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Kis-My-Ft2 - Popolo July 2011

(Edit: Wth, LJ. Why can't I ever post this when I need it to post? Do you have something against posting at past midnight EST-wise? Argh. This fail.)

So, I'm in America now.

The hotel, or well inn, is located in somewhere called Newburgh which I'm assuming is somewhere close to Atlantic City. We obviously spent quite some time on the tour bus, and other than stopping by a duty free shop, we only went to one outlet mall where we have about 2 hours and 45 minutes to shop and have dinner, as the food court there has more options than around the inn. Nothing too special at the outlet place since I'm not into fancy brand names. We just went into stores we're familiar with and bought stuff if we found something we like.

I bought a casual dress, that's about it. I looked at some Converse shoes, but the pair I liked didn't have my size, so I didn't even have to spend time deciding if I wanted to buy or not. The colours of it was pretty though. If we come across another Converse store, I wouldn't mind checking to see if they have that in my size.

There will be more shopping to be done tomorrow, but highly doubt that I have much to buy.

My mom brought this travel-size mahjong set with her, so they're playing that in my family friend's room now, and I'm the only one in our family's room. //rolls around on bed//

It's quite inconvenient that I can't type Japanese on my mom's laptop. =|

I feel like I've read something worth mentioning that wasn't concert tidbits related, but I suddenly can't recall. I might have imagined it then, lol. Wataru exposed part of Tai-chan's mail address (it has xxx in it, lolll), Hiro tried to take off Sana-chan's costume and pulled down his pants' zipper and Sana-chan had to pull it back up himself, and like NonSana got new costumes, and when Hiro commented on Nozawa's feathers, Nozawa said Sana-chan was being jealous backstage because his costume didn't have any feathers, haha.


Last day of Yokohama Arena shows. Two shows. One at 13:00, another at 17:00. There's Ikemen filming after last show. There's apparently cameras for DVD filming as well!? I would have thought DVD would be of Tokyo Dome concert. Maybe it's for extras? Who knows.

Translation. Members talk about their own views on love, such as how they think love should be. Includes recent news column.

"Love that changes fate", it might actually exist---
Kis-My-Ft2's Words of Love

The seven members start talking, their true feelings from the heart.

No matter who it is, they believe in "a fated love" in the bottom of their hearts. If spoken of, it might be too fleeting and would seem to disappear, but we want to exhaust the limit of words and convey those thoughts. We offer all of our love to you, who we will meet after this in the near future---

"A fated meeting won't happen even if you're just a second off. That's why I think it might be a miracle" --- Fujigaya Taisuke
I think when time, place, and feelings are off for even just a second, a fated meeting won't happen. That's why I want to treasure each and every moment and remain as someone who is appropriate for that person. Thinking how I can convey my own thoughts and then taking action is the way to find happiness as the one to change "a miracle-like fated meeting" to "that fated person" is myself. Compared to saying wanting to be devoted, I think the feelings of love is everything.

"I definitely won't fall in love at first sight. I don't want to go out with her just based on feelings of her exterior appearance" --- Kitayama Hiromitsu
Even now, I yearn after a dramatic meeting like in movies, and I believe in fated meetings as well. Despite that though, I definitely won't fall in love at first sight. If it's our first meeting, I wouldn't be able to see through that person. With both love and friends, I won't want to be with them just due to feelings based on exterior appearances. By getting to know each other, we would come to like each other more, and even though there would be jealousy, I believe that's true love.

"My image of love is white. To have faith in each other and not have any secrets is an ideal relationship" --- Yokoo Wataru
If the person I like said, "I like this", I want to come to like that as well. Then, I think I'd want to know the other more. That's why when we meet, a completely white situation is ideal. Little by little, I want to create the colour for the two of us. Then, having faith in each other and don't hide anything from each other, that kind of relationship is ideal.

"I think a lover is someone that's closer to oneself than family and is a precious existence. That's why, I want to spend fun times together with that person" --- Senga Kento
I feel that love has this pale, warm colour. Perhaps that's why? I feel that a lover is closer to myself than family and will become a precious existence. Surely there will be things like jealousy, but if together with my lover, the two of us together move towards the same goal, I think we can spend each day in a happy and fun way. With both of us doing our best in reaching our dreams, new awareness will be born, and that kind of relationship is wonderful as well.

"I think jealousy is love's barometer" --- Miyata Toshiya
Jealousy that forms because you like someone is the flip side of love. That's why if the girl restrains me, I think I might feel happy. That's because those feelings are not a lie, and it's their true feelings. It's one of the barometers where you can confirm each other's feelings naturally.

"A girl who would feel jealous (because of me) is "cute" and would become dear too. I'd be happy if she's worried about me too" --- Nikaido Takashi
To be able to be jealous is proof that she likes me that much. Since it means that she's worried about me, it's cute. On the other hand, for me to be jealous...there's that possibility too. If the girl I like went out to eat with another guy, just the two of them, I'd probably be jealous. That's also because I like there though.

"If we believe in each other, I think we won't get jealous. Surely, we won't betray the other as well" --- Tamamori Yuuta
If I fall into an unrequited love with someone, I think I'd definitely come up with various tactics in my mind. That's why I want to remain someone who can enjoy that as well. When we become lovers though, I don't want to be in a relationship where we restrain each other. If I believe in the other, I probably won't restrain her, and I think I wouldn't feel jealous either. The most important thing is the faith the two of us have. It'd be nice we can appreciate each other's important things.

"Falling in love and the experience of loving someone, I think it would connect to loving my family and fans" --- Senga Kento
Since I like doing my best for the sake of someone else, I want to devote myself to my lover. If I don't learn to love someone, I can't treasure my family and fans around me. I want to think about these things even just once a day, and I believe the existence of my future lover would help me shine.

"When I find someone I love, I want to be with her the whole time. I want to share both time and love with her" --- Miyata Toshiya
When I watched my parents, I thought that. That it'd be nice if I can be with the person I like the whole time. They were classmates from middle school, and they got married and they still get along even now. If I can share time, love and everything with the other person, I'd be happy. When we get older and have become a grandpa and grandma, I want to go the park, walking hand in hand. When thinking about that kind of future together, isn't that one of those happy days?

"I have a strong desire to get married. I've always thought that the days where you build up your trust with the person is like is a very happy thing" --- Nikaido Takashi
From before, my desire to get married have been strong, so I think about things that's after love, being marriage, having a family and kids. For me, a love where we build up our trust together is ideal and I think that process is part of happy days. Ahead of that is family which is a even bigger happiness. When we can laugh together lots while spending time together and nurturing our faith, I think that future would come closer a lot quicker.

"Love isn't something special. It's a wonderful happening that would come to anyone" --- Tamamori Yuuta
Love isn't something special. As a person, it should be a page of your life as you move forward in it. Falling in love, getting together, spending days happily, I think is a wonderful happening that would come to anyone. With love, including the time where you spend thinking about the other, every day should be happy.

"I'd like it if my fated other is someone who can make me think 'I'll do my best' by just being by my side" --- Yokoo Wataru
If I'm in love, both for work and in private, I'd feel "Because she's here, I can do my best". She's an existence that's like a nutrient that gives me the power to live. Then, even if we as lovers are in the same room, we can do our own things quietly and the presence of the other won't be in the way, that kind of relationship is ideal. Someone who can give me power while sharing the same space and time. I think that's how a fated person would be like.

"Things like wanting to treasure that person, wanting to make that person happy, these are feelings towards that person that flow out naturally" --- Kitayama Hiromitsu
If either of us aren't being ourselves naturally, feelings like wanting to treasure that person, make that person happy won't flow out naturally. It's not that we'll do happy things, but nonchalantly and unexpectedly in a moment, when you feel happiness, those are happy days is what I believe. Each day where sympathy flows between the two of us naturally is the best.

"Just by having a mutual love is happiness. I think even if there were sad things, you can feel happiness" --- Fujigaya Taisuke
Just being able to be together is happiness. It's a happy thing if you can have a mutual love. Since it's happiness from two people, fun things doubles as well. On the other hand, during sad times, I want to make those feelings decrease by at least half. That's why I believe that to be able to be together during both good and bad times means happy days for each other.

Recent Situation Column
Kis-My-Ft Tsuushin
[Note: Pun on 2 and the word tsuushin which means correspondence or news]

Kitayama Hiromitsu

Taking a walk slowly, refresh!
When I was walking on the streets, the row of sakura trees was pretty so I did hanami while taking a walk at ease. The weather was nice and the sakura was in full blossom as well. As it was along the river, it felt really good. Just by taking a walk slowly, I was refreshed.

Fujigaya Taisuke

My pet Bell is so cute, and I'm being healed by her ♥
I'm often playing at home with Bell, the puppy I just started raising. Since she's still a baby, I still can't go out on a walk with her. Also, I did things like buying Bell's own bed and gathering goods for her. She's cute and just by being with her, I get healed.

Yokoo Wataru

After a long while of not doing so, I went to eat yakiniku with my good friends
I went to eat yakiniku with friends I often eat out with after a long while of not having done so. Since I don't really like fatty meat like kalbi, I ate mainly things like beef tongue, raw liver and king oyster mushroom. We talked about things like work and the conversations were fun.

Senga Kento

Every day, I'm immersed in making original songs♪
Thinking that it'd be nice to be able to make a song that would give lots of people energy, courage, and hope, I'm creating songs in private. Writing lyrics and work like arranging the sounds of piano, strings and drums are fun too.

Nikaido Takashi

I'm anxiously waiting for the summer that I love, itching to do something!
Lately, I'm often spending time in a relaxed manner at home. Gradually, it's getting warmer outside and as someone who loves summer, I want to go to the beach soon. It seems it'd feel good to lie down on the sand and swim as well. I can't wait for summer!

Tamamori Yuuta

I'm searching for clothes for my flying squirrel Teto
I think I mentioned before that I started raising an American flying squirrel, and lately, I'm searching for flying squirrel clothes for the purpose of going out for a walk. I don't know at all where they're sold though (laughs). Readers, if you know please tell me!

Miyata Toshiya

I recorded too many anime that I can't finish watching them (tears)
When I realized it, there was only an hour of space left to record on my HDD recorder... Panicking, I started watching the anime I have stocked up each day (laughs). Except I'm always watching before I sleep and before I know it, I'd end up falling asleep and the amount (of anime to watch) won't decrease at all.

Basically, these are like cheesy quotes on love from the boys? XD; That's what it felt like after reading all of them at once, though I understand the thoughts and feelings behind them.

Yes, I know that's like three translations in a row about love, but they happened to be on my list to be translated...so, oh well? =v=;; I assure you the next one will be about a different topic.

Comments are love and appreciated~

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