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One Step Away

Title: One Step Away
Author: Shattered Tenshi
Rating: PG
Fandom: JE
Genre: Romance
Pairing: Yamashita Shoon x Fujigaya Taisuke
Warnings: Nothing...I think?
Notes: As requested by jaded_optimist.

One Step Away
By Shattered Tenshi

When he heard the other's energetic voice asking the staff member for a pen, Shoon turned his head to watch the older one. Sure, he was happy they were at Disneyland as well, but his tension certainly wasn't able to match up with Taisuke's. He smiled and shook his head inwardly as Taisuke cheered when he got a pen and started to write the postcard they were going to send off later.

It seemed like Taisuke had already thought of what to write, because less than a few minutes later, the other was already poking him. "Shoon, it's your turn!"

Taking the pen and postcard which Taisuke had shoved towards him with a grin, Shoon glanced at the paper and read what the other had wrote. Was it silly of him to be happy at how Taisuke had specified it was only the two of them at Disneyland? After all, it was true, there was only the two of them on this out-of-studio recording and that was a rare thing.

That's why he couldn't really sit still at the moment. It was a little nerve-wrecking and he wasn't sure how to act in front of Taisuke, afraid that his feelings would become too obvious.

Pushing back those thoughts, Shoon concentrated on writing his message on the postcard. When he finished signing his name, he frowned slightly. His writing was slightly crooked, but could he blame it on Taisuke who was hovering over him the whole, wanting to read?

"You're done? I want to read!" Taisuke grabbed the postcard away from him before he could say anything. "Uwah, Shoon..." he laughed. "You'll get teased at when we’re back at the studio, writing something so cocky!"

Swallowing at Taisuke's laughing face – he thought it was beautiful – Shoon just grinned. "So? It matches my character, right?"

Taisuke giggled, "I guess~"

Their conversation didn't last any longer though since the staff called on them to start the recording. Shoon knew it was work and he should keep his personal feelings out of it and be professional, but he couldn't help it.

As the Disney ambassador joined them, Shoon found himself sticking closer to the lady instead of Taisuke. He couldn't really be blamed, right? Certainly Taisuke wouldn't notice, since the other was so excited being in Disneyland. It wasn't they were that close normally anyways.

That was really his fault though, not wanting to get too close to Taisuke, knowing the other won’t return his feelings. Being the friendly guy he was though, of course Taisuke just kept on approaching him. As much he loved to stay beside Taisuke and watch the other laugh, Shoon was afraid of being unable to hold back and end up doing something he would regret.

Recording ended quite quickly, and Shoon wasn't sure it was a good thing or not. A good thing since it meant he didn't have to worry about staying away from Taisuke once he got home, a bad thing since it was the end of the out-of-studio experience with just the two of them.

"That was really fun!" Taisuke came bouncing towards him, having changed out of his Hyakushiki uniform.

"Yea," Shoon returned the other's bright smile. "If only I didn't have to go on Splash Mountain twice..." That was quite the trauma.

"Aww," Taisuke tugged on Shoon's wrist. "You know you loved that! It was fun!"

"For you," Shoon said with a small snort as he climbed into the car that would take them to the station so they can go home.

In the car, their small conversation only lasted for a while, and soon, they were both quiet, probably tired from the day's activities. When they reached the station and said bye to the staff members, Shoon congratulated himself inwardly for not doing anything weird in front of Taisuke.

Shoon turned to look at Taisuke. "I'm going this way. You?"

"Ah...the other way..."

"Oh." Shoon shifted his weight on his feet awkwardly before he said, "I'll see you at the studio then?"

Taisuke didn't answer him though, shifting around, looking just as uncomfortable as Shoon was.


Taisuke bit on his lip and looked left, down, then left again. "Ne, Shoon..."

"Mh?" Shoon was starting to feel just a little worried, not knowing what was wrong with the other. Did he do something wrong? Was it even his fault?

"...do you hate me?"

"Eh?" If anything, Shoon did not expect to hear that from Taisuke. When he looked again, he felt his heart clench at the sight of Taisuke's glassy eyes. Shocked, he quickly grabbed Taisuke's wrist and pulled him towards the wall, near a corner of the station so no one would pay attention to them. "Taisuke-kun? Are you alright?"

"Ne, do you hate me?"

Shoon couldn't think of why Taisuke might ask him that. It was just the opposite! There was no way he could hate Taisuke. "I don't hate you..."

Taisuke said in a small voice, "You've been avoiding me though. And not just today! Did I do something...?"

Immediately, Shoon shook his head. "There's no way I'd hate you! I really-" Of course, that's where Shoon faltered. Alright, so Taisuke cared if he hated him or not, but still didn't mean the other would accept his feelings. He can't just blurt out a confession like that.

Too absorbed in his own thoughts, Shoon didn't notice Taisuke studying his expressions. It wasn't until something soft brushed across the corner of his lips that he jumped and stared at Taisuke. What was that?

Taisuke giggled softly. "Ah, why didn't I realize earlier...Shoon is actually pretty easy to read..."

Shoon blinked. "Hai?"

Leaning forward, Taisuke smiled, "I really like Shoon too."

Shoon's heart skipped a beat before slowly, he was grinning like an idiot.

Author's Note: I...I actually failed at writing angst for once! XD; I know angst was requested...but lol, it's not angsty at all! //fails// And if I knew I was going to finish it today, I should have made the ficlet birthday themed instead, but oh well. >>''

This isn't my best work, I don't think...(I don't even know which fic I should consider my best anyways)...so um, hopefully there are people who would still like it. =.=

Not much to say really...

Comments are love and appreciated~

Tags: group: kis-my-ft2, je: fujigaya taisuke, je: yamashita shoon, topic: je, ~fan-fic

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