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Kis-My-Ft2 (Fujigaya Taisuke) - TVfan August 2013

I am no where close to finishing the books I borrowed from the library, so I guess I will have to renew some tomorrow. Probably three. That's the most I've ever renewed. I don't think my trip affected my reading too much since I did read while on the trip, but one or two of the books just took me a bit longer than expected. It took me a while to get into them. At least I'm pretty sure there are no reservations on the books I want to renew. I'm too lazy to check online.

I translated stuff last night and today, so I didn't have to rush this post at all! I don't have to rush for tomorrow's either! Of course, I still need to keep working on stuff though, otherwise, I'll be rushing for all of next week and that won't be good.

Translation. Taisuke talks about his thoughts on his role in Kamen Teacher and a bit about the kouhais he will be working with. He also talks about Miyata being a spy...!?

Fujigaya Taisuke
It’s a drama you can enjoy as both a hero one and a school one

This summer, a new hero teacher is born! In an action hero school drama, he will put on a mask and ride a bike and play a mysterious high school teacher!

-- It’s your first teacher role!

Despite how in the dramas “Misaki No. 1!!” and “Risou no Musuko” that were aired on the same Nihon Terebi not too long ago, I was playing a student then (laughs). I’m acting Gouta this time while thinking, at that time Misaki-sensei was probably thinking like this.

-- What did you make preparations for, in order to play the role of a teacher?

I called my teacher who took care of me in high school. I asked, “When confronting students, what did you pay special attention to?” Then, he answered, “To believe and to like everyone. No matter how defiant they may be, to like everyone.” To like everyone is a difficult thing, right? When I heard this, I felt once again, that’s why this teacher was amazing. He wasn’t a serious teacher at all, but should I say, it’s because it was that teacher that things were good and high school was fun. The fact that I keep in touch with him even now means that he really was a special teacher to me.

-- Does it feel like you can use it for Gouta whom you will be playing this time?

In terms of how he feels, yes. Gouta is someone really passionate and at first, it seems like he doesn’t read the atmosphere and kind of bombs jokes and such, but he’s someone with integrity and is a character that is loved. In proportion to how Gouta can be stupid and uncool, his other side “Kamen Teacher” is hero-like. This drama is like a mix of a hero story, a teacher story, and fantasy, and since there are things we’re trying for the first time as well, I’d like people to look forward to that. I’d be happy if people think, “As I thought, school is a good place,” or “It’s a good thing to believe in people,” after they finish watching.

-- The ones who will play the main students are your kouhai from Johnnys

Compared to being my kouhai, they’re my comrades. I’ve been exchanging emails with (Kikuchi) Fuuma and (Kyoumoto) Taiga before this. I’ve never really spoken to Jesse and Kishi (Yuuta) much before, but those two are really diligent. This time, there’s a distance between the students and the teacher, but on the first day, we ate lunch together and I felt how I’ve come to do this kind of thing with my kouhai too (laughs). I’m not good at talking with my kouhai. I thought about what I should do, considering how I am. There’s the fact as to how my role is, but I want to become someone they can adore, or like, I’d like them to come at me, saying, “I want to get some advice from you!” I too, have received a lot of advice from my senpai after all. Somehow, this time, I really feel this good kind of vertical flow we have with Johnnys. There were times I played a student, and now, my kouhai are playing the students and I’m watching them in the role of the teacher. I really feel that vertical flow of things.

Among the members of Kis-My-Ft2, who do you think is wearing a “mask”?

Miyata (Toshiya) is suspicious, I think (laughs). He’s been like that since our Junior days, but he knows various pieces of information. There was a period of time he was called a “spy” when we were Juniors. Things like, it seems like there will be such and such (an event), or such and such will be forming a unit apparently - he often knew things like that. Then, he’d say, “Definitely don’t say anything about this” to various people... That’s why if I tell Miyata some information that only I realized earlier (than others), I was suspicious of how he might go, “Actually...” and tell other groups about it. Once I began to think that, I stopped talking about my private matters to Miyata (laughs).

Hope people enjoyed this~

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