Un, that sounds good~ Game center it is!"

"Alright~" the next game center was half-way back to Shibuya again, so they ended up walking for quite a bit. While doing so, Hiro asked, "How...How are you liking the day so far?" He worried his lower lip slightly.

"Mh?" Taisuke tilted his head curiously at Kitayama's question. "Why are you asking? I'm having a lot of fun~" He gave the other a happy grin. "Just spending time with you makes me happy ne~" His cheeks turned a light pink.

"I'm glad...I...I just want to make sure you're enjoying yourself?" Hiro asked, cheeks also turning a light shade of pink.

Taisuke giggled and poked Kitayama on the cheek. "Hiro is blushing~" If they were in public, he would have probably grabbed the other's hand by now. "Don't worry ne...just as long as Hiro is with me...I'll be happy..." he said softly, blushing while giving Kitayama a shy smile.

"I really mean that much to you already? Or...is that just us being in a sort of...'honeymoon phase'...?" Hiro smiled back. He usually wouldn't be so shy about things but...Taisuke did that to him...

Taisuke paused at Kitayama's question and turned back so he was facing the direction they were walking and tilted his head up towards the sky. "I don't know..." he admitted. "Hiro feels different from the rest that's for sure, but I can't tell you if you're my one and only or if everything just seems really sweet because we just started." He looked back at Kitayama, smiling softly. "That's okay, right...?"

"Of course....!" Hiro nodded and then added, "I...kind of feel the same. We'll just see what the future has in store for us, ne?"

Smiling warmly at Kitayama, Taisuke nodded his head. "Un! We'll see ne...~"

Killer smile...

"That smile's going to make girls' hearts melt...I tell you..."

"Eh?" Taisuke blinked and tilted his head. Once the meaning of Kitayama's words processed, he started to blush lightly. "I'm not interested in making girls' hearts melt though..." he said, sticking the tip of his tongue out.

"It's going to be your job?" Hiro chuckled but then turned a little bashful again. "But if it reassures you...it makes me melt along..."

That definitely made Taisuke blush even harder. "O-oh..." He looked down at his shoes shyly, but then he couldn't help but glance at Kitayama again, giving the other a shy smile.

It was an understatement to say that Hiro was just glad to finally enter the game center that moment, or he would have done something that was...inappropriate for a public place. "Now...do you want to play a game or...well, we have many options here~" he grinned. "I could try and get you a stuffed animal?" That would really feel like a date...the classical girl-guy thing to do...?

An image of Kitayama holding a stuffed animal entered his mind and Taisuke giggled at the thought. "Mh...alright~ I want a really cute one ne!" He smiled brightly at Kitayama. That made him the girl at the moment, he supposed, but right now, he didn't really care. He just wanted to have fun with Kitayama.

"It's not like you can't try getting one for yourself, you know?" Hiro chided, poking the other gently. "Alright...which one then? There are many options..." His eyes flew over the range of different stuffed animals one was able to get for playing... "We can go for the classical teddy bear?"

"But it's more interesting if I let Hiro get me one~" Taisuke grinned at Kitayama. "Teddy bear? Ii yo~ Eto..." He peered at the various teddy bears that were shown. "I like that brown, fluffy, soft-looking one!" He was being such a girl, but that was okay. He was having fun.

"Eeh~" Hiro looked at the bear Taisuke had picked. "Ok...I'll do my best..." he put money in for three tries at once and after one additional try, actually managed to get the teddy bear out. "Wow...considering that I haven't done this in a while, this was pretty good?" He handed the bear to the other. "Douzo."

Taisuke laughed melodiously when he was handed the teddy bear. "Hiro sugoi~" He immediately hugged and buried his face into the fur. "Ah, it really -is- soft~" He turned the bear around so it was facing Kitayama and used a paw to the other's cheek. "See?"

"Mh..." he nodded in agreement. "You should give it a name? Oh wait!" Hiro searched around in his bag and then pulled out a ribbon. It had been attached to his 'costume' during the filming in the morning and wouldn't be used again so he'd kept it. "Here...you can tie this around its neck and then give it a name? Then it'll be your personal teddy bear~"

Giggling, Taisuke said, "That's cute~" Taking the ribbon from Kitayama's hand, he tied it around his teddy bear, making a nice bow with it. "Mh...a name...I wonder what name should I give it then...I'll need to think about this..." He pursed his lips in thought.

"Take your time?" Hiro shrugged and looked around. He actually didn't feel like playing any of the 'simple' games... "Mh...what do you wanna play?"

"I'll decide it later ne..." Taisuke looked around as well. "Want to play ice hockey?" He gave Kitayama half a smirk, challenging the other.

Looking back, Hiro raised an eyebrow, "Is that a challenge I hear?"

"It's a challenge if you want it to be~" Taisuke grinned at Kitayama before making his way towards the ice hockey machine. "Where should I leave the teddy bear...?" he mumbled to himself.

"There's a chair...so we can put it there along with our bags?" Hiro pointed to the right of the hockey table.

Taisuke blinked before looking over at Kitayama was pointing. "Oh, okay~" He blushed lightly and stuck out the tip of his tongue. Putting down his bag and letting the bear sit on top of it, he made his way towards one end of the table. "I'm ready~"

Nodding, Hiro started the game. "Let's janken to find out who will start?"

"Okay~" Taisuke lifted his fist. "Ready...jankenpon!" He was scissors.

HIro had paper. "You start then~" he got ready to defend his goal slit.

Taisuke grinned. "Yosha~" Grabbing the puck, he got ready and bent over the table slightly before hitting the puck, aiming to get a goal.

Admittedly, Hiro wasn't too good at this...but he gave his best, not wanting to loose to the other too easily. "You're good...Do you play this with your friends or your brothers very often?"

"Mh...both~ Yuusuke is really good at it ne, so I didn't want to lose to him all the time," Taisuke said with a laugh. He hit the puck really quickly at an angle and gave a cry of victory when it managed to slide into the slit. "Yatta~ That's one!”

"Eeeeh~!" Hiro pulled the puck out from the underside again. "Figures..." Hiro tried to hit the little plastic dish into Taisuke's goal now. "...this works a lot better on an actual soccer field..."he muttered more to himself than to the other.

Blocking Kitayama's attack and hitting back, Taisuke tilted his head curiously. "Soccer? Hiro plays soccer?"

"Yes...it's my favorite sport in fact..." Hiro replied and hit the puck over again. "What's yours?"

"Basketball!" Taisuke said as tried to aim for Kitayama's goal slit once again. "I suck at soccer..." he continued, sticking out his tongue.

"And I suck at basketball? Too bad..." he clucked his tongue in frustration when he missed the goal again.

Taisuke laughed. "Hiro, you need more practice with this game~" He giggled and hit the puck again, pumping his fist upwards when he managed to goal once more. "Yatta~"

Hiro huffed, "I can see that, too..."

Needless to say, Taisuke won their hockey game 5-1. They moved around the game center for a bit longer, trying out more games they felt like. Seeing that it was getting later and lots of students started to come in, Hiro suggested they skip the purikura and move somewhere else. It was starting to get closer to the time when he preferred not to be in the more popular parts of the city. And he didn't want Taisuke to end up on paparazzi pictures with him just yet...

"I guess we should move towards home a bit...? It's less crowded there...or...we can actually spend the rest of the day at your place or mine?" he hadn't really gotten a chance to be affectionate towards the other yet because they were in public. Hiro bit his lip, trying not to think too much about kissing Taisuke right now.

Taisuke would have liked to take some purikura with Kitayama, but it was true that the center was getting more crowded. He can always take photos with the other some other time.

Tilting his head, Taisuke thought about it. "Well...your place is probably better...? Unless you want to meet my family since they'll all be at home today I think..." He blushed lightly, remembering Yuusuke's words in the morning. If he brought Kitayama home now, his brother would tease him to no end. Ryosuke wouldn't tease him, but he'll probably have a lot of questions about Kitayama instead. They would definitely have more privacy in Kitayama's home.

"Okay...we can go to my place then...I'll walk you home later and maybe get to say hi this time? Depending on how late it'll be..." With that decided, Hiro started to walk to the subway station with the other, smiling at how Taisuke was carrying the teddy bear with him.

"Thought of a name yet?" he asked, once they had stepped onto the platform to wait for their train to arrive. "Or do you need to sleep over it for a night?"

Aah~ how he envied that stuffed animal already. But it was still a little bit too early for him to think of sharing a bed or more with the other. There was no need to rush. They still had lots of time. And he was going to use that time...

"Ne...speaking of your family...have you talked to them about joining Johnny's, yet? You may be old enough but still...?" One would feel rather guilty or bad not to talk about things like that with his parents, right? Or at least one parent...well, even though even Hiro had to admit that he -had- indirectly talked to both of his parents. Though his father probably didn't know that he was his father, yet. "Oh that reminds me...Ellie gave me an application form for you today. You just need to fill it out and attach your CV....once everything is...clear....since we're kind of getting you in without a formal audition..."

Resting his chin on the teddy's soft head, Taisuke shook his head. "No...still didn't come up with one yet...maybe I really should sleep over it for a night ne...hopefully it'll come to me soon~" He nuzzled the bear slightly.

Nibbling on his lip, Taisuke shook his head. "I didn't tell them anything yet since I didn't really get the chance...I do want to tell them soon though. I should talk to my instructor about it too..." He fiddled with the end of the teddy's ribbon idly. "Oh? Mh...I'll fill it tonight or something then..." He nodded his head.

Soon, the train arrived and they stepped into it together, along with the crowd that was waiting with them. "Lots of people..." he mumbled, hugging his teddy bear tighter. He wondered what other people thought, seeing a guy like him hugging a bear on the train.

The thought crossed Hiro's mind as well but he just let them think what they wanted to. And to him Taisuke hugging that bear was just too cute to resist. So he got out his cellphone and snapped a picture. "Not as good as the ones we've taken so far today but still nice...?"

While he put his phone back into his bag the train jerked a bit and he was pushed against the other in the process. "Gomen..."

Taisuke giggled and shuffled on his feet slightly in embarrassment. "Mou, Hiro..." He lowered his head and buried his nose in the bear's fur.

"Oof..." Taisuke blinked when he suddenly felt Kitayama being pushed against him. He blushed lightly before shaking his head. "It's okay..."

"If you go all flustered whenever someone praises you or compliments you, you're going to have a hard time with fans..." Hiro chuckled.

Luckily, they arrived at their stop a few moments later and got off the train again. "Oh man...air!" Hiro took a deep breath. "Rush hours are evil..."

"I...I'll work on it..." Taisuke mumbled.

Once they were off the train, Taisuke took a deep breath as well, rolling his shoulders. "I agree..." He stretched his arms, sort of flinging the teddy bear in the air before hugging it again.

It didn't take too long after that to get to the apartment. "After you~" Hiro opened the door for the other. "You know your way, ne~" he followed Taisuke in and then closed and locked the door again. His mother was working over-night so he didn't have to worry about her.

"Ojamashimasu~" After calling out that cheerily, Taisuke bounced his way towards the living room and flopped on to the sofa, still hugging on to the bear. He dropped his bag on to the floor and got himself comfortable, letting a small satisfied sigh.

Before he went to join Taisuke on the sofa, Hiro put away his bags and other things - mostly just dumping everything in his room. Then he crawled onto the spot next to the other and then leant over, gently placing his lips over those of his...well, boyfriend.

Author's Note: Didn't I stop at a lovely place? =) //gets whacked// I don't have much to say really...but...Taisuke with a teddy bear! =O They should so have a photoshoot with all the members of KissuMai hugging teddy bears or something. I don't care if they're not young or something, because that'd be just totally adorable anyways. I honestly don't know what else to say. This chapter was basically...fluff? =D

And now for something totally different...


"Very well," Taisuke said, nodding his head. "Until we meet again..." He vaguely wondered when will that be. He wet his lips for a second before smiling again and leaning forward, pressing his lips against the corner of Kitayama's lips briefly. He supposed, it was a small New Year present. That, and for watching over his brothers. Somewhat.

With another smile and a tilt of his head, he moved away, searching for his customer.


Yokoo tried not to frown and just stroked Taisuke's hair. That laugh, that laugh made his heart clench. He didn't get to see it often in the beginning, just those little fake smiles Taisuke would give, but when he saw the first genuine smile the other gave him, he decided that those smiles were the best and he wanted to keep them on Taisuke's face forever.

"Tai-chan..." he murmured, trying to comfort the other.


Sitting up, he pushed Taisuke away again. "That's enough...I...am thinking of a small change of plans..." he smirked, "And I'm sure you'll enjoy it more than what I originally had in mind, too..." Pulling the other up, he flipped their positions, looming over Taisuke now, their difference in height nullified with their current positions. Eyeing the other like a predator would eye his prey shortly before devouring it, he leant down and caught Taisuke's lips in a bruising kiss.

One of his hands then started to work on the other's pants and boxers, getting rid of them almost in no time.

Taisuke yelped in surprise when their positions were suddenly changed. "H-Hiro-san...?" He looked up at the other with slight confusion, feeling his heart pound against his chest rapidly. The sudden kiss muffled another yelp and he could only respond to it, wrapping an arm around Kitayama's neck. He whimpered softly when he felt his half-erection being freed from its restraints.

"Just call me Hiro..." he whispered and bit and kissed his way down Taisuke's neck. "...I'll teach you a little bit..." he tugged on the other's half-erect member a little bit, willing it to come more to life. "After all...there are other ways to satisfy me as well..."


Mh...I didn't include angst in the teaser...but anyways! Because we (Kira and I) like stalkers! Want to read a HiroSuke that's not all fluffy? Or, who knows, it may turn to a slight HiroYoSuke =O But...a sadistic Hiro anyone? =) A Taisuke that actually knows how to flirt? (Well, not so much lately, but still) And a Wataru...wait, Wataru's pretty normal...

Anyways, curious? =D Check out here~

If that sadistic!Hiro can't catch your eye, I won't know what else can. X)

Ah, but back to the fic!

Comments are love and appreciated~ ♥

Part Seven
Tags: fan-fic: in another world, group: kis-my-ft2, pairing: kitafuji, topic: je, ~collab fic, ~fan-fic

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