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Kis-My-Ft2 - Popolo June 2011

(Edit: LJ failed me again and this is a few hours late.)

At the moment, my family and I are packing for our trip over the weekend. I haven't mentioned it here yet, but over this long weekend (it's a public holiday on Monday), we're heading to the States, specifically Atlantic City. Nothing too special, mainly shopping at outlets and stuff, but yea. I was given the choice to choose whether the family should go or not, and I figured it would be a good chance for some family time, since we don't get a lot of it sometimes. I'll probably be Internet deprived (though we're supposed to have WiFi and we decided to bring my mom's laptop after all), but I'll survive...and try to make short posts on LJ anyways. Oh, and the translation for YokoAre final shows of course. I thought about posting it ahead of time, but figured I'm going to try for posting at the hotel instead.

For KisuMai on wide shows, Zoom In Saturday showed KisuMai stuff twice, while Mezamashi was once, I believe. Mezamashi had the envelope moment, while Zoom In was more concert footage. Newspapers of course had articles as well. I believe Nikkan, Daily and Tokyo Chuunichi had the biggest articles.

Next week's Saturday Johnnys will be KisuMai special.

Today's work was tiring because instead of taking care of my kids at our indoors picnic (at a different school location with other schools as well) due to rain, I spent 2 hours in the staff room's kitchen prepping the food. Making 300+ hot dogs is not that fun, and cutting apples without an appropriately-sized knife was tiring. Plus washing all those aluminum trays too.

Second day of Yokohama Arena shows. One show at 13:00, another at 17:00.

Translation. Members get together and discuss three topics in relation to love - when do guys start considering a female friend as someone who might become their girlfriend, from where does cheating start, and the difference between koi and ai. Includes two columns, the usual recent news one and one about love.

Fresh!! J-Star
Love ♡ Collection


Love's Borderline Inspection Round-table Discussion Special

From a female friend to lovers? From where does cheating start? What's the difference between "koi" and "ai"?

[Note: The japanese words "koi" and "ai" can be both translated to love, which is also the tendency, but they may contain different implications to different people.]
"If she closes the door of the bathroom, it's cheating!! I'm totally restraining after all!"
Kis-My-Ft2 discussed about the society's borderlines that are related to love for us! In the frank talk battle where you will completely understand the seven members' values, unique answers come one after the other! Can you step over the borderline that the seven made or not? Try discussing with your friends the same themes as KisuMai did!

Two columns
Tell us Kis-My-Ft2's switch for love!
The moment love starts, something starts moving inside your heart. We tried asking the seven members when they would fall in love!

Yokoo Wataru

LOVE Column
When your switch for love gets turned on
There might be something with my impression (of them) at our first meeting too
Whether it's a guy or a girl, I think they have an atmosphere around them. If I'm attracted to that atmosphere at the beginning, then I'd get the feelings of wanting to know what kind of person they are as well. It's not the looks, but I guess that person's atmosphere is the most important.

Recent Situation Column
Kis-My-Ft Tsuushin
[Note: Pun on 2 and the word tsuushin which means correspondence or news]
Flooded with sentiments from DVD
I've been devotedly watching DVDs at home. I watched an old movie, "The Goonies", and it was really good. At night, I'd watch a movie that would touch me all alone and then cry, but does that sound lonely (laughs)?

Fujigaya Taisuke

LOVE Column
When your switch for love gets turned on
When I can feel her politeness
As I thought, a girl that would do natural things like being polite and paying attention to other's people needs naturally is nice. With that kind of girl, I'd think that I want to be with her.

Recent Situation Column
Kis-My-Ft Tsuushin
A princess came to our home!
I got a teacup poodle. I gave her the name "Tinkerbell" and treat her like a princess at home. She's still small so I can't take her out on a walk, but perhaps I've already become a doting parent (laughs).

Kitayama Hiromitsu

LOVE Column
When your switch for love gets turned on
My switch won't get turned on so easily
My switch won't get turned on so easily. I'm very dry after all (laughs). No, this is a true story. If I have to say something, I guess it's when I see an image gap from the girl.

Recent Situation Column
Kis-My-Ft Tsuushin
Watching movies and dramas for the whole day
Lately, when I'm at home on my days off, I'm always watching movies and Korean drama "IRIS" and such. To the point I've watched for the whole day and spent time that way (laughs). Actually, it's to the point I've only been doing that (laughs).

Senga Kento

LOVE Column
When your switch for love gets turned on
Just where is my switch?
When you realized it, you've already fallen, that's love, right? Since I don't have something "the type of girl I like is this" decided, I might be searching for the switch when I'll fall in love as well.

Recent Situation Column
Kis-My-Ft Tsuushin
I'm happy, but a sad 20 years old
I've turned 20 ☆ I had a birthday party organized and I've joined the ranks of being an adult! Up until now, I was the only one who was still in my teens among members, and since I've become an adult, I feel somewhat complicated (laughs).

Tamamori Yuuta

LOVE Column
When your switch for love gets turned on
When our eyes meet, my chest tightens!
It's not because she did something to me or there was something dramatic that created the chance, but I think my switch gets turned on by nonchalant things. For example, we're talking and when our eyes meet, my chest tightens, something like that?

Recent Situation Column
Kis-My-Ft Tsuushin
I started playing darts again
Lately, I revived playing darts which I had stopped for a while (laughs). A while ago, I played it with my friends for about three hours in a concentrated manner, but I didn't feel it was too much and it was like "Let's have fun doing this" (laughs).

Miyata Toshiya

LOVE Column
When your switch for love gets turned on
When I think I want to know her more
When my heart throbs, it's love (laughs). Those moments, I think it's usually love at first sight, but when I feel that "I want to know more about this person", I think my switch gets turned on.

Recent Situation Column
Kis-My-Ft Tsuushin
I dyed my hair black after a long while!
A while ago, I went to the beauty parlour! I dyed my hair to black after not having done so for 4 or 5 years! There's no specific reason for it, so just for a change of mood. To myself though.....it's a slightly regretful result (laughs).

Nikaido Takashi

LOVE Column
When your switch for love gets turned on
The moment when I feel that I want to meet her again
When I can feel that I'm having fun when with her, my switch for love might get turned on. For example, after saying bye bye and separated, if I feel "I want to meet her again", then maybe the switch has been turned on.

Recent Situation Column
Kis-My-Ft Tsuushin
I go bowling five times a week
Lately, what I'm really addicted to is bowling, since I play it five times a week. My average (score) is about 130, but my high score is 209. To throw a curve is really difficult though!

Borderline Inspection ①
The borderline where a female friend turns to a candidate for girlfriend?

Nikaido: You know guys, surprisingly, they'd become aware (of the girl) when they get told "I like you!", right?

Miyata: I heard that when the guy gets relied on (by the girl), he'd come to like her.

Senga: When you see her doing some girlish action like putting on lipstick and smacking her lips?

Fujigaya: That, didn't you watch too many movies (laughs)?

Senga: Seriously (laughs)!?

Tamamori: For something girlish, isn't it when she shows a extraordinary smile?

Kitayama: A girl that looks strong actually has a weak part to her, an image gap like that.

Fujigaya: Also, there's despite how she can't seem to cook, she's actually good at it.

Yokoo: Of course! [Note: This was said in (katakana) English.]

Nikaido: Is that a phrase that's a fad within Watta?

Yokoo: Of course! Hai! (raises hand) Pinpo~n! (like a game where you have to press a button quickly (to answer))

Fujigaya: Yokoo-san, you're in perfect form today (laughs).

Yokoo: When our interests match!

Senga: Hai, pinpo~n! Someone who rides on an American type bike is cool.

Fujigaya: Despite how everyone else is riding on bicycles you mean?

Tamamori: Hai! A girl that suits wearing teardrop sunglasses!

Nikaido: I understand that~!

Tamamori: Pinpo~n! Someone that drinks coffee while walking, like a foreigner!

Yokoo: Hai, pinpo~n! Someone that works with all her might!

Miyata: That's nice. Limited to ramen restaurants (laughs). It'd be nice if she works at a construction place too.

Fujigaya: Hai, pinpo~n! When she's wearing a mini skirt!

Nikaido: How old man-like!

Fujigaya: No, it's something I said to stir up the situation (laughs).

Yokoo: Pinpo~n! Someone who can rollerskate.

Senga: That's quite limited to KisuMai, right (laughs).

Kitayama: That won't work (laughs).

KisuMai's Borderline ①
The moment they become conscious of a female friend

When shown a girlish action - Senga, Tamamori
↑ "Smile" (Tamamori), "Putting on lipstick" (Senga). It seems like actions that are characteristic of girls are deciding factors.

When shown an image gap - Kitayama, Fujigaya, Yokoo
↑ With "Element of surprise" (Kitayama & Fujigaya), "When similar to me, and our rare hobbies match" (Yokoo), they stress on the deepness of interior aspects.

When confessed to - Nikaido, Miyata
↑ There are those who change their way of looking for the first time after a situation where they have to become conscious of the girl as the opposite gender.

Borderline Inspection ②
The borderline for cheating, from where is (considered) out?

Senga: Cheating is when there is a blue toothbrush that is not my own is found at the girl's home (laughs).

Kitayama: We don't need real stories!

Senga: It's not a real story, but my delusion......(dejected).

Nikaido: For Tama, it's the girl entering the family register with someone else other than you, right?

Tamamori: I didn't say that (laughs)!

Senga: As I thought, it probably is when she falls in love with someone other than myself.

Kitayama: For "love", it's okay for her to like someone who appears on TV though.

Fujigaya: For example, if she prioritized her promise (to meet) with guy friends over myself, I'd probably be sad.

Tamamori: It's fine to meet with guy friends, but if she meets them and hides the fact, then that's suspicious!

Miyata: Despite not having anything to do, if she goes out on her own, then that's cheating!

Nikaido: You're an extremely restraining guy then!

Miyata: I'm a "gekishiba" (laughs). [Note: What Miyata said was 激シバ, which is a short form/slang for 激縛り, which literally means extreme tying down, and is an expression for someone who is restrains their boyfriend/girlfriend and such. There isn't a really good way to translate it, so I left it like that.]

Nikaido: What's with that?

Miyata: (heats up) If she closes the bathroom's door, then that's definitely cheating!

Senga: I don't get it~ (laughs)

Yokoo: Hai, pinpo~n!

Fujigaya: Eh? That phrase is still continuing (laughs).

Yokoo: For example, despite how she does have a boyfriend, when friends ask her "Do you have a boyfriend?", she answers, "No".

Kitayama: That's suspicious~ (laughs)!

Nikaido: Kissing is a no.

Fujigaya: Of course (laughs)!

Yokoo: Well, is (kissing) through a plastic wrap cheating then?

Kitayama: ......just barely?

Miyata: I might forgive her if she brings her own my wrap though.

Nikaido: No one would walk around carrying plastic wrap!

Tamamori: Eh, that wrap? I thought it was "rap".

Kitayama: Of course not (laughs).

KisuMai's Borderline ②
From where is (considered) out for cheating?

When they hide things (from you) - Miyata, Tamamori, Yokoo
↑ Each person's level of tolerance is different!? The thing in common seems to be "If we're going out, things have to be in the open".

When they fall in love with someone else - Kitayama, Fujigaya, Senga
↑ These three are ones who stress the spiritual side of things. The answer of when the girl's feelings have turned to someone else, is one that people can nod and agree to.

When they kiss (someone else) - Nikaido
↑ An action that would exceed conventional wisdom is NG.

Borderline Inspection ③
The borderline between "koi" and "ai". The way to marriage is?
[Note: As explained previously, the japanese words "koi" (恋) and "ai" (愛) can be both translated to love, which is also the tendency, but they may contain different implications to different people. The members will discuss the difference, if any, to them.]

Fujigaya: When you write "koi" as a kanji, it has the word for heart at the bottom, so it has an ulterior motive. The kanji for "ai" though has the word for heard in the middle, so it means devotion, is what we learned.

Senga: Isn't it simply a different way of saying it?

Miyata: I think so too!

Fujigaya: I think from "koi" it would develop to "ai", so surely, "koi" is the preparation stage of "ai".

Yokoo: I know! Isn't having both plus and minus things "koi"?

Kitayama: I have an image of "koi" being unsettled. I think that "koi" and "ai" are different.

Tamamori: I feel that with "koi" and "ai", the weight of the words are different.

Nikaido: When you feel that you want to marry (to that person), that's when it changes to "ai"?

Miyata: I don't really have a desire to get married though.

Nikaido: I really do.

Kitayama, Tamamori: Me too~!

Yokoo: Of course!

Senga: I'm still 20, so I don't really understand these things~

Fujigaya: Senga is still a pampered child (laughs). I like children too, so I want to (get married) one day.

Kitayama: Before, I wanted to become a young papa in my 20s. Age-wise though, you guys probably want to make me the first one to get married.

Yokoo: Pinpo~n! A KisuMai rule has been decided. We'll get married in the order of our age!

Senga: Eh~! Miyata doesn't have any desire for marriage so we won't be able to continue after him!

Niakdio: That's right~!

Yokoo: I don't want to have a plain wedding ceremony. I want to wear Japanese-style clothing and do it like a festival at a shrine.

Kitayama: I prefer a simple one. What are you going to do, if I launch fireworks for the first ceremony (laughs).

Yokoo: Launch a space shuttle!

Tamamori: I want to take photos at members' wedding ceremonies.

Yokoo: I want to be the MC!

Fujigaya: Hai! During the speech, say some stories exposing things (laughs).

Senga: Hai! I'll do a comedic skit "Wedding Ceremony"! In addition, I'll definitely go wearing rollerskates~ (laughs)

Miyata: At the wedding ceremony, I'll...

Senga: It's sea urchin dance, right (laughs).

Kitayama: If he did something like that, he'd have to cry and apologize to everyone in the audience (laughs).

Fujigaya: Oh, right, Miyata, have your wedding ceremony at Akiba!

Miyata: Ah (happily), have it a maid cafe?

Everyone: ......(turns silent)

Miyata: What's that~ To think I actually talked about my desire (tears).

Nikaido: You don't have a desire, right?

KisuMai's Borderline ③
Is there a borderline between "koi" and "ai"?

"Koi" and "ai" are different - Kitayama, Tamamori
↑ The two of them both says that "the weight of the words are different" and takes a careful stance towards "ai".

"Koi" is something that develops into "ai" - Yokoo, Nikaido, Fujigaya
↑ These three are the ones that developed the opinion of "'ai' is the extension of 'koi'". It seems marriage is the extension of love as well.

It might be just a different way of saying it
↑ A simple conclusion where "koi = ai". Desire for marriage seems to be a different topic though.

I'm sleepy. No comments. =v=;;

Comments are love and appreciated~

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