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Kis-My-Ft2 - Myojo June 2008

I didn't get to actually read the article until today, and what do you know, I ended up translating the whole thing. =.= alfjahsalgjasg it was sooooo long. But so cute <333 No, it's not a group talk, but their individual answers are just like lol half the time.

I can't remember where you can get scans of this from. I translated from my own magainze. Anyways, since there was so much text, I went from up to down, right to left, if you want to follow along. =)

Jr. no Q ni Jr. ga A

The juniors who always get along with each other. But, it seems like have little chances to speak to each other unexpectedly. There, we collected questions from Juniors that they wanted to ask habitually, and everyone answered them. A lot of personalities are shown~

[Note: All the questions that the Juniors came up with is on the cover page of the Junior section, and each group of Juniors answer those same questions. The people who asked the questions are placed on the cover page, and not on the group page, unless they were the person who asked it.]

(2) They wore these faces and answered!

The bullied character with 100% support!?
(Bubble from the back of the head of someone - That's me~)
[Note: It's not hard to guess who, haha]

So that's it's okay even if they make complaints like "What faces to make and answer!" (?), we used the faces of the members while they were answering to make the character "answer"~ There's not much meaning to it!

Q from Kitayama Hiromitsu
Who's the number one bullied character?
"I want to do a conscientious survey to see just how deeply has the bullied characters of Senga and Miyata has sunk (into us)!"

Senga: It's Miyata or me (laughs). During the time of the stage show "Dream Boys", we were often bullied by Kamenashi-kun and Koki-kun...

Miyata: Senga must have been bullied by his parents from the moment he was born! But I'm quite the bullied character too though (laughs).

Yokoo: Senga and Miyata are always bullied by someone. The way they're bullied, it's already like performers (laughs).

Fujigaya: Miyata. He's somehow cute, and because he's amiable, you start wanting to bully him. He's bullied by kouhai (underclassmen) too.

Tamamori: Miyata. Things happen to him like get his clothes taken off by KissuMai members... That's, compared to tampering with, it already being bullied (laughs).

Nikaido: Miyata is the perfect bullied character. It's the best when he gives the reaction exactly how I have expected it to be~

Q: What kind of "not slipping" stories do you have? (Kiriyama Akito)
[Note: Not slipping - suberanai - means not failing to bring amusement or laughter. Often used to refer to jokes/comedy skits]

Kityama: There's a story about my friend's father for some reason had blood coming from his behind, but it gets long so next time. [Note: Hiro, wth?! o.o]

Senga: How about I was thinking about riding the bicycle after not doing so for a long time, and went out happily, and found the pedal and seat had disappeared?

Miyata: Nothing is coming to mind right now, but if you follow me closely for 24 hours, you'll find good joke material I think~

Yokoo: My stories, they all lack the final punchline, so they're not interesting...

Fujigaya: The jersey that Miyata wore during rehersal is really weird. If I talk about it detailedly, you would definitely laugh.

Tamamori: On the platform of the station, after Inou-chan (Inou Kei) said to me "Baldy", the old man who was lining up behind us got mad.

Nikaido: I have good ones reserved, but they're quite black jokes, so I won't talk about ones here (laughs).

Q: Lately, the Kansai Jr you're most curious about? (Nakama Junta)

Kitayama: You! Nakama, do your best in Gokusen! I'll be cheering you on from the shadows.

Senga: I've been told I look like Nakama-kun, so I pay attention to you. With a strong face, maybe we both work the same way.

Miyata: I'm curious about Nakama-kun~ ♥ ...'te, I'm sorry for being too into it!

Yokoo: Nakada Daichi. When we meet, I feel like he would come up to us to interact at random, why?

Fujigaya: The older brother of Muro Kyoudai. When I go to Osaka and Kyoto, we would go play together and such. He's good at taking care of people.

Tamamori: Satake Kouki. We became friends a little while ago, but he doesn't contact me lately. Why!?

Nikaido: With Kansai Juniors, we don't really a lot of chances to work with them, so I don't really know. Sorry!

Q At what time, what kind of music would you want? (Totsuka Shota)

Kitayama: When I feel like it's winter, I start wanting to listen to ballads. The atmosphere becomes solemn.

Senga: When something sad happened, I would listen to sad songs and want to cry as much as I want.

Miyata: When I can't sleep, songs that can make me become sleepy. But, really, I just choose songs at random, so there are times where I sleep while listening to high tension music.

Yokoo: When I sleep, natural sounds. I sleep while listening to a CD with the chirping of birds, and the sounds of waves and wind.

Fujigaya: Before I go to sleep, I would want to listen to music, but at those times, I usually go for a little sad R&B.

Tamamori: When I go to the ocean, I want to listen to exciting music in the car.

Nikaido: When I'm lonely and listen to lonely music, I actually feel like I strongly think of trying my best.

Q Please teach me how to be able to eat faster! (Tsukada Ryouichi)

Kitayama: Once you've enjoyed the taste of the first bite, the rest you just eat without thinking! If you just concentrate on eating, you'll become faster.

Senga: When your stomach is hungry, I think you'll naturally be able to eat faster, so why don't you try to hold back to your limit?

Miyata: That's probably because you chew on the rice until it becomes sweet, right? (laughs) I think it's good if you swallow things whole.

Yokoo: Things like swallowing whole without chewing. I'm fast even though I chew properly. Tsuka-chan, isn't it because you eat a lot?

Fujigaya: I don't eat fast, so~ I think it's the best if you eat at your own pace. You shouldn't feel conscious about it.

Tamamori: Isn't it because Tsukada-kun chews a lot? That's a good thing, so I think you should stay that way.

Nikaido: There's nothing like that. I said I eat more slowly. It's hard when everyone leaves you...

Q Which Jr do you respect or admire? (Kawai Fumito)

Kitayama: Respect or whatever, I'm the oldest in the Juniors... I think everyone have something great about them.

Senga: They're not Juniors, but I admire Arashi's Sakurai-kun, TOKIO's Joshima-san and SMAP's Kimura-san!

Miyata: With my level now, everyone. I can respect everyone in various situations.

Yokoo: There's no one... Ah, maybe it's good if I say Kawai (Fumito)-kun.

Fujigaya: It's you (laughs). You probably think it's yourself too, right? I know you.

Tamamori: There's none. If outside of Juniors, Yamashita (Tomohisa)-kun. It's my first time seeing a person that cool.

Nikaido: There's none now. If it's senpai out of Juniors, Kamenashi-kun. He's been an admirable existence ever since I've entered Juniors.

Q from Senga Kento
Outdoors faction? Indoors faction?
"I'm the type of extreme outdoors that on a rest day, I will definitely not want to stay home, but how about everyone else?"

Kitayama: Both. From first year of elementary until high school, I played soccer, so my base is the outdoors faction. But lately, I also likely to play on my computer at home.

Miyata: Indoors faction. When I'm at home, I watch the television, make my own food and stuff. My friend rice, it's really delicious!

Yokoo: Either. I often drive to the onzen at Hakone, and I also like to play my guitar and watch movie DVDs at home.

Fujigaya: Outdoors faction. Yesterday too, I played basketball with my friends outside. When I was young, I often went to camp with my family.

Tamamori: I go out when there's things to do like shopping, but when there's nothing special, I stay at home. Basically, it's tiresome.

Nikaido: Indoors faction. I like to play my guitar. I'm the middle of practising Imai Tsubasa-kun's "Yakusoku ~World Wing~"

Q How do you practice smiling? (Goseki Koichi)

Kitayama: I don't do it. My smile still doesn't get passing marks, maybe I should start practising from now on.

Senga: I can't do it. Oppositely, I also want to ask how should I practice.

Miyata: I've never done practices for smiling, but if it's practice being cool, I'm done it. It's embarrassing though (laughs).

Yokoo: I've never done it. If it's practices for dance and lines, I do it at home though.

Fujigaya: When I first appeared on a magazine, the smile was the worst... So, for a while, I looked at the mirror and practised.

Tamamori: When I first became a Junior, I faced the mirror at the bath area and smiled. When I think about it, it gives me bad feelings (laughs).

Nikaido: Nonono. Miyata seems like he does it a lot though (laughs).

Q from Miyata Toshiya
The thing you do before sleeping? The first thing you do after waking up?
"Well, because other people's private, you get curious about it, right? (laughs)."

Kitayama: Before I go to sleep, I turn on the computer and watch television. When I wake up, I imagine myself sleeping once more...and sleep (laughs).

Senga: Before I sleep, I stretch. I thought to protect my muscles, so I started doing it a month ago. And after I wake up, I daydream.

Yokoo: I would set up my alarm clock without fail before I go to sleep. Even on holidays, I wake up at 10 o'clock in the morning. Once I wake up, first a shower.

Fujigaya: Before I sleep, I light an aromatic candle. After I wake up, I open the window to let in fresh air.

Tamamori: I light some incense, and sleep huddled in the futon while my eyes start to hurt from the smoke. Because I have low blood pressure, after I wake up, I daydream for around 30 minutes.

Nikaido: Before I sleep, it's guitar practice. After I wake up, the first thing I do is brush my teeth and make coffee.

Q What should I do in order to be more adult-like? (Hashimoto Ryosuke)

Kitayama: There's no need to force yourself to become more adult-like. From now on, you'll become an adult whether you want to or not, so it's best staying like this!

Senga: First, it's important to understand where you are childish. After, things like imagining the adult you want to become like.

Miyata: You'll become a brat if you grow unreasonably, so isn't it better to be more childish now?

Yokoo: Watch a lot of news! Because you'll be able to converse with like staff members and the taxi driver.

Fujigaya: If you become friends with an older person you respect, and let them take you to play, won't you become adult-like due to that person's influence? [Note: Taisuke, you're so doing the same thing yourself with all your senpai like Tsubasa, Koki and Sho, aren't you? XDDD;;;]

Tamamori: That's something you become naturally right? More like, you're quite adult-like already!

Nikaido: Isn't it the surrounding around you? If you have many chances to interact with older people, I think you'll naturally become more adult-like.

Q Onzen that you would recommend? (Sanada Yuuma)

Kitayama: Yokoo's bathroom! Since his house is on top of a hill with good view, the scenery from the bathroom is good.

Senga: There's an onzen that's near the seaside that can see the sunrise really prettily. But, I want to keep it a secret, so I won't tell you!

Miyata: My own bathroom is the best. ...Even though I say that, I prefer the shower (laughs).

Yokoo: I like onzens where I can be surrounded by nature and have clean air. It's Hakone after all.

Fujigaya: Hakone! Because you can go there from Tokyo really quickly. To be able to go into an onzen without taking time, that's the best, right?

Tamamori: I don't know, but I've been to Izu's onzen with my family.

Nikaido: I don't know. I've been to Hakone with Watta (Yokoo) before. It was fun~

Q Why are you kind to your kouhai? (Kyoumoto Taiga)

Kitayama: I've never paid attention to the way I treat my kouhai. We're senpai and kouhai, but we're also rivals. Difficult.

Senga: I'm kind? I'm don't really know. Maa, it's fine if I create an atmosphere that's easy to talk in.

Miyata: It's because they're cute ♥ I like kids so much that I've thought about becoming a childcare worker before.

Yokoo: I don't think I'm kind though... Because I'm the youngest, I don't know how to treat younger children.

Fujigaya: Taiga tries his best after all, so I want to be kind to you. When talking to kouhai, it's important to make an atmosphere that's easy to talk in.

Tamamori: Because before, senpai have been kind to me too, so I only want to do the same thing to my kouhai.

Nikaido: Children these days are crybabies and hurt easily. You probably think everyone being reserved is being kind. [Note: Oi, oi, Nika...]

Q The way to become better at acrobatics? (Morimoto Shintarou)

Kitayama: When I was around in the last year of high school, I steadily practiced on my home's futon. It's the work you do every day in places you can't see!

Senga: One, have the will to do it. Two, your mood is probably important. If you get help from someone while practising, your body will remember is naturally.

Miyata: I can't do acrobatics. Ever since I broke my left arm during practice, it became traumatic for me...

Yokoo: One, courage. Two, the resolution that you will get hurt. Third, sports ability!!

Fujigaya: That, ask ABC, and not me!

Tamamori: Since I can't do acrobatics, please ask something else (laughs).

Nikaido: Practice! With someone who can definitely do it. I did it with my dad and I kicked my dad's face (laughs).

Q from Yokoo Wataru
The thing you're into now? Is it something I can do too?
"Right now, I want to increase my interests. That's why, if there's a hobby I don't know about, please tell me!"

Kitayama: To watch an anime I like from the first episode to the last without stopping. You'll be able to watch it like it's a movie.

Senga: After school, I gather with my friends in a place in the school with mirror, and practice hip hop dance. It's fun.

Miyata: I started playing the piano again seriously after knowing some from before. It's fun to listen to a song and play it on the piano!

Fujigaya: I'm into the acoustic guitar that I just bought. Even during stage shows, I have it in the dressing room and kept on playing it.

Tamamori: Something that I want to start now, writing with a ballpen. Since I've graduated from high school, I wanted to learn something.

Nikaido: It's guitar after all. But the music I want to play is different from Yokoo, so I can't teach you (laughs).

Q What kind of singing practices do you do? (Uekusa Yuuta)

Kitayama: Compared to me, ask your dad (laughs). How about starting from listening to the songs of people you like, and imitiating their singing?

Senga: At one time, I went to the karaoke at the pace of once every two days. It's important to have confidence.

Miyata: Singing isn't about good or bad, but it's important as to how to convey the feelings. Is this an excuse?

Yokoo: Though I don't really practice, I think it's important to first to like singing and want to keep on singing no matter what.

Fujigaya: The best is to keep on repeating and listening to the songs of the person you like! It's also good to practice at karaoke.

Tamamori: I go to karaoke with friends. I think you'll get better if you keep on singing.

Nikaido: I'm not good though... But, it's probably important to find a song to match your own voice quality. Then it's feelings!

Q from Tamamori Yuuta
After going back home, what's the first thing you do?
"Since I don't know people's ways of passing time while at home, I want to ask. By the way, once I get back, I first fight with my dog (laughs)."

Kitayama: I want to go and take a bath, but in the end, I'm tired and I usually just end up falling asleep like that.

Senga: When I go back home, I play around with my guitar for about an hour. I started a year ago, but I don't get tired of it.

Miyata: After washing my hands, I immediately eat! Male teenagers are always hungry (laughs).

Yokoo: That's taking off my shoes at the door way (laughs).

Fujigaya: Change in my room, wash my hands, then rinse my mouth. I, even if I stay at home the whole time, I would rinse my mouth three times a day.

Nikaido: I go and take a bath. Whatever I do, I want to do it after I clean my body. In the end, I would go eat because I'm hungry though...

Q What sports do you like? (Camu Cade)

Kitayama: Surfing! Even though I just started it recently, it's more fun that I thought it would be. I can try the feeling of becoming one with the ocean.

Senga: I like basketball and soccer, and lately, I think baseball is interesting too. I like most sports.

Miyata: To be able to fool around with Camu, that's the funnest sport~

Yokoo: Any sports with balls. Especially baseball!

Fujigaya: Basketball. I played since I was in middle school. I like both playing myself and watching games on the television and such.

Tamamori: Soccer. From elementary school to middle school, I was obsessed with it for three years. I did with the feeling of playing in the park.

Q from Nikaido Takashi
Do you get seen as older than you are? Younger than you are?
"I personally get seen as older often, and I think other than Miyata, the members of KissuMai are seen as older than they are as well. How about it?"

Kitayama: I get seen as quite younger than I really am. I think I can pass as a high school student. I probably will be happy when I'm 30 and get seen as 25.

Senga: I often is seen as older. When I was 16, I was told I looked 20. I think I feel half happy, half sad.

Miyata: Because I've been told by sachou (Johnny) "YOU, were born in Heisei, right?" so I probably look young?

Yokoo: I get either. It's okay to be seen as older or younger, but when I'm told I'm like a brat, I get angry.

Fujigaya: Even though I was told I looke 20 when I was 18, when I became 20, now I'm told I look 18. It got reversed.

Tamamori: I definitely get seen as older. Am I aging?

Q How long can you do a handstand for? (Kamiyama Tomohiro)

Kitayama: Probably, around 2 seconds (laughs). I was born as a human with two feet to walk with. I don't understand the necessity of doing handstands.

Senga: I feel like if I'm told to do it, I can do it forever though. Probably 13 minutes is the limit...

Mitaya: Max is around 2 seconds. But compared to a human, it's probably close to the movement of cats...

Yokoo: I don't know since I've never probably kept count properly, and I don't think about doing it (laughs).

Fujigaya: Because I've become 20, I don't do handstands... I don't know how many seconds I can do it for. Maa, I'll lose to Tsuka-chan (Tsukada Ryuichi).

Tamamori: Around 1 second. Basically, I can't do it (laughs). If I use the wall, I can do it as long as I want though.

Nikaido: I can do it for more than a minute. Before, I've done it up to a minute, but it was still quite relaxing, so I probably could have done more.

Q from Fujigaya Taisuke
What kind of dogs do you like?
"Right now, I want to have a dog really badly. Since I want to know what kind of dogs there are, I tried asking."

Kitayama: I like any kind of dogs. Lately, I started having a papillon as a pet though, so that guy is especially cute.

Senga: I like the toy poddle we have at home. It's like a doll and it feels good touching it.

Miyata: Yorkshire terrier and pomeranian, very small dogs. I'm not good with big dogs...

Yokoo: Miniature daschund. Originally, since the two dogs we had gave bith to five puppies, I gave one to Shige (Katou Shigeaki).

Tamamori: Borzoi. It's really big, and even though I don't own one at home, it's cute~

Nikaido: I can give you a lot, but now, I have a female labrador at home. Her name is Momo. She's cute ♥

Q Do you like Osaka-ben? (Fujii Ryuusei)

Kitayama: To be honest, I go 'moe~' at females' Osaka-ben! When they say "Ooki ni" with a smile to me, it feels good for some reason.

Senga: I like it. When I was living in Nagoya, my friends from Mie Prefecture spoke Kansai-ben, so I can speak a little too.

Miyata: I wanted to be born as someone who can speak Osaka-ben. Osaka-ben can convey feelings directly, so I'm jealous.

Yokoo: Osaka-ben, even if it's spitting out poison (being harsh), it seems like it'll wrap you in oburaito. Also, when one's angry, the strength it has, that's good too. [Note: I have no idea what light Wataru is talking about...]

Fujigaya: Osaka-ben, I really like it. Especially, a girl's Osaka-ben. When she says to me "Akantte" (That's not good), my heart skips a beat.

Tamamori: Since my grandmother speaks Osaka-ben, I feel familiarity. I think girls who speak Osaka-ben are cute!

Nikaido: I love it. I want to hear "Sonna akan yan" (That's not good) Somehow, I'll come to think of it as cool.

Q After work, at home, how much do you reflect? (Takemoto Shinpei)

Kitayama: I think the switch between 'on' 'off' is important, so at home, I don't do anything with work at home. It's best to concentrate at the workplace.

Senga: I have the personality to worry over failures, so when I mess up, I'll think about it until the next day. Then, I'll rebound on the third day!

Miyata: During the concert of Tackey and Tsubasa, I forgot to place the mike stand, and when I messed up the choreography, I was quite down.

Yokoo: Even when I mess up, I make it so that I rebound immediately. With dance or acting, I think about the way I present quite a lot.

Fujigaya: Rather than reflect, it's more like I analyze probably. I think about that day's work, and I often think about how I should do this and such next.

Tamamori: When I fail really badly, I think about it. Maa, I'll rebound in 30 minutes or so though.

Nikaido: Always before I sleep, I revise the things I did at work that way. I keep on doing it until I become sleepy.

Sorry for any mistakes, typos, weird grammar etc. It's 4:00am, and I'm too lazy to go through it again.

Haha, it's Pocky-kun again! I think like Taisuke mention his senpai at least once during a magazine each month, we can expect Hiro talking about Pocky-kun each month now. Lol. And I love trying to finding vague hints among these answers. Hiro saying Yokoo's bathroom, Wataru and Taisuke going to Hakone together...haha, I'm too obsessed with OT3 perhaps. =P

And Kawai's question of respectable junior. //cracks up// In a way, weird, but thinking about the juniors that show up in Myojo's Junior section, okay, yea, sure, kind of works. Haha. Kawai for him, it's probably Taisuke. XDDD Taiga also said Taisuke~ I knew he would say that. ♥ So cute really. And Goseki loves Yara. XDDD And like, everyone, everyone loves Osaka-ben.

And you know, I'm kind of surprised to know Taisuke had actually practiced smiling before, but if you think about his personality, it's not that surprising either. Taisuke is just too modest and too concern over things sometimes. //huggles him// I wonder how often Taisuke goes to Kyoto. He must have really fallen in love with Kyoto after filming Byakkotai...

Ah, it's sad how they have to fit four people's answers to all those questions on to one page, and that makes ABC's answers like super short for some of them, unlike KissuMai since most of them had reasons as well.

Sana-chan is so cute on his page though (with Hasshi). All those expressions. lajfhasf ♥♥♥ Except the way they angled the layout, he looks funny in one or two picutres. But un, Sana-chan adorable. >.>''

Would you ever believe that Taiga looks like a high school student? o.o Apparently he was told he looked like a high school student before. I...would never see that. He doesn't look anywhere near 16 to me. Well, okay three years or so, but still. >.>'' Not quite yet high school... Taiga even mentioned Taisuke when talking about who's the bullied character...since Taisuke bullies Senga. Haha. XDDD

Sorry, going way off topic. >.>'' And um, even in History of Kis-My-Ft2 ~Watashi no Ashiato~ Taisuke talks about bullying Senga. Hahaha. XDD Kind of. Lol, well the photo.

Did you know for the May Popolo interview, while they were doing it, HiroSuke both tricked Nikaido, saying there's no washroom around? Haha. Except of course, they got found out very soon, and Nikaido found the washroom on his own. Haha. And for June Popolo, Taisuke totally went "tear" when he found out his arm muscle lost to Senga by 2 cm. =) XDDD

Anyways, sleep time for me~

Comments are appreciated ne!
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