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Tears - Part Seven

Title: Tears
Author: Shattered Tenshi
Rating: PG-15
Fandom: JE
Genre: Angst
Pairing: Yokoo Wataru x Fujigaya Taisuke, Kitayama Hiromitsu x Fujigaya Taisuke
Warnings: Not so angst this chapter. BL/shounen-ai.

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By Shattered Tenshi

Part Seven

"Koki-kun, I'm fine..." Taisuke reassured the other once more as he placed the cellphone beside his other ear, walking towards the Johnny's rehearsal building.

"Just keep on saying that," Koki said over the phone. "I'll believe it someday."

"Mou..." Taisuke furrowed his eyebrows. "You saw me at dinner a few days ago, didn't you? I was fine," he stressed. "Just because I haven't been getting enough rest these past few weeks..."

"See?" Koki said in a worried voice. "It's a few weeks! That's definitely worth being worried over. I told you, I don't want you to fall asleep somewhere again in some strange place and maybe you'll kidnapped or something and-"

Taisuke made a face and intercepted the other. "Mou, Koki-kun! Don't let your imagination go wild. I'll be fine!"

Koki chuckled over the phone. "Fine, fine. I won't let my imagination run away. You better be getting enough sleep then? It's been a while since I have had those 3 hours phone calls with you, and do you plan to tell me you don't think you're not made out for this world again?"

A light blush covered Taisuke's face. It seemed like ever since Koki and he did that letter exchange on Shokura, the other wouldn't stop mentioning it every now and then as an inside joke. "...I won't say that again, Koki-kun. At least not on your birthday. And I don't have time for 3 hours phone calls at the moment ne? Rehearsal will start in less than an hour and I have to warm up ne?"

"Oh, I called at a bad time then?"

Taisuke quickly shook his head, but realized Koki couldn't see him. "No! Of course not! I like talking to Koki-kun, so I don't mind. All the other senpais never call when I tell them to call ne?"

Koki laughed. "You're just too persistent and you scared them all away."

"I didn't," Taisuke whined. "I was very polite!"

"Nah, you probably still managed to scare them away. Or maybe they heard that you like talking too much, so they rather not talk to you."


Koki laughed again. "Sorry, sorry."

Taisuke wrinkled his nose. "Everyone likes teasing me too much..." he muttered darkly.

"Teasing you is just too fun," Koki teased.

Taisuke puffed up his cheeks even though the other couldn't see him.

"I can see you pouting, or puffing up your cheeks." Koki's grin could be heard through his voice.

"..." Taisuke realized he was probably too easy to read. Then why did Yokoo never reali- He shook his head inwardly and pushed away his thoughts.

"Oi, you still didn't answer my question," Koki said. "Been sleeping well?"

Taisuke resisted an exasperated sigh. "Hai, hai. I counted and I slept for at least eight hours last night! See? That's a big improvement, right? Eight hours is definitely enough."

"Well, if you say so...I think ten hours would be even better..."

Shaking his head, Taisuke said, "That's impossible! I have university and assignments and work and rehearsal, there's no time to sleep for ten hours!"

"Well, you should. Go get yourself a day-off or two sometime soon. You need it."

Taisuke rolled his eyes slightly. "Ne, I'll be fine ne, Koki-kun?" he said in a softer voice. "Don't worry about me." Pushing the door open to the rehearsal room, he said in a brighter voice, "I can't talk to you anymore ne, Koki-kun? I've arrived at the rehearsal room~"

A small sigh was heard before Koki spoke, "Alright. Don't overwork yourself and get enough sleep!"

Taisuke giggled. "You sound like you're my mother, Koki-kun. Un, jaa, later ne~" He flipped his phone closed and gave the juniors who turned towards him a smile and a wave before heading to his group's corner and dumping his bag down. The younger four were already warming up, so he knew he should get ready as well.

When a hand rested on his shoulder, Taisuke looked up and smiled at the sight of Kitayama. "Hiro~" he greeted the other.

"How are you feeling?" Kitayama murmured.

Taisuke paused and blinked. "Everyone is asking me that ne..."

Kitayama smiled softly. "Can't help it."

"I'm fine, Hiro." Taisuke gave the other a reassuring smile. "I slept well last night ne? And I was telling Koki-kun I slept for eight hours..."

"Mh, eight hours, I see."

Taisuke pouted. "Mou, you're not going to say something like ten hours sound better right?"

Kitayama raised an eyebrow before chuckling, "Actually, I wasn't going to say that, but hey, that does sound like a good idea. You should sleep more."

Half-squeaking, Taisuke whined, "Hiro! I don't have time to sleep that much! Besides, if you keep on telling to sleep more, I'll feel like a pig."

"I'm sure you'll be a cute piggy~" Kitayama chuckled and poked Taisuke's cheeks with two fingers.

"Hiro will make a better pig." Taisuke wrinkled his nose at the other and poked back.

"Oi, Taisuke!" Taisuke turned around when he heard someone calling his name and smiled slightly when he saw Kawai waving his hand at him. "Want to come warm up with us?"

With a nod of his head as reply, Taisuke then turned back towards Kitayama and waved, "Jaa, I'll talk to you later, Hiro~"

Waving back, Kitayama smiled slightly as he watched Taisuke run off towards the members of A.B.C. Ever since the other had decided to try to forget his feelings for Yokoo and stick to friendship, Taisuke seemed to be a little brighter, acting more normal around people. Of course, Kitayama still worried a little. After all, emotions were a complicated matter and how could one forget so easily just by making a decision. It'll still take time. It was nice seeing the other smile like that again. It felt like it had been such a long time.

Kitayama watched Taisuke a little longer before smiling softly and shaking his head, then heading to join the rest of them for warm-up. He didn't notice someone else had also been watching Taisuke.

Usually, when they had a break from practice, Taisuke wouldn't be the first one to stop. He would still skate around a little more, letting out his excess energy somewhat. Lately, it was hard to do so though. Once they were allowed to rest and given lunch break, Taisuke skated off to the side and grabbed his towel, wiping off his sweat.

"Yo, Taisuke." Kawai placed a hand on the other's shoulder and grinned. "No extra energy to spend off today?"

Taisuke laughed lightly and swatted Kawai's hand away. "Don't expect me to be like that every day!"

Kawai shrugged. "Well, I'm used to you being energetic." He lifted his bentou box and asked, "So, lunch with me?"

Taisuke smiled and nodded his head. "Un, alright."

"...Taisuke, show more enthusiasm, can't you?" Kawai frowned slightly.

Blinking, Taisuke then giggled. "What are you talking about? I'm enthusiastic! How do you want me to react?"

Kawai flailed his arms around a little. "Like, jump around, squeal or something, like when you're about to eat sweets."

Taisuke blushed lightly. "I don't act like that...! And squeal?"

Kawai grinned. "No? But I swear you bounce around with endless energy at the mention of sweets."


"Hai, hai." Kawai grabbed Taisuke's lunch and started to walk away and said, "Let's go and find somewhere to eat on our own."

Taisuke let out a small yelp and hurried after Kawai out of the rehearsal room, not noticing the pairs of eyes on him.

The two of them ended up eating in an empty changing room. While they ate, they just talked about random things, and it wasn't until they finished their food that Kawai went for the topic that he had wanted to talk to Taisuke with. "It's nice to see you more energetic these few days though," Kawai commented.

"Eh?" Taisuke blinked before smiling softly. "And here I was going to ask why you wanted to eat lunch with me alone today..."

Kawai had to grin back. "What? You mean I can't feel like hogging you for the day or something? It's been a while since we hung out with each other alone!"

Taisuke giggled. "Hog me? Maa, you sound like Senga when he thinks I spend too much time with W-Wataru or Hiro..." He had faltered a bit, but he managed. He hoped Kawai didn't notice.

"So I've overheard," Kawai chuckled. "We should go out again sometime soon, as a big group," he said as he placed a hand on Taisuke's shoulder. "It'll be fun ne?"

Smiling, Taisuke nodded his head. "Un, sou ne, it's been a while since we all went out together. I want to go karaoke~"

"Good, it'll make us worry less," Kawai muttered to himself.

"Eh?" Taisuke blinked and tilted his head in confusion. "Did you say something?" He downed a gulp from his water bottle before stretching his arms and stifling a yawn.

Kawai quickly shook his head. "Nothing." Then he snickered, "What are you? Turning into Hiro? Needing naps all the time?"

Taisuke blushed lightly. "No..."

Laughing, Kawai stood up and patted Taisuke on his shoulder. "You go ahead and lie down or something then. There's still sometime before break ends anyways. I'll send someone over to wake you up when it's time for rehearsal again."

"Eh, but-"

Kawai just walked away, waving his hand without letting Taisuke to reply.

Taisuke pouted slightly but maybe a short nap was good. He rubbed his eyes with one hand. Even though he had been getting more sleep and feeling better, he had still been a little tense during rehearsal with Yokoo around. When Yokoo approached him at times, he would wonder if the other would try to explain what he and Kitayama saw that day and tense up. In the end though, Yokoo never did mention it again. He was glad for that though, because he wasn't sure how he would react after.

Even though he had decided to remain friends with Yokoo, he wouldn't adapt so easily. After all, he was giving up on emotions that had been buried him for quite some time. It wasn't an easy thing to do.

Sighing softly, Taisuke cleaned up the area they had been eating lunch at quickly before just collapsing on to the small couch that was in the changing room. Closing his eyes, he rested an arm over his forehead.

Even if he might be called innocent, dense and naïve at times, he wasn't totally blind. A lot of people were worried about him and cared a lot about how he was feeling. He was sure the group gathering Kawai had suggested was an idea from everyone else. They wanted to cheer him up, didn't they? Even though they might not know why he was acting that way...

He really did have good friends after all. He had to let go of those feelings sooner, if not for his own sake, then for his friends' sakes. It's a tiring thing after all, wasn’t it? Worrying over friends...

Soon, Taisuke's mind drifted off and he had fallen asleep on the couch. As he slept though, it wasn’t the deepest sleep, so he thought he felt someone entering the room, but when the person did nothing, his senses dulled once again, letting sleep take over.

By the time his mind was starting to wake once more, Taisuke felt someone stroking his hair. Who was it? Making a small sound, he started to flutter his eyes open. The sign of him waking up must have shocked the other because the stroking of his hair had stopped. When his eyes finally focused, Taisuke recognized who was by his side.


Kitayama smiled gently down at him. "Yo. See? Ten hours of sleep really is better after all."

Taisuke smiled back and blushed lightly before shaking his head. "I wasn't that tired! Fumito told me to get some rest though, so I did, otherwise I wouldn't have!"

"Whatever you say, Tai-chan," Kitayama chuckled. He patted the other on the head and sat on the couch as well when Taisuke got up and sat properly.

"Is rehearsal starting then?"

Shaking his head, Kitayama said, "There's still a good ten minutes or so. I just thought I'd check up on you since Kawai said you were sleeping."

"Oh..." Taisuke nodded his head.

Kitayama peered into Taisuke's eyes and studied the other. "Well, it does look like you're feeling even better though..."

Taisuke blinked and tilted his head. "It does...?"

Leaning closer to Taisuke, Kitayama murmured, "I didn't get to ask you anyways. How...are you doing? I mean, relating to that decision..."

A pause before Taisuke replied softly, "I...I think I'm fine...it takes...time, ne?" He gave Kitayama a small smile, though it might look a little awkward.

"Just remember I'm here for you, and so is everyone else, even though they might not know anything..." Kitayama said in a low voice. Then again, there might be ones who know something but decided not to tell Taisuke about it.

"Un," Taisuke replied as he nodded his head slowly. "I know...I remember..."

"Good." Kitayama smiled and leaned even closer. He paused, hesitated for a second before closing in, pressing his lips against Taisuke's lips gently.

Taisuke's eyes widened in surprise for a moment before he fluttered them close and responded to the kiss, pressing back, but almost just as softly. The more Kitayama leaned closer to him, the more he felt himself leaning backwards and soon, they were lying on the couch with Taisuke on the bottom, tilting his head up as he kissed Kitayama back.

Slowly, Taisuke wrapped an arm around Kitayama's neck and deepened their kiss a little. He let out a small whimper and was almost surprised to hear another whimper echoing his own.

Before they broke their kiss though, something else happened instead. The door of the changing room opened and someone entered.

Taisuke pulled back in surprise and his head turned quickly to look at who had entered. His eyes widened in surprise and his heart almost stopped. This...wasn't happening, right?


Author's Note: Wai, what am I posting on Valentine's Day?! //whacked// And, oh gosh, I haven't updated this story for nearly six months! //whacked again// Nya, this...is sad. ><'' To think that I wanted to finish most of this before last year ended...makes me wonder if I can finish writing this before -this- year ends. Geh. At least...I started the next part? A little. >.>'' It just depends how long I take with...

Is it me, or is Hiro getting more points again? =O

Ah, souyeba, I left it at quite the cliff hanger, didn't I? =3 Maa, I would have included more, but each chapter is a certain length so...hehe. =)

Anyway, I think that's it?

Comments are love and appreciated~

Part Eight
Tags: fan-fic: tears, group: kis-my-ft2, pairing: kitafuji, pairing: yosuke, topic: je, ~fan-fic

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