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[Taisuke's Birthday Countdown Project] Entertained

Title: Entertained
Author: Shattered Tenshi
Rating: G
Fandom: JE
Genre: General
Pairing: None; Fujigaya Taisuke and Tanaka Koki
Warnings: None.
Note: Taisuke's Birthday - 6 more days! Prompt: Phone conversation.

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By Shattered Tenshi

Despite the other was still speaking on the other end of the phone, Koki had to pull his cellphone away from his ear for a moment and check just how long they've been talking. His eyes widened slightly when the timer told him nearly two hours have passed.

No matter how many phone conversations he had with Taisuke before, Koki still become easily amazed at how long these talks lasted and just how much Taisuke always had to tell him.

Just then, he realized he might be drifting off a little too much and placed the phone back next to his ear. Taisuke's voice was still talking.

"...and like, it was my first time going rock-climbing! It was really fun, and I managed to reach the top on the first try!" Koki didn't have to see Taisuke to know the other was grinning happily. "Of course, we didn't finish with just one try, and now my arms really hurt. I feel like I've played five games of bowling in a row! I never realized I used so much energy climbing..."

Koki chuckled, listening to Taisuke speak. The other reminded him of his own experience with rock climbing more than a few years ago. That was...harsh. "Don't worry, I'm sure you'll recover soon."

It was obvious the other was pouting now. "That's easy for you to say! I still have rehearsal to attend and how am I supposed to dance properly with my arms aching like this?"

"Oh, come on, I'm sure your members will be thoughtful and let you take it easy."

"But I don't want to take it easy!" Taisuke whined over the phone. "I feel bad if I end up slow the rest of the group down."

Koki had to roll his eyes. When was Taisuke going to realize that he never slowed anyone down? "Taipi, it's fine. I've told you before, and haven't all your members told you before too? You don't have to push yourself that hard! Nothing wrong with taking it easy. It's not you can't attend rehearsal either. You'll be there, and you won't be missing anything."

There was a moment of silence before Koki heard the smallest sigh. "I understand..."

A smile of satisfaction on his face, Koki said, "Take it easy tomorrow then. If I hear anything from your members..."

"Koki-kun!" Taisuke complained.

"...I won't go out for dinner with you next time no matter how much you beg me," Koki ignored Taisuke's whine and continued. It was pretty easy to know what he can threaten Taisuke with.


Laughing, Koki wished he could see Taisuke's face right now. He wondered if he teased the other too much, but it was fun, so he didn't exactly want to stop. It wasn't like he was the only one to tease the other either.

After yet another moment of silence – Taisuke seemed to be struggling with something – Koki heard the other mumbled, "F-fine...remember to invite me to dinner next time, Koki-kun."

This kid was just too adorable! Koki then remembered Taisuke had already had his adult ceremony, so maybe he should stop calling the other a kid. Choking back his laughter and maybe wiping a few mirthful tears, Koki replied, "Hai, hai, I'll do that, okay?" He looked at the clock. "Look, it's getting late. Why don't we continue our conversation some other day?"

"Hai~" Fast recovery, Koki noted with amusement. As usual. "Jaa, oyasumi, Koki-kun! Let's take our time and talk more next time!"

Again? Koki snorted lightly. And here he thought after exchanging letters with Taisuke a few years ago, the other would stop saying these things to him. Guess Taisuke didn't change that much. "Alright, oyasumi to you too. Work hard na."


Koki pushed the button on his cellphone and stared at the timer once again. He really should be starting a record of his phone calls with Taisuke. Maybe they'll break a world record or something.

Author's Notes: As usual, Taisuke gets teased by his senpai, lol. I mean, what else? XDDD Koki always have so much fun teasing Taisuke whether it'd be on Shounen Club or on the Wink Up message board. I don't have much to say about this...but Taisuke interacting with Koki is just fun. XDDD

Comments are love and appreciated~
Tags: !taisuke birthday project, group: kat-tun, group: kis-my-ft2, je: fujigaya taisuke, je: tanaka koki, topic: je, ~fan-fic

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