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Kis-My-Ft2 - Myojo April 2012 Kiss the Seven World

Why on earth did they release shop photos for Osaka shows too? orz;; Don't they realize that fans just spent money on the DVD and like previous batches of shop photos!? Apparently Tama got 14 (not sure if that includes mixed/group), so I'm assuming other members have roughly the same amount. At least, well, it's a smaller batch. =| Oh, and second volume of fanclub booklet out. Edit: It seems like it's 15 photos per member after all! No mention of group/mixed photos.

I'm starting to lose track of what day of the week it is again. I asked my sister if it was Tuesday, and got an answer, but then like, 30 minutes later in the shower, I thought today was Wednesday. orz;;

Oh, right! I know that because of LJ glitches, my tiny icons have the regular default LJ userhead shown over them, but I'm currently too lazy to fix them. I know what I should be changing to the CSS, but it's not a foolproof method (apparently), so I don't feel like trying just yet. 8D; Maybe tomorrow or the day after.

5 more days!

Translation. Myojo's KisuMai serial page Kiss the Seven World. Each member have their own corner where they do various things from introducing and recommending things to drawing to replying mails to completing missions?

Kiss the Seven World

Everyone~ thank you for all the postcards and emails! This month too, members are responding to the requests that everyone sent in. Also, big news!! We're collecting answers for KisuMai x Readers Collab project on P.153, so check that out too and send your responses in♪

Ouji Tama no Oshare World
(Prince Tama's Fashionable World)

The fashion item that will be introduced this month is the "heavy bangle" that caught hold of Prince Tama's heart. Normally, it seems to fit around his fair-skinned arm and is shining.

Yuuta's favourite item 2
Heavy Bangle
My meeting with it was at a shop in the city. It's been half a year since I fell in love with at first sight and bought it, but I'm not bored of it at all. For accessories that I put on my arm, it has always been this lately. I tend to lose bracelets a lot, but this bangle is thick and heavy, right? Since there's width and weight to it, it's hard for it to slip off my arm. Even if it does slip off, I would know immediately because of the weight, so even I, who would space out, can have peace of mind♪ Also, despite how it's rough and manly, I like how it has a chic design. It reflects my usual clothing style which is a simple rock taste. It matches t-shirts too, so it seems like I'll keep wearing it for some time.

Miyata Toshiya no Chikyuu Seifuku Keikaku!
(Miyata's Toshiya Plan to Conquest the Earth!)

Miyata challenges various missions and brainwash earthlings with his gallant figure...this corner which was created for this purpose. Without delay, we had him challenge the mission that was given by a reader!

Mission 2 How many mandarin oranges' skin can you peel in one minute? (Kis-My Rabunyan, Fukushima)

Members' Predictions
Kitayama → 5 oranges
Tamamori → 19 oranges
Senga → 4 oranges
Fujigaya → 8~9 oranges
Yokoo → 3 oranges
Nikaido → 50 oranges

"It's troublesome to peel the skin, so normally, I don't eat it a lot." Miyata makes a timid comment when faced with the 50 mandarin oranges that were piled in front of him. Despite that though, in order to conquest Earth, he starts the challenge! We thought he started to peel it dynamically at once, but he showed us a sensitive side of him (← surprising) where he stuck his pinky into the end of orange in order not to ruin the meat of the fruit. His tactics had been to peel the skin one after the other with attentive techniques...but the fruit he chosen happened to have firm meat so his pinky wasn't able to get in immediately and he wasn't able to peel well. In the end, he used up 25 seconds on the first one, but he made us laugh by doing a performance of eating an orange in one bite. Afterwards, he came back fairly well, but finally, he ended with 4 oranges, which is a disappointing result. "The mandarin orange was too delicious, so my hands slacked off. If I didn't eat it, I should have been able to peel 40 of them!" Even though no one said "You eat them", it was a challenge where we felt admiration towards his spirit of entertainment...
* The mandarin oranges were all eaten and enjoyed by members and staff members.

(captions that goes with the photos)

Fighter Miyata fought against the mandarin oranges seriously and started with his pinky tactics.

He was quick with complaints, saying "The skin is really clinging (on to the meat)!"

The whole mandarin orange into his mouth! "Nhgugugu..." He seems to be in pain.

He finished peeling the fourth one just when the minute ended. Senga's prediction was correct!

Yokoo-gahaku no Rakugakiten
(Master Painter Yokoo's Fun Scribble Exhibit)

Responding to the request of "I want you to draw an alien using your imagination" (Tamamodoki, Saitama), the Master Painter drew. Appreciate it without rushing along with the handwritten title!

Title of Work "Where's the Earth?"

It was completed in 20 minutes~! In March's issue, it was only black as I drew with a pen, so this time, I tried using various colours with the crayons. At first, I thought about drawing the alien inside a UFO, but that's ordinary, so I combined the spaceship with the alien. The alien that everyone imagine is the grey one that's like a human or the orange one that like a Martian, right? First, I wanted to remove that image. That's why, I mixed it and made it colourful. I don't usually draw characters, so I'm not good with it actually, but when I tried drawing it to my heart's content, I think I ended up with something interesting unexpectedly.

Senga-ryuu MJ (Mecha Jouzu) Cooking
(Senga's Style Very Skillful Cooking)

Chef Senga who would not fail to do cooking even during a busy schedule. This month's menu is the that wonderful cripsy! juicy! one♪ Since it's a menu that guys love, all the readers, you should try immediately!

This Month's Menu
Gyouza (Pan-fried Dumplings)

Minced Pork meat - 150g (your own preference)
Dumpling wrapper/skin - 25 pieces

Ingredients a
Spring onion, Chinese chives, Maitake Mushroom

Seasoning b
Sugar, Cooking Wine, Salt, Soy Sauce, Umami Seasoning, Garlic Paste
* everything is just roughly
[Note: Umami seasoning can be seen as MSG and usually, it is from the Ajinomoto brand]

【How to Make It】
❶ In a bowl, add the minced pork, ingredients a, which have been properly wiped to get rid of moisture, and seasoning b. After mixing everything del, add some sesame oil (appropriate amount).
❷ Wrap the preferred amount of ① in the dumpling wrapper.
❸ After heating up some salad oil and sesame oil in a fry pan, fry ②. When there are a bit of grilled marks on them, put in some potato starch that was mixed into some water. Cover the pan and let it steam.
❹ Once the water is gone and the gyouza turned brown, dribble a bit of sesame oil and it's done♪

A Single Word of Advice
"When you fry the gyouza with a bit of potato starch mixed into water, you can make gyouza with cripsy skin. It's a trick that my mother taught me, but it really is good! The rating of the gyouza this time...if I give my mother's 10 points, then it's 8 points I guess~ I think I've gotten quite close to my mother's cooking♪"

Taipi no Sasayaki Kiss
(Taipi's Whispering Kiss)

We tried gathering things Fujigaya said during the interview as well as whisperings of him responding to "requests and themes" from readers. Let your heart tighten ♡ from the words that are overflowing with kind feelings!

[Note: Just in case it's confusing, for some quotes, there are words in quotation marks plus a pen name written at the end. The words in quotation marks are the themes given, and the pen name is the reader who suggested the theme.]

You're an elegant child (dog). That's why your name is "Tiffany"!

I want another dog too at home. To have two dogs playing around, that's super cute!

Tiffany ♡ Let's take a souvenir photograph (after saying that, he takes a photo with his own cellphone).

During the interview, Wataru, who was in the same studio as me, sent a photo of himself impersonating the pose where I touch my lips with my finger in the CD jacket photo and PV for "We never give up!" to me. Why (laughs)!?

When speaking of "memories from elementary school", I think of the test of courage we did at an outdoors school. I had to hold hands with a girl that I didn't really talk to normally. (Mou Sugu Chuugakusei, Nagasaki) [Note: Outdoors school is a common destination for school trips where students do lots of outdoor activities, but it's not exactly like an actual camp either]

It's my own selfish opinion, but I think that "exams" are not everything. There are kids who are told and forced by their parents to take exams, but isn't the one to decide in the end yourself? If you do things that you like, you will definitely live a fun life. It's possible that by doing exams though, you get settled on to what's your dream. Do your best until the end! (M&M, Okinawa)

"What I like about a girl" is an image gap, an innocent smile, and decollete! (YokoFuji Rabu ♡ Aya, Kanagawa) [Note: Decollete usually refers to low-cut in clothing, but in Japanese, it also refers to the area that gets exposed from the low cut, so it's like the collarbone plus surrounding area]

DJ KitaMitsu no RecoMu
(DJ KitaMitsu's Recommend Music)

The corner where Kitayama introduces songs that matches the requests and themes from readers. After reading his reasons for choosing this songs, try actually listening to them♪

This Month's Theme
"Songs to give to lovey-dovey couples"
(Aya, Wakayama)

The first song I want to introduce is KisuMai's "Love is you". It's a song about when you receive a call from the girl you like, even if you were feeling irritated, you would forget about all bad things and want to meet her. Since it's a song that's exactly about a lovey-dovey couple, I think if they listen to it, they would definitely be able to empathize. The second is Kozaki Hiroyoshi's "Shunkashuutou, Kimi wo Omou", who is working as an Indies singer. I was given the CD and tried listening to it, and it's a good song. My heart is touched by the lyrics where it says that during spring and summer and fall and winter, I'm always thinking of you. Lastly, it's R&B singer Ginuwine's "When We Make Love". It's a slightly erotic, adult-like song. If a couple listens to it together, they might feel their heart beat faster and think "I want to kiss". Please use this to create a good mood~!
[Note: I didn't bother linking KisuMai's song]

Nika-chan no Mail II Mail
(Nika-chan's Mail to Mail)

The corner where Nikaido and readers interact in an email fashion. This month, he's answering things related to his relationship with Senga which you would definitely be interested in if you're a fan~

To: Nika-chan
Subject: Question

How do you do? Hello!
You always get along with Sen-chan, but what % is your degree of lovey-doveyness with Sen-chan?
(Shii-chan, Saitama)

To: Shii-chan
Subject: Recently too...

I think Senga is someone I can mess around with in the same type of tension.
Recently too, the two of us were walking around on the streets with plans of shopping together. Along the way, we were messing around the whole time.
When we did some impersonations and laughed loudly, someone came up to us and asked, "You're Nikaido-kun and Senga-kun, right?"
That person must have thought just how high in tension we were (laughs).
With that said, my degree of lovey-doveyness with Senga is 120%!

To: Nika-chan
Subject: Question

Nika-chan, you're always in high tension and is energetic, but conversely, when does your tension go down?
(Saa-tan, Niigata)

To: Saa-tan
Subject: By standard, it's high♪

My tension hardly ever goes down.
Since it's fun when I'm with members and my family, by standard, it's high. But when the train I was supposed to ride on leaves without me, I'd feel just a bit down.

The Playback♪ Yesterday corner for this issue can be found translated here.

One more issue to go! Then it depends if the corners come back in the August issue...otherwise, there are other sets of serials to work on. XD;

Hope people enjoyed reading!

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