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Kis-My-Ft2 - TVfan May 2015

I don't think my mind is working right now, so I'm just going to go straight to the translation…


First day of Fukuoka shows!

Translation. KisuMai has a crosstalk about their newest single (when the magazine was released) and talks about things like the dance for it and how the rapping parts were split. They also split into two groups to talk briefly about what's necessary to them, advice to people starting a new page of their life and such.


Kis-My-Ft2’s 13th single “Kiss Damashii” will be released on March 25th. The song is a rock and dance tune in high spirits which was further polished in how KisuMai-like it is. During the filming of the MV, they danced continuously for 40 times until they were completely exhausted, and it’s a song that comprises of everything they have. From hereon, they’ll go further forward and upward, so to KisuMai World, COME ON!

Tamamori: “Kiss Damashii” is exciting!

Nikaido: It feels like a song we’d sing in the past.

Miyata: It’s an aggressive kind of song which we haven’t sang in a while.

Senga: It’s a rock song and a dance one as well, so it’s a bit like “FIRE BEAT”.

Kitayama: “Tamashii (soul)” has quite the impact.

Senga: I like it personally too.

Fujigaya: Yea, it’s nice.

Yokoo: It’s a song where it feels like we have to once again, put on a new momentum.

Senga: We dance a lot for this song, but I really like the choreography for it. When we were filming to MV too, I enjoyed it quite a bit.

Nikaido: It’s like “THE dance”. The choregraphy was done by s**tkingz-san, and Senga got really excited!

Senga: I never expected an amazing group that got 1st place in a world-level tournament would choreograph for us.

Nikaido: Senga got so excited towards the end that he asked them various questions.

Fujigaya: Really!?

Tamamori: Gyakunan? [Note: Gyakunan is a combination of gyaku (reverse) and nanpa (men picking up women on the street), hence it means women picking up men on the street.]

Senga: It’s not gyakunan!

Nikaido: It’s been a while since I’ve seen Senga so excited. He really likes them.

Senga: I do.

Tamamori: The dance is really cool, yea.

Fujigaya: It was difficult. Watching them, I had the image of “I want to do it like this,” but…

Yokoo: I thought, “They’re cool,” and I just watched them normally. The moment I thought that we’re going to be dancing that, I wondered if we could do it and became uneasy.

Miyata: When we have to match on the choreography, Sen-chan would take the lead and ask things like, “(Should our hands be) open? Or closed?”, but the nuance of s**tkingz-san’s hands were a bit difficult, and were neither open or closed. That’s why when we do it, it was hard to match.

Senga: If we can develop those points as a group though, I think it can become one of our strengths. So even with dance songs, we can say with confidence, “Please watch us.” I want to keep doing even more difficult songs. I want to confront our singles in the state of it being a challenge each time.

Nikaido: This time, for the rap parts too, we tried doing them in interesting combinations.

Yokoo: After not having done so in a very long time, I was given a chance to rap together with Fujigaya Taisuke…

Miyata: Since “Kaizoku”?

Yokoo: Compared to other parts, as expected, it was easy to sing.

Fujigaya: I didn’t feel that way though.

Yokoo: Heeeeeeey!

Fujigaya: Somehow…(laughs), we practiced together until the last moment. Right? Since the day of recording was different for us, it seemed like he had my part turned up to full volume and listened to it while he recorded. I heard he said in a small voice, “Somehow, I’d stutter over the rapping part” (laughs).

Yokoo: I don’t articulate well. It’s fast, this song.

Fujigaya: It’s rapping after all (laughs).

Tamamori: I rap with Miyata, the two of us.

Nikaido: Miyata is really happy, yea?

Miyata: Well, that’s because KisuMai’s top two sweet singing voice has been paired together!

Nikaido: Just so you know, the sweet singing voice isn’t known by everyone.

Kitayama: It’s my first time hearing this too.

Miyata: We were hardcode for the rap though, yea?

Tamamori: Ah, yea. Can you stop saying things that’s not understandable and jumping the gun?

Miyata: Rapping was fresh and fun. I had wanted to show the sadistic part within myself, but I’m basically really masochistic, so it was impossible (laughs).

Nikaido: If those two are sweet voices, then me, Mitsu, and Senga are the “three brothers who love rap”, aren’t we?

Kitayama: Shouldn’t we be “raised by hip hop”?

Fujigaya: That’s super uncool (laughs)!

Nikaido: Since I like rap, it was fun!

Kitayama: You like rap?

Nikaido: Yea! Quite a bit.

Senga: Nikaido, when he raps, he uses a low, rough voice. It’s a bit of tasteful voice.

Nikaido: I do a rather rough rap (shy). After this too, I want to receive rap parts as part of my singing parts.

Kitayama: Ah, so you’re aiming for the rapping role?

Nikaido: I am, in secret.

Senga: Rapping isn’t related to musical intervals, so you can sing it freely. It’s feelings and your soul!

Nikaido: In that case, my rival is Yokoo Wataru.

Senga: Aaah~ He was in charge of rapping in the past after all.

Yokoo: .........

Senga: He fell silent!?

--- “If I don’t have this, my heart won’t be satisfied” - what is something that’s necessary to you?

Senga: Bath!

Fujigaya: I get you!

Senga: We’re the same, aren’t we?

Fujigaya: I added a mist sauna to mine though…

Senga: We’re not the same (laughs).

Fujigaya: I’d play music I like in the bath and think about various things. I use the tub every day after all. It’s good to take a long bath at a temperature close to your body temperature. With the weather now, it’s about 39 or 40 degrees. How about you, Senga?

Senga: I put it at quite a hot temperature…

Nikaido: That’s normal! There’s something particular to you, isn’t there?

Senga: My bathroom at home has a TV on the wall…

Nikaido: Amazing.

Senga: I’d watch TV, read a book, play around with my cellphone, or listen to music while soaking in hot water of 42 degrees. Once I’ve sweated it out, I’d get up once...I do things like a sauna.

Nikaido: Nice~! For me, it’s my futon. It’s the most healing for me. If it’s not my futon at home, I can’t sleep. It uses memory foam. I can’t sleep properly on a hotel bed.

Fujigaya: That’s pretty common (laughs).

Nikaido: Also, also also! A large frog hug pillow that I used before at an interview. I can’t sleep without it (laughs).

Senga: You’re kidding, right? You hug it and sleep?

Nikaido: Yea.

Senga: There it is, a Nikaido-like aspect (laughs).

--- Finally, an AIUEO poem using “Kiss”. [Note: An AIUEO poem is basically an acrostic poem, using the first syllable to start each line. With kiss, it has a small tsu in it to make it kissu, hence the syllables are ‘ki’ ‘tsu’ ‘su’.]

Nikaido: In the order of Senga, me, and Gaya-san.

Fujigaya: I’m good at this.

Nikaido: Really?

Fujigaya: I often do this.

Nikaido: AIUEO poems?

Fujigaya: Yea. I don’t do it at work though.

Senga: Well, the ‘ki’ of ‘kissu’...kimekime no. [Note: Kimekime is used to describe someone who manages to do something well when it’s necessary - like in performances would be like a cool pose in the end - or looking good/striking in certain styles of clothing.]

Nikaido: “Tsu”... “tsundere na” [Note: Tsundere describes someone who is normally being cold but at some prompt suddenly becoming lovestruck.]

Fujigaya: ...ah...somehow, the two of you said things in a different way?

Nikaido: Ah, sorry. Just now, that was bad of us.

Fujigaya: Un. Well, what is it for me again?

Senga: “Su”! I’ll start then? “Ki”...kiyou (deft/skillful) na.

Nikaido: “Tsu”... tsumekiri ga (nail clipper is).

Fujigaya: W-wait a moment! You’re going to change it!?

Nikaido and Senga: Ahaha!

Senga: We’re kidding (laughs). Kimekime no.

Nikaido: Tsundere na.

Fujigaya: ...Superman!

Senga: Well done!

--- Who’s the most rock-ish member?

Tamamori: Miyata. Probably, I think it’ll be Miyata unanimously.

Kitayama: Yea.

Miyata: Eh, why?

Yokoo: Why do you think it’s so?

Miyata: Something rock about about me? Let me see...like when I see a barrel, I would want to throw it?

Other three: ......

Yokoo: (got impatient) What are you, Donkey Kong!?

Miyata: I was waiting for that retort! Also, I can drink boiling hot water straight from the kettle!

Tamamori: (forcefully) How amazing!

Miyata: I checked that there’s no kettle around so you can’t tell me to do it now though.

Tamamori: Amazing (monotone).

Miyata: I’m an unprecedented type of person after all.

Kitayama: “Unprecedented please,” I see. If you can really drink boiling hot water at once, comedians would feel jealous.

Tamamori: (suddenly eats a tangerine that was on the table and said to Miyata) Get me a tissue!

Miyata: (grabs roughly) How I hand things over without a care when I’m told to get something - that’s rock-ish about me too!

--- “If I don’t have this, my heart won’t be satisfied” - what is something that’s necessary to you?

Kitayama: The bath!

Yokoo: Time for sleeping.

Miyata: Anime!

Tamamori: My pet, pet!!! It’s like, she’s cute~ I feel healed~ It doesn’t even have to my own pet; I just want to be healed by pets!

--- Any advice for people who are starting a new page of their life?

Kitayama: Doesn’t a new page to life equal to encounters? Any advice on how to make something out of new encounters?

Tamamori: Wouldn’t it be exchanging numbers?

Kitayama: Early on?

Tamamori: Early on…? Right, it’d be better to make a move early on (laughs).

Kitayama: In addition, it’d be improving yourself every day. If you keep improving yourself in preparation, your efficiency in doing things would improve too. Since I’m an idol too, I improve myself lots!

--- Finally, please make an AIUEO poem using “damashii” from “Kiss Damashii”.

Kitayama: Well, in the order of Tamamori, Yokoo, Kitayama, Miyata.

Tamamori: Da, da, da...danpenteki ni (fragmentally).

Yokoo: Matomo na (decent).

Kitayama: Shikaku sae nai (licence, not even).

Miyata: Ikashita (cool/nice) baby!

All: Ahahaha!

Kitayama: That’s good.

Miyata: I’m rock-ish afer all!

Hope people enjoyed this~

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