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Kis-My-Ft2 - TVfan September 2015

Happy Anniversary, Kis-My-Ft2!!

It's their fourth anniversary! It's still so weird, thinking about how quickly time has passed. I probably feel the same way every year though, so this is nothing new.

As usual, I didn't get to start doing this translation early, so I barely made it... Like, 10 minutes before the date changed! I was trying to decide between this and their TV Guide serial because they reached 200th round for that and in celebration of their 10th formation anniversary, they had all the pairs and comments for those...but along with all the small pictures, there were just a lot of things to translate, so I thought I'd be more likely to make it in time with this.

Translation. Expanded edition of their TVfan serial and all members appear. As it is the 100th issue of TVfan, questions they answer is associated with 100. Something that's 100 points about each member, how close they are to their own ideals, a member who would live until 100 years old, a 100-times record challenge they'd want to do together, something they want to compete each other with…and a bit about Kitayama in the Singapore shows for Takizawa Kabuki!

Serial Expanded Version
Kis-My-Ft2’s Small Correspondence
It’s a serial that brings you KisuMai’s natural sides, recent news, and special photos.
[Note: The word they use for small here is ‘chokotto’, hence taking the choko from that, the serial title becomes KisuChoco.]

Piece 49
Aiming for 100 Points - Full Marks!

Thanks to everyone, TVfan has reached its 100th issue. The group who has appeared through their serial in the magazine for about half of those issues is Kis-My-Ft2. This time, we had them answer questions associated with 100!

Kitayama Hiromitsu

Q. What’s a 100 points, full marks point about each member?
Senga is beauty-related things (laughs). Apparently, he changes the toner he uses depending on which part of his face he uses it on quite a bit. For Fujigaya, it’s his fixation over jeans. Tama is fashionable in general. It’s like, his jersey is stylish too. Miyata is how much of an otaku he is. I think it’s nice, as part of his individuality. If he didn’t have that, I think he himself would have a hard time too (laughs). For Yokoo-san, his cooking is 100 points. As for Nikaido-san...his smile. When he’s teasing kouhais, he has an evil smile (laughs). His expression at those times is exactly the same as from when he was young.

Q. How many % of your ideal have you reached now?
Roughly 20 or 30. I’ve been given chances to do various things for work, but it depends on if any results come along with them. To head towards 100%, I want something like my own show, but I think it’s too early for that too. I think it’d be nice if a variety show like that happens, but it might not be the case. With acting, if I get an offer for it though, of course I want to do it. In the stage show I was part of this year, “Takizawa Kabuki 10th Anniversary”, more than it being about this and that about acting, I really felt the connections between Johnnys. Things like, “What exactly is entertainment?” I thought about it once again. I should know about it, but it’s like, I realized once again that it is something important. Just how important is “for the audience”, I was able to feel it once again.

Senga Kento

Q. What’s a 100 points, full marks point about each member?
100 points for how good he is at listening to everyone talk - that’s Kitayama-kun. The one who has amazing abilities to enthrall females is Fujigaya-kun. Yokoo-san’s cooking skills are number one. Tamamori is his potential to be a star and how he could handle anything. Nikaido is his ability to take action, or like, how he could do sudden things at critical points. 100 points for that. Miyata is his feelings towards anime.

Q. How many % of your ideal have you reached now?
20. In the sense of having a big goal and a big ambition as well. 100%...for me, when talking about someone who is 100%, that would be Michael Jackson. As an artist, he’s 100%.

Miyata Toshiya

Q. What’s a 100 points, full marks point about each member?
Kitayama-san is at level 100 for calligraphy. He seriously has beautiful writing even regularly. The way his body is trained is also 100 points. Tama-san is 100 for level of freedom, 100 for coolness, 100 points for his looks. He’s cool! Senga-san is his kindness. One way or the other, I feel that Sen-chan is the kindest. Yokoo-san is his cooking techniques. I often hear from the staff around us saying, “He really is good.” I wonder what is it for Nikaido...skillful! 100% for skillfulness. It’s like he manages to do things without a flaw. SOmething about me that’s 100 points? Nothing (laughs). I might be impatient. I’m surprisingly impatient on days off. If I’m told it’ll come in 30 minutes when ordering delivery, even when it’s just a bit past 30 minutes, I’d thinking, “Aah, hurry up!”
[Note: In the magazine, Miyata really didn’t talk about Taisuke. It is possible that the editor edited out that part by mistake.]

Q. How many % of your ideal have you reached now?
About 20% I guess. THere are many things I want to do too. Lately, I’ve been going to the gym! There, I’ve been doing something like bicycle training, so I want to try climbing a mountain with a bicycle. Also, lately, I like reading books outside. In the monring, I’d spend my time leisurely in the park and go home around noon. In that sense, I guess it’s okay if things don’t change when I become an old man, compared to now (laughs).

Yokoo Wataru

Q. What’s a 100 points, full marks point about each member?
Senga is dance. He’s been doing it since he was young after all. Miyata is otaku. THere’s nothing other than that (laughs). Fujigaya is his ability to produce. I think so when I watch “KisuMai BUSAIKU!?” and such. That kind of thinking won’t come out of me. Tamamori Yuuta is acting. SInce he’s been appearing in dramas a lot lately, that image is strong. Kitayama is MC. As expected, he is our MC after all. I honestly think he’s good at it. Nika is laughter. Things like chattering and jokes, he’d take the lead and liven things up for us.

Q. How many % of your ideal have you reached now?
0%. M~h, I’m always reflecting on things after all. My ideal is to always smile and that it’d be nice to laugh the whole time. You’d get me if you watch things like concert footage. I don’t smile (laughs). OF course, I’m smiling inside. It doesn’t come out to the surface though. I want to be able to express that properly.

Fujigaya Taisuke

Q. What’s a 100 points, full marks point about each member?
Senga is his knowledge for beauty-related things. He knows everything. I would ask him about things at times, I guess. Miyata is how he masters the fact he likes anime. He gets solo work because of that and it’s a topic he can start conversations with as well. It also becomes the reason why people who are called otaku-san get to know KisuMai, so it’s 100 points, full marks. Tamamori is something like this sudden, miracle power. It’s not something you can train, so I think it’s some sort of sense he was born with. Nikaido really likes variety shows and how he thinks about various things is 100 points. He studies things like, “If I ask questions this way, the other person would probably find it easy to answer.” While Wataru is a player himself, I think how he can take a step back at times and look at things is 100 points. Everyone has a tendency to just get into things intensely, and he can remain calm among all that. For Kitayama, it’s because he has a clear goal of “I want to do MC”, the fact that he’s probably coming up with various strategies for that.

Q. How many % of your ideal have you reached now?
3. I’m totally not there yet. Of course I have an ideal, but...it’s hard. As expected, in this world, you really have to be able to do anything and everything. It has to be to the point that a professional would look at you and think, “That person is good.” So I think it depends on where you aim for your level of satisfaction. Since I’m aware of that, I think it’s about plus 3 for that. After that, it’s room for growth.

Tamamori Yuuta

Q. What’s a 100 points, full marks point about each member?
Let’s start with K then. Kitayama, his youthfulness. He’s the oldest, but he looks the youngest. Senga, I guess it’s beauty-related things. He’s highly consciously when it comes to beauty things. He’s always doing things like lymphatic massages. Next is Miyata, huh...how he is easy on himself. He doesn’t like troublesome things and it’s like, “I hate doing bothersome things!” and I want to kick him into shape. In a bit, I’ll start educating him (laughs). Yokoo-san is cooking as expected. In his emails too, he would tell him he made bacon or baked bread and they would come with photos, but it’s so amazing that I can’t make any comments. I can only say, “That’s amazing.” I actually don’t really know how amazing it really is though. Fujigaya is how small his face is? I don’t know (laughs). Let’s make it his love for denim. I’m not knowledgeable about it, so I don’t know, but I think he’s quite particular about it. For me...a kind guy (laughs). A very kind guy. I’m a super kind guy. I think you’d be surprised (laughs), yea? Nika’s 100 points part is how high his tension is! He’s cheerful.

Q. How many % of your ideal have you reached now?
About 20% I guess? It’s certain that I haven’t even reached half of it. I’m not sure about details, but there are many things I lack, yes? My abilities, experience, various things...it really is pretty much everything, yea. Will I actually reach 100%, I wonder? Well, when I’m past 30 years old or so, it’d be nice if I can pass 50% then.

Nikaido Takashi

Q. What’s a 100 points, full marks point about each member?
Starting with Kitayama-san, his temperament for entertainment. I think how he can make people get excited is number one. Normally, I can’t see it when we’re performing together, but when I saw him objectively in like “Takizawa Kabuki”, I felt that he knows about what makes the audience happy. Senga is dance. Dance is 100 points, full marks. When speaking of dancing, it’s Senga. Miyata is as expected, how he is an anime otaku. It seems like he has a bag where he has lots of anime can badges on it. I’ve never seen it myself, but a staff person who saw it said it was amazing (laughs). Yokoo-san is cooking. He even made his own soba. Fujigaya-san is acting. There were lots of opportunities to see that after all. Tamamori, isn’t it his power as an ace? When he needs to be successful, he manages to do it, and when things need to be done, he does it. My 100 points, full marks part? I don’t know! Ah, how rough in style my clothes are! I don’t really like clothes after all. When I’m at home, I’m just in my underpants.

Q. How many % of your ideal have you reached now?
I don’t know what % I’m at right now, but my ideal 100% is to appear in a variety show every day from Monday to Sunday. It can be on my own or with members. I’ll chatter and I want to do things that put my body on the line as well.

The member who would seem to live a long time until 100 years old is?

Kitayama: Miyata somehow seems like he’d live for a long time. He’d seem like he’d live for a long time sly~ly (laughs). Senga would seem to die early because of being too addicted to beauty items (laughs). I don’t think I’d live too long. I’m good if I live up to around 75. That’s living pretty long too, huh.

Senga: Tama. He surprisingly can be vegetarian and he would seem to like a lifestyle where he pays attention to what he eats for his body. I pay attention to my health properly too, so I want to live for a long time.

Miyata: I feel like everyone doesn’t seem like they’d live for a long time though (laughs). Somehow...it’s a premonition. But, maybe Tama would seem to live long? I feel like he’d lead a daring life.

Yokoo: Miyata. Because he doesn’t do any unnecessary exercises. He only does an appropriate amount of exercises, so I think he has energy left over. Kitayama-san, Senga-san, and Nikaido-san often move around, so I don’t think their energy would last them until 100 years old. It’s definitely not possible for me!

Fujigaya: One way or another, I guess it’s Miyata. That’s because scheming people surprising would live for a long time (laughs). Since he’s not the one receiving stress but the one giving it naturally, it’s like, the people around him would fall first (laughs). He’d either live for a very long time, or die suddenly - it’s either or.

Tamamori: Yokoo-san. That’s because he seem like he’d be particular about food. For me, I think about 50 is fine~ (laughs). I want to have a rich and meaningful life.

Nikaido: Wouldn’t it be Yokoo-san? He seems like he’d manage his own health properly. I don’t think it’s possible for me. Even after I become an old man though, I want to wear rollerskates.

What’s a 100% juice you like?

Kitayama: 100% juice is something everyone likes. What I’m curious about is coconut. It seems nice, yea? Things like coconut oil is popular now too. Miranda Kerr would seem to drink it, right? What I always have at home is vegetable juice. If I’m going to drink something that’s 100% juice, it’s predictable, but orange juice, I guess.

Senga: I like mangoes. That’s why, I only drink it when I go to a restaurant and such, but I like mango drinks the best.

Miyata: I really like 100% pineapple juice. Normally, the only time I drink juice would be fruit juice in the morning though. In order to not gain weight, now I only drink water, tea, and coffee.

Yokoo: Apple juice. I don’t make juice on my own. I’d make detox water though. You just put sliced fruits in water, carbonated water, or cider. Then you let that sit for one day. It’s delicious.

Fujigaya: Grapefruit juice.

Tamamori: Kiwi (fruit). I like kiwis.

Nikaido: Grapefruit! I always drink it. I guess I usually drink it in the morning.

--- What if the seven of you challenge doing something and make a 100 times record?

Miyata: Something that ends immediately would be nice.

Fujigaya: How about pounding mochi?

Senga: Aaah~ We just have to pound it for 100 times (laughs).

Tamamori: Snapping fingers for 100 times continuously.

--- Would that be a challenge?

Tamamori: Surprisingly, maybe like Yokoo-san, in the middle of it, sweat on his hands would become a big problem.

Senga: Aaah~ That’s true (laughs).

Tamamori: It’s like, “It won’t make a sound!” and then, “Do your best!” From there, a drama would happen.

Fujigaya: A drama (laughs).

Yokoo: How about long rope jumping?

Kitayama: 100 would be tough, you know?

Nikaido: It does seem like it.

Yokoo: Before debuting, when we appeared in this tournament called Rope Jump Extra…

Together: We did~!

Yokoo: How many was that again? It was quite bad the next day, yea?

Kitayama: My calves were sore.

Yokoo: Eat 100 pieces of sushi then.

Nikaido: That’s tough too. But we ate 1000 pieces of senbei after all.

Kitayama: That was bad too though?

Nikaido: It was.

Kitayama: I think I got a stronger mind because of that.

Yokoo: Yea, that’s because now, you’d eat bugs with that Degawa (Tetsurou)-san, right?

Kitayama: I did that...it was painful (laughs).

Senga: It’s true though that Yokoo-san would do well with food stuff, right?

Yokoo: I’d immediately reach my quota!

Kitayama: Yea, you digest fast.

--- In “KisuMai BUSAIKU!?”, there was an episode where the time for your 100m run was measured. What other events do you want to compete with each other, the seven of you?

Miyata: It’s sports, yea~

Senga: It’s sumo for me, I guess. To determine the strongest through a tournament.

Fujigaya: There are no Johnnys who have loincloths wrapped around them though?

Senga: I used to be in the sumo club though. I think I can win.

Nikaido: What is that called again - there’s a bar and you run…

Yokoo: High jump?

Nikaido: Right, I want to try doing that. I have quite a bit of confidence.

Senga: Have you ever done it?

Nikaido: In elementary school.

Fujigaya: What kind of jump you did?

Nikaido: I think it was a belly roll.

Kitayama: The one where you jump from the front? [Note: This technique is also known as the straddle technique and you can see a video of it here.]

Nikaido: Yea, the cool one!

Yokoo: Something that I’d be able to win at…

Kitayama: A cool ladder!

Nikaido: What’s a ladder?

Kitayama: For like warm-up for soccer, there’s a move where you have something like a ladder placed on the ground and you do steps with it. Do you know? [Note: I’m not familiar with soccer terms, but I guess it’s pretty much just speed ladder drills.]

Miyata: Aaah~

Yokoo: In that case though, wouldn’t Brazil Exercise be enough? [Note: Another soccer thing, but Brazil Exercise (ブラジル体操) is just a set of warm up exercises people do before playing soccer or futsal. It might have been a Brazilian that came up with it, but it’s apparently not really done outside of Japan? You can see an example of it here.]

Kitayama: A cool Brazil Exercise (laughs).

Miyata: Table tennis for me then. Let’s play a league tournament. I have quite a bit of confidence.

Senga: You’re not as good as you say you are, aren’t you?

Miyata: No, I’m good at it!

Senga: When we played before, I lost, but was close to winning.

Miyata: No, no, I gave you a handicap.

Tamamori: I guess it’s marathon for me. I definitely won’t lose when it comes to running.

Together: No, no, no (laughs).

Miyata: What are you saying?

Kitayama: With that form?

Senga: There’s someone here who misunderstood his own potential (laughs).

Tamamori: I’ll run!

Senga: That’s a funny remark.

Tamamori: Seriously, if it’s running, anything is fine. As long as I have my legs, I can run forever.

Miyata: So for the time being, you’d just keep on running?

Tamamori: Yea. Like “Forrest Gump”.

Fujigaya: It’s not sports for me, I want to have a showdown with a rhythm type of game. We had those when we were in junior high school, yea?

Tamamori: Yea, we did.

Fujigaya: I used to play them a lot, so I feel like I can win.

Senga: I’ve never played those~

Yokoo: Well then, for me is batting and how many balls can you hit within 10 balls.

Nikaido: Aaah~ I probably can’t even hit one.

Kitayama: Same for me. But for some reason, I’m good at catching fly balls.

Yokoo: You were good. You got an award for it.

Kitayama: At Johnnys Baseball Tournament, yea.

Nikaido: Then it’s catching (the ball) behind your back.

Kitayama: I’d get a hard hit on my back (laughs)!

--- As KisuMai, your tour will start on August 29th, but before that, Kitayama-san has the Singapore shows for “Takizawa Kabuki”.

Miyata: What about souvenirs?

Nikaido: It’ll be quite tough~ To buy souvenirs for all members.

Kitayama: No, I have no plans for that all. Prices for things are high over there after all. Give me a break (laughs). If I give to one person, then I’d have to give to all, so I won’t give anyone anything. I’d only buy for myself.

Yokoo: That’s smart.

Tamamori: Correct!

Senga: Will you have any free time?

Kitayama: I should, just a little. I have somewhere I want to go. There’s apparently a street that has an atmosphere like the Middle East and they’d have food we have never seen before too.

Nikaido: I definitely won’t be able to deal with something like that.

Kitayama: It’d seem fun to have various discoveries, right? I can’t bring Tackey along though, so I can only go myself.

Yokoo: There’s Kawai (Fumito) though?

Kitayama: Would Kawai-chan go for something like that, I wonder? By the way, that guy’s cellphone wallpaper is apparently a photo of Singapore right now, you know?

Nikaido: He’s happy about going to Singapore?

Kitayama: Yes, yes, yes. I’m always wishing, Kawai’s appearance (in the show) be a prank, Kawai’s appearance be a prank, though (laughs).

Yokoo: To say that it’s a prank now though after all that, it’d be super hilarious.

Kitayama: We’ll bring you a good stage show!

Hope everyone enjoyed that~

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