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Kis-My-Ft - Myojo July 2005

Apparently Taisuke's photo on the newspaper serial is really nice. ...I want to see nowwwww. *__________________* I want to own that newspaper, damnit. Not living in Japan, whyyyy? So sad yo, for real.

...hopefully someone will start selling stage photos in full sets soon. It'll save me trouble when bidding and all. Then again, stage photos...so recent, there'll be bid fights. >>'' But I want the photos. >|

Oh...I said I'd find stuff to sell, but I still haven't done so yet. 8D; Today was such a unproductive day, seriously. I watched lots of Show wa Hey! Say!, that's about it. Used up a lot of my downloading bandwidth, and like my parents will kill me if it goes over again this month. Hopefully...there isn't much to download coming up? Or I'll wait until it's February to download certain things? ><''

Translation. This...is so short that I can't figure out what to use as the summary, lol. But like, talk about Iida's pwn-ness again (everyone is scared of him!? =O) and like teasing Taisuke for teaching Juniors dirty jokes yet again, Hiro feeling left out, and Wataru...Wataru wanting to get a cooking license? =O

Gakkou Shounen Hakusho 2005
Within Jrs, they are responsible toughness as much as possible, the four members of the cheering team have suddenly stood up. Waving the flag with Kitayama's powerful work that he wrote with all his might, they put in their fighting spirit! ...that was the plan, but compared to cheering on other people, their reflection talk became main...


As a cheering team, announcing their toughness!
Support us instead ♥

Iida: This time, it seems to be a school special.

Yokoo: So, why are we put into this role?

Kitayama: Groups like J.J.Express probably are doing cute things~

Fujigaya: After trying to do this, surprisingly there is no incompatibility.

Kitayama: Within our group, who is the toughest?

Fujigaya: It's Iida-san after all! Osu!

Yokoo: Every now and then, the fact that he would wear shoes from a long time ago is tough. The part that he treasures things.

Iida: Where!? Don't pick on me just because I happened to wear these shoes today! Ah, you remembered well though (admiration).

Yokoo: But if he gets into a fight, he's definitely strong. Once in a while, he would say 'Acha-!' and do kanfuu techniques in the changing room.

Fujigaya: If it was a normal person who did it, it would become a gag, right? Iida is different. That's because everyone would go "Uwa, the actual person came!" and become afraid (laughs).

Iida: Fujigaya is manly too, things like where you would look after the younger ones. Even though, while you're at it, you'll teach them dirty jokes.

Fujigaya: I don't! Not that much... But today, after wearing gakuran for the first time, I thought cheering groups are cool. Also like, regent hairstyle is good as well. [Note: Gakuran is a type of Japanese school uniform for boys that's influenced by Prussian army uniforms.]

Yokoo: More like, you get influenced too much. During World Cup Volleyball, you said, "Volleyball is interesting. Maybe I'll play too." After the baseball tournament you said happily, "Maybe I should learn to play baseball. I'll go buy a glove tomorrow ♪"

Fujigaya: The next day, I spent the day normally as usual (laughs).

Kitayama: But I have never heard from Yokoo's mouth saying, "I want to do such and such."

Yokoo: Eh!? I've been saying I want to study cooking and become good enough to get a chef license.

Iida Fujigaya: Un, we hear that often.

Kitayama: Fu-nh, it's only me who didn't know... (down)

Yokoo: Are? Are you crying?

Kitayama: No, I have hayfever. Furthermore, starting from today. In a way, it's an anniversary.

Fujigaya: That's not good, losing to pollen! Let's work harder!! Also, what I want to say is that with a boke, tsukkomi is necessary! A while ago, I sent Kitayama a mail about it. [Note: boke and tsukkomi: terms used in manzai (stand-up comedy) where boke is the person who says something stupid/incorrect/etc and the tsukkomi person who pick that out and poke fun, usually hitting the boke somewhere on the head etc]

Iida: You wanted to say it so much that you wrote a mail?

Fujigaya: Yes! And yet the reply was "What's wrong all of a sudden?"

Kitayama: That's because it's worrying to suddenly get a mail saying "With a boke, tsukkomi is necessary!" at midnight.

Fujigaya: But for real, when we appear on television, we try so hard that the brakes don't work. Also afterwards, we'd get told "You talk too much" and get a warning.

Yokoo: For me too, the tsukkomi role is impossible...

Kitayama: Before cheering on other people, it'd be a problem if we don't work hard.

Iida: Everyone, please support us!

The talk was just cute in general? Lol. KisuMai with wigs and wearing gakuran. 8D Swinging a large red flag around...with calligraphy on it that Hiro wrote! =D And seriously, the talk is so short yo. They should be allowed to talk more. >| But ahaha, getting a warning for talking too much. That's so like them. XD And honestly, Tai-chan, why are you so random? //giggles// And I like how he would send mails to Hiro randomly, in the middle of the night too, rofl.

...it's too short to pick out more to say. I like the whole thing? Iida being Bruce Lee!? Ahaha. Funny image. I should find out all the talks where YoSuke + Iida leave out Hiro about certain things, haha.

Comments are love and appreicated~

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