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Kyoumoto Masaki - Speak - March 3rd Entry

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While everyone is flailing about Tama-chan being in Gokusen (we now all understand why all the Tama-chan pimping lately, yes?), I'm here flailing about Tai-chan and Kyoumoto-papa!

Yes, Kyoumoto-papa mentioned Tai-chan on his blog yet again! For those who don't know, Kyoumoto-papa = Kyoumoto Masaki = Kyoumoto Taiga's dad! On his March 3rd entry, he talked about his night out with...TAISUKE AND KOKI! ♥♥♥ WITH DETAILS! Ah, Kyoumoto-papa, you're awesome!

Yesterday...well, yesterday night...I went to meet KAT-TUN's Koki-kun (Tanaka Koki-kun)
after a long while of not meeting, and we went to eat dinner together (smiles).

We talked about work, fun things...
Well, I really think that he's truly a serious, well-hearted youth!!

In the middle, Junior KisuMai's Taipi (Fujigaya Taisuke-kun) also met up with us.

It's been a while since I enjoyed myself so well.

But??? At any rate, I didn't sleep at all.
Preparation for an event...days that are rushed due to the event and work ← (isn't it the opposite? Work comes first (cracks up))

Really, honestly, these past few weeks, I haven't slept a lot.

During our dinner together and talking happiy... ← me who is becoming quite sleepy

Me who usually don't drink a lot. Yesterday, I went out and drove by myself. ← (I'll tell you guys but (laughs) it isn't Toyota 2000 GT. Usually, it's Lexus after all (cracks up))

Once I'm driving a car, of course, I won't drink.
If you're driving, don't drink. If you drink, don't drive... ← this is important.

From here on, my little tragedy? starts (laughs).

Our fun talk that we haven't had in a while comes to an end...

(Me) Koki-kun, Taipi...why don't we go for a traditional Thai massage? ← A place that I know

After dinner and fun conversation...
Normally, going with the flow, karaoke? Go for a drink? At that point...
For me...it's okay to say it's most likely...it's going to a massage (cracks up) ← the possibility of this...I'm really 50 years old after all, but I'm quite healthy (cracks up).

(Koki-kun, Taipi) Hai!! We want to go try. ← two who are really honest (laughs)

So...the three of us went towards that shop.

To go to that massage place, we travelled using my car.

In a Lexus, two people can ride in it comfortably.....
Lexus 600 h ← the back is actually quite spacy.....

The two of them, simple-mindedly went to sit in the back.
Me (cracks up)...the driver's seat. ← Mh?? For some reason? Me. I feel like a hired driver? (sweat)

(Koki, Taipi) This is awesomeeee! This car is the best.
...the two who are excited innocently.

(Me) That's right!! This is a good car!! ← inside my mind (sweat)

One person come to seat beside mine~ I feel lonely (cracks up) ← My heart's voice...

The two who are having fun simple-mindedly... (laughs)

We arrive at the massage place.

From there...a 2 hours course, in individual rooms.

It was really relaxingggg!!! After the two hour course, the three of us went to drink tea...

We were able to get rid of our tiredness from the day! While saying that, the three of us shared conversations again. ← innocent talk (smiles)

(Me) Well...since it's getting late (Massage was 2 hours. It was getting quite late) let's go back? ← Me who's completely acting like a guardian

(Me) Mh...where do you two live?

(The two) They each give their answer.

(Me) Alright~!!

Again, the two...they went to sit at the backseats ← the two who are exceedingly innocent (sweats)

Then, me who has become the driver once again...first, I drove Taipi back. (sweats)

He thanked me energetically, and bowed his head...then Taipi who waved his hand as he watched my car go (He's really a cute kid with good manners )

(Koki-kun who's left at the back)...
Um, Kyoumoto-san~ I'm fine going back on a taxi from here... ← Feeling reserved, Tanaka Koki-kun who's a well-natured youth after all (smiles)

(Me) It's fine! I'll drive you back...I have the responsibility as a guardian after all. ← Me who's really feeling like a proper guardian.

Next, we head towards Koki-kun's home...

Me ← Driver's seat
Koki-kun ← backseat

Huh?? Really...for some reason, I've become like a taxi driver (cracks up)

With us being at the back and front...the two of us, we conversed happily. ← Koki-kun who's simple-minded, but still would have serious conversations after all.

But...I feel restless...

It should be so! My home and Fujigaya Taipi, Koki-kun...
The three of us live quite apart from each other. ← Notice that earlier!

Me who can only rely on the car navigation system of Lexus.

Finally, we arrive at Koki-kun's home.

Koki-kun...he bowed his head lowly after all...and thanked me
then watched me leave...

(Me) ...ah, I worked hard...I started to drive again and went towards my home.
Koki-kun kept on watching my car as it disappears ← He really is a good-natured youth after all (smiles)

From that point! .....I drive back to my home meanderingly. For some reason, it was far. Well, really, the massage place was quite close to my home.

Where is here????? (sweats)

I rely on the car nagivation system once again.

Then...I finally arrive.

Uwa!!!!!!!! 5 o'clock!! (pales)

I was able to relax myself properly at the massage place. The tiredness from work and the event........it came back~!

Uwa!!! I'm tiredddddddddddddd
So, I slept heavily!!!! ← A night where I understood the feelings of a taxi driver. A story like that. (cracks up)

But, I who slept heavily, today, I've become quite energetic. ← After all, no matter what, I can only think positively. (cracks up)

Driver-san...really, thank you for your hard work. If anything, you learn a lot of things from experiences (laughs).

Note: This is not the full entry! I skipped a few lines in the beginning, and like, one or two lines in the middle, but they have nothing to do with Koki or Taisuke.

aljfhalsfja Kyoumoto-papa, YOU'RE AWESOME! You always have such nice words to say about Tai-chan and Koki-kun ;~; You really like them ne? Even in Kyoto, when they were filming Byakkotai, you took them out for dinner. Next time, bring Taiga along too. Without staying out until 5 in the monring. 8D //whacked// I bet you, Tai-chan wanted to sit beside you, Kyoumoto-papa! But Koki-kun was there too, so Tai-chan had a hard time choosing, rofl. XDDD In the end, he kept Koki company instead, lol.

They were in individual rooms for the massage though. It would have been funny if they were in a big room together, ROFL. I wonder if they cried out in pain for some parts? 8D; //whacked again//

I like how in the middle of the entry, Kyoumoto-papa called Taisuke Fujigaya Taipi, rofl. XDD Not just Taipi, but Fujigaya Taipi. Haha. XDDDDD

Wai, Kyoumoto-papa, please talk about Taisuke and Koki and other Johnnys again sometime soon!

Comments are appreciated~

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