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Kis-My-Ft2 (Miyata Toshiya x Tamamori Yuuta) - TVfan October 2012

Happy Birthday, Miyata!

It's too bad there are no shows on your birthday this year~ No face in cake. Don't feel too lonely!

It's not a group article translation, but for Miyata's birthday, a MiyaTama article seemed appropriate, yes? Old, but still.

Translation. TVfan serial. Miyata x Tamamori. They talked about summer, an outing they went together recently, and DREAM BOYS as well.

Kis-My-Ft2’s Small Correspondence
It’s a serial that brings you KisuMai’s natural sides, recent news, and special photos.
[Note: The word they use for small here is ‘chokotto’, hence taking the choko from that, the serial title becomes KisuChoco.]

Piece 14

Tamamori-kun and Miyata-kun who will be working together in the stage show, “DREAM BOYS” starting on 9/3. In regards to the two-shots that are like they’re on a date, Tama-chan grumbled, “When these kind of photos get published, people will say all kinds of things again,” but in the photos, he looks like he’s having a lot of fun, right!? With that said, we’re bringing you plenty of yukata photos of the chummy pair.

Captions with photos

In response to Miyata-kun who didn’t take a single step outside for two days, Tamamori-kun kept saying, “Moyashikko!” [Note: Moyashi is beansprout, and -kko can be added behind certain words to make it into a description of a person. One way of translating Moyashikko would be Beansprout Boy.] At the seashore, behind Miyacchi who was running in high spirits and saying, “Try catching me! I’m going to run away!”, Tama-chan walked lazily. By the water’s edge though, he became satisfied after pushing Miyacchi into the water. Then, he found some fish and asked, “There are no nets?” and was totally enjoying himself.

Tamamori: What did you do at home, Moyashikko?

Miyata: The day before yesterday, I was watching anime. I didn’t even have the strength to get up, so I did that while lying around. Yesterday, I played the guitar on my own. I practiced anime songs.

Tamamori: You’re like a beansprout (laughs). You okay?

Miyata: When you go out, you’d walk towards the station from home and sweat, right? Then, when you get on the train, it’d be cold and it’d a reason for catching a cold, right? I thought managing my health is part of work too, so I don’t leave home.

Tamamori: I don’t believe you!

Miyata: A while ago, the two of us went to see a movie though. I wrote about that on our official blog (Jweb)!

Tamamori: Hah!? I’m going to be told, “Aren’t these two going out?” again...

Miyata: No, no (laughs). The two of us both cried during the movie. I hid my face and cried, and when I glanced at Tama, he was using his opposite hand, and he too...was crying (laughs).

Tamamori: Hahahahaha (laughs).

Miyata: That was really embarrassing! I don’t see your crying face after all. I might have never seen Tama crying before.

Tamamori: That’s because I don’t cry at work. I don’t think I’ve seen any of our members cry before.

Miyata: Really? Senga and KitaMitsu cry quite a bit, yea?

Tamamori: ......that’s enough, this topic!

Miyata: After that, we also went for food together.

Tamamori: ...we did (laughs).

Miyata: We had kaisendon at Tsukiji. I thought Enoshima’s shirasudon was the best, but that (kaisendon) had like tuna and shrimp. It was a mix of seafood and it was delicious. [Note: Kaisendon is a bowl of rice topped various seafood, mainly raw (sashimi). Shirasudon is a bowl of rice topped with shirasu - whitebait (baby sardine, etc). Shirasu can be dried, but the type eaten at Enoshima are usually fresh, as it’s a specialty there.]

Tamamori: “Mix of seafood” (laughs). That’s what we call a kaisendon!

Miyata: Today too, since we went to the sea for the photoshoot, I want to eat kaisendon now!

Tamamori: Kaisendon after seeing the sea, you’re a weird person!

Miyata: It was fun though, right?

Tamamori: It was...fun (laughs).

Miyata: See (laughs). Well, it has been a year since we debuted, but we’ve known each other for a long time, and the relationship between us hasn’t changed.

Tamamori: I guess so.

Miyata: I’m happy that a corner called “MiyaTama’s Icha Icha Rabu Rabu” was made within KisuMai’s radio show.

Tamamori: Aaah, I seriously don’t want to do that.

Miyata: I honestly don’t know where the exit for that is either (laughs). We’re looking for suggestions as to what should happen next!

Tamamori: Right. That’s why I think I have to come up with topics to talk about with Miyata, but I don’t really want to spend time with him in private.

Miyata: Don’t mess with me (laughs). You said just earlier, “Once we’re done, let’s go shopping!” I was invited, but I said, “It’s hot, so let’s not,” and turned him down (laughs).

Tamamori: You’re seriously a beansprout!

Miyata: I do have a DVD I want though, so maybe I’ll go with you.

Tamamori: I’m not going to Akiba.

Miyata: Well there (laughs). Once the stage show starts, we’ll be together every day.

Tamamori: I don’t want to~ (laughs).

What is your summer homework for each other?

Tamamori: Going outside every day for Miyata. Ah, that won’t work. This guy definitely won’t do it!

Miyata: No, no, I’ll do it! I’ll do it!

Tamamori: You definitely won’t~ I know it! We’ve known each other for a long time, so I know.

Miyata: I’ll do a one-person beer garden on the veranda of my place.

Tamamori: You’re the worst.

Miyata: I’d just get fat (laughs).

Tamamori: Well, Miyata will find a hobby that’s done outdoors this summer then.

Miyata: I see. That does remind me that I don’t have something like that.

Tamamori: Right? The place you like is your living room, isn’t it?

Miyata: Yea (laughs). Well, Tama will watch anime then. I’ll lend you a really interesting series.

Tamamori: I don’t want to do though!

Miyata: ...ah, I know! Do a barbecue with me! That’s good!

Tamamori: M~h...right. If it’s not just the two of us, then it’s okay!

Declaration of Building Up Their Bodies for “DREAM BOYS”!

Tamamori: Miyata will get an eight-pack with his abs.

Miyata: I’ll eat lots of meat!

Tamamori: Hah?

Miyata: You know, to gain physical strength.

Tamamori: Gain muscles!

Miyata: But my way of thinking is that I’m good with having a one-pack with my abs.

Tamamori: Hahaha (laughs).

Miyata: It’s fine the way I am now. In general, I have an one-pack. How packs will you have, Tama?

Tamamori: Are you really fine with that?

Miyata: Until the start of the actual show then...four-pack? Even if I get all muscular, that’s not really...

Tamamori: Don’t say, “That’s not really”!

Miyata: Well, depending on my role then, I’ll make my body super muscular. If I play Champ!

Tamamori: It’s definitely a lieeeee! You’re not Champ!

Miyata: I’ll train myself though. Look forward to it.

Tamamori: It’s not, “Look forward to it” (laughs).

Miyata: How about you then?

Tamamori: It’d be good if I can be true to myself and create the stage show of this team.

Miyata: Don’t make such a bland comment (laughs). Make a slightly absurd pledge!

Tamamori: Well, I’ll get my percentage of fat down to 1 digit. Since it’s around 12% now.

Miyata: Ohhh~!

Caption for the photos

With the upcoming stage show, Miyacchi said he ends up breathing erratically when he’s at the gym, and Tama casually said, “You just go to the gym once every four years, right?” Miyacchi said he runs too, and Tama replied, “In your dreams.” Miyacchi said, “There might be a scene where you have to be half-naked, so do your best?”, and Tama was sharp with his retort, “That’s you! You do your best.” During filming though, he gave advice on how to block the bright sunlight kindly. He also responded when Miyacchi went all out to play the role of the girl, saying, “That’s a woman with a big nose.” (laughs).

The Theme for Next Time!

Tamamori: You decide!

Miyata: Well then, “A summer-like thing you did this summer.” How’s that?

Tamamori: That’s common.

Miyata: How about you, Tama?

Tamamori: I went surfing. Since Miyata is Moyashikko, even if you came along, you’d just eat ice cream in the shade.

Miyata: I prefer shaved ice. Blue Hawaii flavour!

Hope people enjoyed this~

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