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In Another World - Part Eight

Title: In Another World
Author: shatteredtenshi and kira_shadow
Rating: PG-13
Genre: AU, Romance
Fandom: JE
Pairing: Kitayama Hiromitsu x Fujigaya Taisuke
Warnings: Unbeta-ed...RP-style collab...hopefully it's not really chessy?
Notes: Yet another collaboration!!! AU this time...so it might be interesting? Multi-chaptered!
Summary: In a world where Fujigaya Taisuke and Kitayama Hiromitsu didn't meet through being in Johnny's Jimusho together...

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In Another World
By Shattered Tenshi and Kira Shadow

Part Eight

When they got downstairs the rest of the family had assembled in the living room and there was tea and strawberry cake on the table. Hiro found himself sitting on the couch, sandwiched between Taisuke and Yuusuke, who seemed to give him a once over.

"Why do we have strawberry cake anyways?" Taisuke asked, his eyes sparkling at the sight of the cake.

Asami laughed at her son's expression. "Remember Renjou-san from a few houses away? You three helped him moving things last week, right? So he gave us a cake as a thank you gift yesterday."

Taisuke sighed happily. "I'll have to thank him when I see him then~" He reached out for the cake, but then stopped in mid-air. "Can I...eat now?"

Both his parents laughed. "Go ahead, go ahead," his father said. "All of you go ahead."

"Yatta!" Taisuke giggled and grabbed his cake, starting to eat it.

Yuusuke snorted. "Taisuke-nii, you're acting like a five-year-old in front of your b...friend." Taisuke sent a half-glare Yuusuke's way.

"Itadakimasu..." Hiro smiled and had to keep himself from snickering in amusement at Taisuke's antics. He made a mental note about his boyfriend's foible for sweets and stored it away for...later.

While Taisuke was purring happily as he licked the cream from his fork, Yuusuke used the opportunity to ask Kitayama questions. "So...how did you meet Niichan? I never knew he knew anyone from Johnny's Juniors..." Since Kitayama had looked familiar to him, he had done a bit of research on his own, and easily found out who the other was.

"Johnny's Juniors?" Asami repeated, looking slightly surprised.

Ryosuke nodded his head in agreement. "Sou, sou. The girls from my class were so excited when they saw him..."

"Eto...Taisuke and I ran into each other not too long ago at TV Asahi when Music Station was being recorded. And now he'll be working with us for the stage show Enbujo..." Hiro nodded. He was about to say more when Ryosuke pointed to the television screen - the TV had been in silent mode so far and the youngest boy in their midst had been zapping lazily.

"That's Taisuke-nii, isn't it? At the table behind Kitayama-kun!"

Hiro had almost forgotten that the programme was airing tonight. His mother had programmed their VCR to tape it though.

"Eh?" Taisuke looked up from the cake and blinked in surprise. "Ah! The programme airs tonight!"

Ryosuke turned to face Taisuke. "Ne, why are you in it?"

Taking his fork out from his mouth, Taisuke said, "Well, one of the extras couldn't make it...and since I was visiting the studio with Hiro...his manager made me take the place?" He smiled sheepishly. "It's nothing special though...I don't even get any lines..."

"But..." Hiro looked at the screen, "You're in the picture for quite a long time...and one can see your face well...since you're behind the main actor I'm talking with, ne...?" He hadn't seen the finished tapes so he hadn't noticed.

Taisuke blinked. "This is...embarrassing..." He lowered his head and started to eat his cake again, so he missed the look Yuusuke gave him.

Hiro just nudged the other playfully. "Don't be so shy...you're in front of your family~"

"I know..." Taisuke mumbled, nibbling on a chunk of the cake on his fork.

Asami chuckled. "Our boy is like that. He can be so modest even in front of us."

"'Kaasan...!" Taisuke protested lightly.

Yuusuke snorted. "It's not like it isn't true, Niichan. Though, I'm sure Kitayama-kun already knows..." He sent yet another look at Taisuke.

Hiro looked back to Yuusuke and raised an eyebrow. The second brother seemed to be...an 'interesting' character...

Trying to ignore Yuusuke's looks, Taisuke quickly finished the rest of his cake and placed down the plate back on the table. "Ano ne...actually, I have something to tell you guys..."

Asami looked at her eldest son, "What is it, Taisuke?"

Hiro shut up for now and decided to listen and just answer any questions that may, or well, probably would pop up.

Taisuke took a deep breath and looked at his whole family before saying, "I'm joining Johnny's Jimusho."

There was a few seconds where no one spoke, as if they were digesting the information. Then Fujigaya Ryuuya was the first to speak. "Johnny's? Didn't you already reject that when you were younger? And entering now...?"

"I know I did...but that was before I started to like dancing and singing!" Taisuke nibbled on his lip. "I thought I would be satisfied with being in the dance school...but after I met Hiro and the others...I realized I really want to work with them! And...and I want to have a chance to be able to sing too..."

"He already joined us for practice...and our instructor and manager agree...he would fit in well with us..." Hiro supplied calmly.

Taisuke's parents looked at each other, as if having a silent conversation before looking back at their son. Taisuke looked back firmly, his hands on his lap curling slightly.

"Being in Johnny's won't be easy..." Asami said. "It'll be a lot harder to balance your schedule with university that before..."

"I know," Taisuke replied, "but I'll try my best!"

Yuusuke and Ryosuke looked at each other as well before the older spoke up, "Are you sure that's what you want, Taisuke-nii?"

"...I'm not going to regret it..." Taisuke said with a small smile.

Looking at Taisuke parents Hiro commented, "It is hard to balance but not impossible. I'm majoring in the same subject as Taisuke and I still manage to do so very well...we're still a Junior Group so it's not as much work as for the senpai..."

The two looked at each other again, before studying Taisuke's determined look. Asami gave a small sigh before smiling softly at her son. "If you think that what you're doing is right, then we'll support you, Taisuke."

Ryuuya nodded his head. "You're old enough to make your own decisions."

Taisuke's eyes turned slightly red. "Thank you...'tousan...'kaasan..."

Yuusuke spoke up as well, "Yea...we'll support you, Niichan..."

"Un!" Ryosuke nodded his head. "Just as long you teach me how to fend off your fangirls ne!"

“Oh fangirls...yeah that would be one of the ...less 'nice' chapters in the life of an idol...but... "You'll survive~" Hiro told Ryosuke. "They usually behave on the streets and during concerts or so there's heaps of security."

"There might be ones harder to fend off though..." Ryosuke said, making a face. "Like ones in my class..."

Taisuke lowered his eyes when his whole family stated their support towards his decision. Even though he had expected it, it was still quite touching, hearing them say it. He blinked his eyes rapidly, hoping he wasn't going to cry or anything.

"Maa...you try going to school with loads of other JE boys?" Hiro smiled at Ryosuke. Then, noticing Taisuke trying to blink away tears, he wrapped his arm around the other. He tried to think of a way to keep Taisuke from crying. "Ne~ wanna show your family the pictures?"

Ryosuke made a face again. "That...sounds worse."

Taisuke looked up, feeling Kitayama's arm around him. "Pictures...?" He blinked. "O-oh...un...okay..." He got up and went towards his parents' room to grab the pictures that had been printed. Before he went back in, he rubbed his eyes a few times with the back of his hand, making sure he wasn't going to cry again.

When Taisuke returned with the pictures, Yuusuke raised an eyebrow, "Uwaah is that Niichan? No way!"

Hiro grinned when Taisuke promptly started blushing again and playfully poked the other's cheek.

"M-mou..." Taisuke squirmed slightly before swatting away Kitayama's finger. "It's not that unbelievable, is it...?" he mumbled, even though he knew he himself had a bit of trouble thinking the same thing.

Ryosuke took one of the pictures and looked at it more closely. "Niichan...kakko ii yo!"

Asami looked at the pictures and blinked, "They sure look professional...did you boys go to a studio?"

Hiro shook his head, "Iie. A friend took them at her store in Harajuku."

"Ii na...I bet the fans will love it~" Yuusuke grinned at Taisuke and mouthed to his brother 'And I guess he does too...' indicating Hiro.

Taisuke turned a darker shade of red and wished Kitayama wasn't between them because otherwise, he could have easily hit Yuusuke on the head.

Ryuuya frowned slightly at the pictures and said, "I guess these are the type of photos idols pose for..."

Asami chuckled, "Maa...shows that Taisuke really is all grown up..."

"'Kaasan! The way you say it makes me sound like a girl!"

"Eh? Why?" Hiro grinned at Taisuke, wondering if his boyfriend could get any more flustered and red than he already was.

"E-eh? W-why?" Taisuke blinked. "T-they...sound protective and stuff...and those poses are...pretty normal, right? They don't have to say things like...that? It makes me...sound like a daughter instead of a son..." He looked down, a bit flustered, pouting slightly.

"They just love you and care for you that much? Come on...my mother still treats me like a kid sometimes as well?" Hiro resisted the urge to kiss the other's pout.

"I know...but it's still embarrassing..." Taisuke mumbled, squirming slightly. "I'm already 20, and I'm definitely not a girl..."

Yuusuke rolled his eyes and shifted over to his parents. "Otousan, Okaasan, I think we've been forgotten..."

Hiro didn't look at Yuusuke but poked the other into the side for the comment before continuing his talk with Taisuke. "Poor Tai-chan..." he petted the other's head.

Taisuke sniffled - though it was more of a playful manner - and puffed up his cheeks. "Sou...poor me..."

Ryosuke started giggling off the side. "Niichan...you're being weird..."

"He is, ne~? That because he is i-" Yuusuke squeaked when Hiro poked him again and then poked back but since Hiro slipped away, ended up poking Taisuke. Soon a poking war broke out on the sofa with everyone poking everyone.

Asami and Ryuuya both started laughing as they watched all the boys fooling around. Ryosuke had been dragged into the poking war as well when Taisuke started to poke his younger brother as well.

"Alright, alright," Asami said, clapping her hands. "It's getting late now. Ryosuke, you should start with your homework, and Taisuke and Yuusuke, you both have lectures tomorrow, right?"

They were still kids after all..

Hiro untangled himself somehow and bowed to Asami and Ryuuya. "Thank you for having me tonight. I will take my leave then..." he smiled at Taisuke, "I'll see you at rehearsals then~?"

"Un!" Taisuke smiled back. "I'll walk you out to the door then." He motioned towards the hallway and the two of them walked out of the living room.

"I'll tell my instructor tomorrow about joining Johnny's too..."

"Okay..." Hiro nodded and then sighed, "I'm busy tomorrow...but I'll see you the day after tomorrow at rehearsal. Since that's Saturday, do you want to meet at the train station? I'll show you around the other complex then...it's different from the one where you came to visit..."

"Un...alright..." Taisuke nodded his head. "I'll see you then ne..." He smiled. Once the other had put on his shoes, he opened the door for Kitayama. "Oyasumi..."

"Oyasumi~" Hiro waved and then left.

Yuusuke stood behind Taisuke in the hallway, grinning. "Now...I want details...!"

Taisuke yelped when he heard Yuusuke's voice from behind him. Spinning around, he stuttered, "W-what details? I don't have details for you!" He ran up the stairs and towards his room. Just about to close the door though, Yuusuke managed to slip in.

"Oh, don't lie. You guys were already acting quite lovey-dovey in front of our parents and I bet Kitayama could barely resist to kiss you when you were being all girly." Yuusuke looked at Taisuke up and down. "What does he see in you anyways?"

"Yuusuke!" Taisuke almost squeaked.

Snorting, Yuusuke folded his arms across his chest and dropped on to Taisuke's bed. "If I didn't know any better, I would have thought you were going to join Johnny's so you can work with your boyfriend and see him almost every day."

"I did not-"

"I know, I know. That's why I said 'if I didn't know any better'." Yuusuke smiled at his brother. "I know you're not like that." He furrowed his eyebrows together. "Maa...Kitayama...seems okay, I guess..."

Taisuke blinked. "Yuu...suke?"

Yuusuke blushed lightly. "Just so you know...if he dares to hurt you, he'll die a painful death! Ryosuke says the same too!"

"...Ryosuke knows too?"

Yuusuke looked to the side. "...no, but I know he'll agree with me once he knows."

Taisuke blinked again before laughing lightly and patted Yuusuke on the head. "Thank you...don't worry, I'll take care of myself..."

"I wonder about that..." Yuusuke muttered to himself.

Pushing Yuusuke off his bed and towards the door, Taisuke said, "Now, go back to your room! If you don't have any assignments to do, then go to sleep early~" Ignoring Yuusuke's protests, he pushed his younger brother until the other was outside in the hallway. Closing the door, he leaned against it for a moment, smiling happily. He really did have a wonderful family.

Being with Taisuke's family had made Hiro see once again how much he actually lacked...as in...how much of a family life he lacked. He'd never experienced something quite like this. After all, he and his mother were alone...and ever since Hiro had been deemed old enough to take care of himself he barely ever saw his mother for more than one or two hours a day if he did manage to see her at all.

Pushing away the gloomy thoughts again, he unlocked the door and stepped into the apartment again. Before he walked to his room he stopped and went into the kitchen-corner. Opening the fridge, he smiled before preparing a few simple dishes. He'd take some away in a bento box and the other half would be for his mother's breakfast or dinner, whatever she felt like when returning home after her late-night shift.

Two days later he stood and waited at the subway station for Taisuke to arrive, when he heard a car horn. "Yokoo!"

"Hey there...we were just on our way over to make sure you weren't late on the first day~"

"...I am so incredibly touched..." His voice was dripping with sarcasm.

"What are you doing here?"

"Waiting for Taisuke...we actually wanted to go together..."

"Ah, then let’s wait together~"

Stuffing the last of his toast into his mouth, Taisuke managed a muffled 'Ittekimasu' before running out of the house towards the train station. When he got close to it, he noticed Kitayama already waiting and started to wave.

Taisuke ran up to Kitayama and panted lightly before saying, "Hiro~ Sorry, did you wait for long?" Then he noticed the car. "Ah, Wataru, Iida-kun~"

"Yo, Taisuke! Come on you two, get in!"

Hiro smiled at Taisuke and then opened the car-door for the other. "Come on, you first~! And no, I haven't been here for too long either."

"Hai~" Taisuke slipped into the car and waited for Kitayama to sit down as well. "Sou? That's good...I had to run out the door," he said with a sheepish smile.

Yokoo feigned being overly shocked, "Oh my god! And here I thought Hiro was the no.1 sleepyhead in the whole of Japan?"

"Shut up!" Hiro kicked the driver's seat lightly.

“Maybe he is~" Taisuke said teasingly. "I actually didn't finish packing my stuff last night, that's all~"

"...you're ganging up on me, no fair!" Hiro pouted a little.

Yokoo grinned, "Busted~"


Taisuke burst out in giggles and patted Kitayama on the head. "It's okay, Hiro~ We still love you ne~"

"..." Hiro kept pouting.

Iida just chuckled at everyone's antics and kept holding hands with Wataru. Hooray for automatic cars~

Taisuke just kept on giggling and poked Kitayama on the cheek a few times. "Don't pout, Hiro~" he sang, leaning against the other. "You need to be smiling~"

"Then give me a reason to smile?" Hiro looked at Taisuke.

Yokoo snorted.

Tilting his head, Taisuke blinked. "Give you a reason...?" He paused for a moment before realizing the meaning and blushed lightly. "Ii yo..." he mumbled, leaning forward to press a light kiss on the corner of Kitayama’s lips.

"...I should probably be glad this car has dark windows..." Yokoo muttered and Iida just petted his boyfriend's arm.

Hiro purred, smiling into the kiss.

Taisuke pulled back with a light blush on his face. "There," he mumbled. "You're smiling now..."

"I am..." Hiro smiled and cupped Taisuke's face with one hand. "Thank you~"

"If you lovebirds are done with all that..." Yokoo muttered.

Taisuke blushed yet again and turned his head away in embarrassment. That didn't last too long though and soon, the four of them engaged into a conversation about various things until they arrived at the rehearsal complex.

Slipping out of the car, Taisuke stretched his arms upwards. "Yosh~ I'm ready~"

"Very good! You'll need the energy...Takki is going to be bouncing off the walls since it's the first day..." Yokoo chuckled.

Hiro snorted, "Sou..."

Taisuke blinked, tilting his head. "Sou...?" He tried to think about the Takizawa he saw on television and imagine the other bouncing off walls. It was a bit hard to imagine.

"Mou I just hope Tsubasa-senpai stops by on the day of the premiere or none of us will be able to deal with him..." Hiro sighed as they got out of the car and walked into the complex. "He can be more anal about things than Yokoo then..."

"Oi!" Yokoo whacked Hiro over the head with his cap.

Iida just chuckled quietly, walking next to them.

Taisuke just giggled as well, following the others towards the rehearsal room. Once they were inside, he looked around. "Uwah, there's already a lot of people here..." In one corner, he recognized a few people from his dance school, so he waved to them with a smile. Not all of them waved back though, and he blinked in surprise. He quickly realized why though, and could only smile wryly.

"...seems like word has gotten round...?" Hiro looked at Taisuke.

Yokoo put a hand on the younger boy's shoulder, "Don't worry...if they start mobbing you or anything, we're here."

"They saw me talking to sensei yesterday during practice break..." Taisuke mumbled. He looked up at Yokoo and smiled slightly. "I doubt they'd mob me, Wataru...don't worry..."

"Just preparing for the worst?" Yokoo shrugged. Then he smirked, "Then again, if anyone just as much as -looked- wrongly at you they'd have Hiro at their throat...you know, he's our shorty but dude, when he's pissed of he makes you feel thiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiis tiny..."

Hiro huffed.

Taisuke blinked for a second, but couldn't help giggling the next, smiling at Kitayama. "Well, good to know I'll be safe around you guys~" He tilted his head. "...who would look at me wrongly though?"

Yokoo paused before bursting out in laughter. "Oh god, we have lots to teach you, Tai-chan. Lots."

Hiro and Iida just collectively facepalmed but didn't say anything.

"Alright...we better go and join the others...oh, Taisuke, Ellie is over there, if you want to hand her the form?"

Looking confused for a second, Kitayama's words managed to distract him. "Oh right!" Taisuke reached into his bag and found his application along with the pictures.

Yokoo glanced over and whistled. "Those are some good-looking photos~"

Taisuke blushed lightly and mumbled something before running over to the female to hand in his form.

Rehearsal started once everyone had warmed up. Stage formations were starting to be discussed. And it was already at the very beginning that their group was approached by Takki himself. "Boys, I heard you had found another person to do the skating part with you? That would be really great!"

"Un, we do...and he's actually going to join the Jimusho soon..."

"Perfect, where is he now?"

"Over there," Hiro pointed to the group from the guest danceschool. Takki raised an eyebrow, "Oh I see...we can't have him there if he will be needed to dance with you...an even number is better anyway...I'll be right back then."

And thus Takki approached Taisuke.

Since Taisuke had his back turned towards Kitayama and them, he didn't notice anything until he realized the people around him were starting to whisper, looking a bit excited. Blinking in confusion, he turned around and paused when he saw who was in front of him.

"T-Takizawa-san!" Taisuke stood up a little straighter and bowed. “F-Fujigaya Taisuke desu!”

"Saying -kun is fine," Takizawa said with a wave of his hand. "All the Juniors call me that anyways."

Taisuke blinked. "H-hai..."

"Anyway, I heard from the group around Kitayama and Yokoo you can skate? I had almost given up on the flag formation at the beginning...since nobody can do it fast enough on foot...so I went for the roller skates but I need an even number of skaters or it will look weird...I would be really happy if you could - despite the fact that you do not belong to the Jimusho yet, as I've been told - join them?" Takki looked at Taisuke, mustering the boy from head to toe.

Despite feeling a bit flustered and shy - it was Takizawa Hideaki talking to him after all - Taisuke's eyes sparkled. "I...I'd like that...! A lot..."

There were people around him who were looking at him with some sort of look again, but Taisuke almost didn't notice. Almost. He kept on smiling though.

"Very good, now, off you go, we'll organize you some skates and practice that right away~ Aah~ I really am looking forward to see it!" Takki was almost bouncing happily as he led Taisuke over to the group of seven, who had already been given long flags hanging from semi-thin bamboo sticks.

Hiro smiled, "We already got you a pair of skates...and this..." He held another flag in his other hand. "You think you can manage skating with this?"

Taisuke could only blink in surprise as he followed Takizawa. Like Kitayama and Yokoo said, the other was really...kind of bouncing. He smiled when the others gave him a smile when they noticed he was approaching.

"Mh..." He took the flag from Kitayama and tried holding it, moving it around. "I should be fine~"

"Then put on your skates...we get to skate around the others while they're dancing for the opening...after that we'll form an alley for Takki to walk through," Yokoo explained to the 'newcomer' briefly.

Nodding his head, Taisuke quickly gave his flag to someone to hold on to as he placed on his skates. Soon, he was standing again, this time with wheels on his feet as he took his flag back. "Ready~"

Takki jogged over to them again after placing the rest. "Okay...split...split...Kitayama and Senga, you'll be at the front...you're the shortest...then Fujigaya and Nikaido...Tamamori and Miyata...and Yokoo and Iida since I can rely on them to be on the mark...yosh, yosh...You'll start from the same point and go around the group and then past each other before going another half-round and then split up to form the alley..." he indicated it with his hands.

When Hiro skated off, he couldn't really explain how but he could feel Taisuke's presence behind him...somehow that reassured him as he carried the flag, which was so much longer than he was...

Listening to Takizawa's instructions carefully, Taisuke nodded his head along and stood where he was supposed to be. Once Kitayama and Senga started skating, Taisuke and Nikaido followed along. It didn't take them long at all to go through the routine. There were a few instances where some of them were skating at different speeds, but overall, it went alright.

Skating with this group really did make Taisuke happy. It was something to look forward to and definitely something that he could get used to as well.

The eight of them were closely surveyed when they did as they were told. "Ii kanji..." Takki muttered and then approached Ellie, "You have the application of him?" The woman blinked and nodded. "Give it to me. I'll give it to Julie later today."

If Doumoto Koichi could hand-pick his dancers, so could Takki.

Hiro sat down next to Taisuke while they took a break and watched the rest of the Juniors practice for another scene.

"How is it going for you?~"

Taisuke giggled. "You only like didn't what...see me for two days?" He smiled though and answered Kitayama's question. "Good~ Everything's pretty normal. What about you?"

Hiro laughed softly. "Can't I miss you? But you misunderstood my question...I was wondering how this rehearsal was going for you so far?"

"Oh..." Taisuke blushed lightly and rubbed his nose in embarrassment. "Everything's fine~ Nothing too bad at the moment."

"Good~" Hiro smiled and stretched, "Do you want to join us for lunch? Then you can get to know some more of the boys...I heard some are quite eager to get to know you...now that word has gotten around...about us. But don't worry. They keep their silence."

Blushing slightly, Taisuke smiled shyly. "Un, that sounds good." He glanced at his dance school members briefly before looking back at Kitayama. "I'd like to meet them too~"

"Mh~ Well you know some of them already but-" Hiro was interrupted by someone 'glomping' him from behind.

"You're monopolizing Taisuke-kun again!" Senga looked at the two older boys.

Nikaido rolled his eyes as he walked over, following his boyfriend, "No need to attack Hiro like that..." His eyebrow twitched a little bit.

Taisuke blinked before blushing and smiling a little. "He's not monopolizing me~ Hiro was inviting me to lunch with you guys, so don't complain."

Senga blinked. "Oh? Well, I guess that's fine then..."

"If that's fine then, Sen-chan, you can get off Hiro now..." Nikaido twitched again as he spoke, grabbing on to Senga's arm.

"Nika is jealous~" Hiro found the nerve to tease the other boy.

Nikaido snorted, "As if I'd be jealous of you..."

It was obvious though that he was...which annoyed him even more until he managed to tug Senga back into his arms.

Tilting his head, Taisuke giggled. "Maa...I believe it's time for lunch soon then, ne?" He decided Nikaido and Senga were pretty cute, acting like that.

"Nah..." Hiro shook his head, "Knowing Takki he'll at least want to see the first five scenes or so before we take a proper break...so say in an hour or so. If you feel hungry or something, there's always snacks, ne? Well, I brought some and I can share with you that is~"

"Oh..." Taisuke blushed lightly. He checked his watch and realized it wasn't really time for lunch anyways. He shook his head. "It's alright, I'm not really hungry~ I'll ask you though when I need a snack ne."

"Feel free to, ne? Just poke anyone if you need anything~" Hiro smiled and then watched the younger ones dance again.

"Hai hai~"

Soon, once the younger ones were finished with their routine, it was their turn to practice once again. One scene after another, it was like Kitayama had said, they managed to go through at least five scenes before lunch break was announced.

Going back towards his stuff, Taisuke stretched his arms upwards before finding a towel to wipe the sweat off his forehead.

"Blergh...I guess I'll have to tell kaa-san that I won't make it to dinner after all...damn..." Hiro heaved a sigh. "Oh well...I hope we'll get another day off for all this extra stuff...or at least...something that makes it worthwhile..."

Okay, except for spending more time with Taisuke of course.

Placing his schedule in his bag, Taisuke bounced over to Kitayama and the group. It was his turn to glomp Kitayama from behind. "Is it lunch time now then?~"

Hiro almost lost his balance again and if it weren't for Yokoo steadying him, he would probably have toppled over with Taisuke on his back. "Oof~! Hai, hai, lunch-time now...did you bring a bento or did you order one at the beginning of practice?"

"'Kaasan made me one~" Noticing Kitayama needing help to balance, Taisuke stopped clinging on to the other and just stood beside him instead. "She doesn't usually, but Ryosuke needed one, so she made me one too."

"Heeh~" Hiro smiled. It had been the other way around for him...in a way…making his mother breakfast and a bento for himself the previous night.

Yokoo too crossed his arms, "Lucky you...Kyon and I cook for ourselves...it's good enough but I guess it cannot compare to a mother's cooking...come on then, the others already went ahead..."

"I can cook for myself too!" Taisuke said. "Just...not often..." He was about to follow the rest of them when he realized he was holding nothing. "Ah, wait, my bentou!" He ran back and grabbed his lunch before joining them once more. "Ready~"

Author's Note: De, ano ne, I have no idea what to say. But, ooh, Tackey. =D Hehe. Eto, other JE boys will show up next chapter! //nods// Well, not at lot. =P But un, some JE boys funness next chapter. Yuusuke is awesome. X) And um, un, I'm kind of in a weird mood since I'm trying to figure out why I started crying as I stared at Taisuke during Real DX. Like, honestly crying. So uh, yea. I still don't understand.

So, I guess, my mind isn't working again today. =)

Comments are love and appreciated~ ♥

Part Nine
Tags: fan-fic: in another world, group: kis-my-ft2, pairing: kitafuji, topic: je, ~collab fic, ~fan-fic

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