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Kyoumoto Masaki - Speak - March 19th Entry

"After reading my SPEAK from yesterday, Fujigaya Daisuke-kun, Taipi [TN: ...Kyoumoto-papa made a typo 8D;]
sent me a happy mail.

The deep inner meaning of saying work hard.
The meaning of...importance.
The belief of definitely doing my best....
I renewed my determination. I definitely want to get closer to Kyoumoto-san!
For that reason...I'll do my best!! Thank you very much. That's what he said...

Taipi sent me this long mail in the middle of the night

When I woke up in the morning and saw that mail...I was honestly happy.

(skip some parts)

I see
All Johnnys fans who support Kis-My-Ft2, A.B.C.-Z and such
are really warm...and passionate! People who really support them, and
wish for their debut and activities...there are lot of wonderful fans...

I too, because of being supported by this kind wonderful fans that I have today.
I'm thankful!

If you work hard and do your best with things right now..
for sure time will come (来す=kisu) and arrive gracefully (舞い=mai)
Someday, let's work together (共演しようゼ~ット=kyouen shiyou ze~tto)! ← A.B.C. couldn't
fit in well (cracks up) When it's that time...
Yoropiku! ← take care of me (smiles) (cracks up)"

Tai-chan will so have mixed feelings about this entry, rofl. He'll be happy that Kyoumoto-papa mentioned him again, and show total support for KisuMai...but he'll be sulking because Kyoumoto-papa made a typo and called him Daisuke. 8D;

And the dajares, lol. Cute, haha.

I finally watched Rescue Epi.8 and like, bawled. I should have expected. >>''

I completely forgot there was a Zettai Kareshi special. Mh. Oh, I wonder that Chance drama special is worth watching? With Horikita Maki and Kuroki Meisa, right?

Ani-Com HK just released the dates of the exhibition/convention, and ahaha, I'm going to arrive in HK on the last day of it rofl. The moment I drop down my luggages, I'll rush to the exhibition center for the last four hours of it. 8D Just because I can't go to Japan, I have a feeling I'll spend a lot of money buying manga and merchandise then. XD; Or...even spend more money than usual because obviously, I'm not going to hold back on Playzone goods. //nods//

P.S. I so pwn Becky and KAT-TUN when it comes to Intro Don, haha. Or well, I definitely beat Jin. 8D
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