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Kyoumoto Masaki - Speak - March 22nd Entry

Taisuke is jealous yo. As for who he's jealous of...8D Jealous of Uchi for kissing Hiro, or jealous of Hiro for kissing his senpai? //whacked// I told you there were awesome angles of that moment caught by the cameras, lol. //stares at pic again and dying//

The other day, Kira was saying I'm easy when it comes to Taisuke, and like lasjhlajsfa SO TRUE. Everyone thinks Taisuke was having a bad hair day in Popolo and I'm like the only one who adored all because he tied up his hair. Not to mention Wataru was touching Taisuke on the head and the two of them were holding hands YO. That's totally enough distraction for me to not look at Wataru's =( fail perm. And hey like, boys in white, looking hot is always good.

Anyways, remember how Kyoumoto-papa made a typo on Tai-chan's name? TAISUKE REALLY DID TELL HIM ABOUT IT, ROFL. Proof that Tai-chan is always reading Kyoumotot-papa's blog, rofl. Though, the way Kyoumoto-papa talked about it, it seemed like it could have been Kyoumoto-papa who noticed it on his own...but I would like to believe that Tai-chan told him. XDD; //whacked//

Ah! Taipi!! I made a mistake partly between Taisuke and Daisuke.
I'm sorry! These times...the civilized convenient tool of PC's auto-change is scary... ← I made a mistake on my own (cracks up)
I'll need careful attention here as well, mh? (sweats)
Why? Your parents chose not Daisuke...but purposely made it Taisuke?? A problem with the number of strokes of the characters? An expert chose your name for you?
It's often for me too...having my name written as Kyoumoto Masaki (正樹) instead of Masaki (政樹).
It's quite frustrating...that's why...I'm sorry (cracks up)

Ah! Today, when I came home thinking about a lot of things...
I got off the car at an intersection in Hatagaya [TN: an area near Shibuya]...
Is it just me who saw Hatagaya (幡ヶ谷) as Fujigaya (藤ヶ谷) for one moment?? (cracks) ← of course it's only me (cracks up)

Naa, Taipi, why don't you change your name to Hatagaya Daisuke??? ← it's a joke, just let it go!

Just right, with this...it became quite the promotion for your name, right? Taipi (laughs)
Do you know what this is called??

You call it blessedness within misfortune (cracks up)

Also...the origin of A.B.C.-Z is...a new member entered
and the alphabet was filled. Completed. It meant it was conquered, yes?

Mh, mh...even Hashimoto-kun's H? ← A.B.C.-Z isn't made of the first letters of members' names (cracks up) ← I know this and saying this (laughs)

No, well...isn't it a wonderful meaning! Johnny-san is great after all.
It's really a wonderful postscript...I think it's kojitsuke sense. ← I who's saying disrespecting things again (bows head)
[TN: kojitsuke is a term describing when you force a meaning on to something]
Well, well...that was...really, just let it flow away as a joke.

Don't be ashamed of your names...

Everyone! Do your best!! ← I who's always saying this (cracks up)

alsfhalfsjafa Kyoumoto-papa, why are you so awesome? Hatagaya Daisuke, ROFL. That's just like Umezawa-san calling Tai-chan Fujitani, lol. And like, seeing Hatagaya as Fujigay, Kyoumoto-papa, that's totally what fans do. 8D There's a corner in like Duet or something where fangirls send it letters about moments where they saw certain kanji and was reminded of Johnnys when they're not supposed to, kind of like 'You Know You're a Johnnys Fan When...' moments, haha.

I guess we'll finally stop reading about Kyoumoto-papa asking what A.B.C.-Z means then? XDD;;

Anyways, not much to say. X3;

Comments are appreciated~

It's late, but screw it, I need to watch Galileo movie first. *____________*
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