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Kis-My-Ftに逢える de Show ライブフォト

Today was a bit too epic fandom-wise, lol.

The first thing I did when I woke up was watch Shokura, and damn, it was epic.

Another epic thing was that Johnny's Shop has released 172 shop photos for KisuMai's tour. All live photos. I thought all solo sets were 23, but I was wrong. =| They had an uneven amount of photos for each photo, and here's the breakdown:

Hiro - 25
Taisuke - 23
Wataru - 20
Senga - 23
Nika - 20
Miyacchi - 22
Tama - 22

...am I the only one who sees the problem in the numbers? WHY IS IT YOKAIDO AGAIN WHO GETS THE SHORT END OF THE STICK!? That does not make me happy. =|

And they're like, pushing Hiro/Tama a lot, or well, they stand together a lot in the concerts too, so out of 16 mixed/group photos, you get three of Hiro/Tama. ...there's only one of HiroSuke (and Hiro's face is half-covered anyways) and one YoSuke.

AT LEAST! They never fail to give me one shop photo for YoSuke <333 And it's during Smile! Eeeeee. Too bad it wasn't the moment they stare into each other's eyes, but this photo still makes me happy. =v= Plus, 6 group photos~

I thought by the time I've come back from work and done all that I need to do, someone else would have posted previews, but I guess not? So here are previews of ALL 172 shop photos that were just released.

Before that.

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

(Shameless pimp of icons post here).

SEE? SEE! YOSUKEEEEE~~~ They're so cuteee, seriously.

HiroSuke, but seriously, Hiro, we need to see your face!




Dance corner! Rawr~

Should be during Ame this one~

Playzone medley <3

Smileeeee~ Eeee, Wataru <3

This could have been better, really. Their expressions, lol.

Oh come on, this is a rather boring pic. =| There must have been more interesting pics to choose from, no?

Mh...teaching Ame movements probably?

MC yes?

Have the Hiro/Tama pics in a row.

Next, solo sets! There are most definitely some nices one there~

TAISUKE <333 FINGER. FINGER ON LIPS. MARIA!!! aljsfhaljfa YAY That's um, mh, three photos from Maria altogether! No shoulders/back shot though =( I is sad. Too epic to make it a shop photo?

Wataru! I love the use of negative space in the landscape one <333 And like, they have a photo with Wataru and his guitar =v=

Senga! Also love most of the landscape ones here~ ...I wonder how Senga is feeling now? =|

Nika is next! The ones of him during his solo are nice~ Especially, the one with his hand one in the bottom one of the second photo

Tama. THERE ARE TOO MANY HEADDRESS PHOTOS THAN I LIKE 8DDD;; Gosh, that headdress. //dies// It...wth, seriously.

Miyacchi, the dork XD

For those wondering, yes, I am buying all 172 of those photos. Except I'm not buying all at once, and I won't even get part of them until beginning of next year, so you won't see any scans from me yet. Eventually though. //nods//

Same goes with all concert goods. I'm sure someone will end up scanning them before I get them, so meh. //shrugs//

//goes back to staring at photos some more//


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